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Joey Barton’s wife has her say on him being charged with attacking her

Joey Barton’s wife has her say on him being charged with attacking her according to reports that were published on Saturday.

The 38 year old Bristol Rovers boss is due to appear at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court on Monday relating to an alleged incident at a residential property in Kew, south-west London, on the 2nd of June, the Metropolitan Police said.

Barton was arrested on the same day and bailed pending further inquiries before being issued with a charge and now he will attend court on bail.

Joey Barton’s wife has her say on him being charged with attacking her

Ambulance crews were not called to the scene where the woman was attacked, police said, while in a statement, the force said: “Joseph Barton, 38, of Widnes, is charged with assault by beating.

“The charge relates to an incident which took place at a residential property in Kew on Wednesday 2 June in which a woman received a head injury.”

Barton made his name as a midfielder with Manchester City and played for a series of clubs, before retiring from the sport in 2017.

He became the boss of League Two club Bristol Rovers earlier this year after spending three years as manager of Fleetwood Town, with a mini documentary about his time expected for release very soon.

Bristol Rovers said on the latest Joey Barton charge: “The football club is aware of the court hearing involving manager Joey Barton, scheduled to take place on Monday. As there are legal proceedings pending, the Club is unable to make further comment at this current time.”

Around mid-day on Sunday, Joey Barton’s wife Georgia also had her say, leaving many fans baffled. She wrote: “Whilst I wouldn’t normally comment on private matters, before the rumour mill goes into overdrive I’d like to make it clear there is absolutely no accusation by myself or anyone else that Joe has been violent or physical towards me. We consider this a private matter and will be making no further comment.”

As mentioned, Joey Barton’s wife has her say on him being charged with attacking her and this is how Twitter users reacted to it…

@harr_barter: If this is made up by the Sun or whatever, that’s equally as bad, trying to completely ruin his career.

@toyntonbirder: And they made up the met statement and the court date?

@Sam__BCFC: His career was/is already ruined

@britishbongstyl: The idiot done that himself over a decade ago by being a terrible person 🤷

@Jackobrfc999: I presume the police made the decision to charge him? Perhaps responded to a neighbours phonecall. But clearly something happened or he wouldn’t have been charged

@toyntonbirder: Yes police do not need to ask permission of the victim or to have a warrant. Pressing charges in domestic violence cases is a difficult issue for obvious reasons. The police arrest but to continue to a charge they need CPS approval.

@Sammybrfc: We need some answers

@toyntonbirder: It’s not a private matter is it? He has been charged.

@allinson_terry: Joey Barton is a scum bag and should should be out of football. His family are known scum bags. He head butted stendel and brays his wife he’s done it all his life. She’s to scared to leave him.

@SarahLawrence18: This is just not true. You can’t comment on the evidential merits of the court case but you can react to how this sits in with his employment. Isn’t Ryan Giggs suspended pending court proceedings for a similar matter?

@jackhewitt87: @waelalqadi absolutely could and should take action here. There is a precedent for suspension whilst the legal case plays out. This statement is very disappointing.

@eyesonjason: I’d have been struck off long before it even got to this stage, let alone be in the same role at the same company. It’s not as though it’s something that has come out of the blue now, is it? I seriously can’t see how you can market yourself as a “family club” after this.

@gasheads47: Innocent til proven guilty is a RIDICULOUS argument at the very least he should’ve been suspended when this was known to the club,as it would’ve in many other professions including mine,and further consideration been given to employing someone with a history of violence

@Gashead832: 😂😂 Typical lynch mob attitude , you haven’t got a clue what’s happened , so by the laws in this country , whether you like it or not , it is a FACT that it is indeed innocent until proven guilty , if found guilty , he should be sacked immediately, but i stress the word ‘if’

@mcrane2000: He’s lucky that the (alleged) fighting on his stag do and (alleged) assault of a player on the Fleetwood training ground were brushed under the carpet for him, or he could have come out of an 18 month pandemic with 4 assault charges looming. As it is, he just has the 2 #rolemodel

@Avin_Oops (Replying to @Official_BRFC): How long have you known?

@S1monLee: What an appalling football club. Giggs was charged and has been suspended. Sigurdsson not charged and suspended. Barton awaiting trial on one assault and charged with another but not suspended? Scummy club.

@Ricky5000: Jesus Christ. Just get shot of him ffs

@clifford_nick: Do the right thing and get rid of him, doesn’t deserve his 879830th chance. Scumbag

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