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Joey Barton slammed by world kickboxing champ for ‘bullying’ 17 year old goalkeeper daughter

Joey Barton has been slammed by world kickboxing champ Lex Easdon for ‘bullying’ his 17 year old goalkeeper daughter.

Joey Barton faces yet more criticism after he joined social media users in mocking Ava Easdon, who was in goal for Partick Thistle Women during their 4-1 defeat to Rangers Women in the SWPL Cup final, which was broadcasted live on Sky Sports on Sunday.

A video of Rangers’ first goal went viral online, prompting Barton, 41, to share a video highlighting the young player’s unsuccessful attempt to block the shot.

A Twitter account who initially shared the clip said in his first post: “Jesus Christ that goalkeeping is like yer man at 5s who doesn’t even try to save it because he wants back outfield.”

However, the follow-up tweet said: “Lots of people using this as a dog against all women’s football which is unfair. That is just bad goalkeeping like Barkas vs West Ham. Also I don’t give a f*** what that plumb Joey Barton would think he looked like a competition winner in the SPFL.”

This was brought to Barton’s attention, and he said: “I mean let’s just talk about the goalie! How is this nonsense on the box?”

However, Easdon’s dad, Lex, who is a seven-time world kickboxing champion, took issue with Barton’s comments.

He said: “In 2024 and “grown” men feel the need to belittle and bully a 17yr old school kid, who doesn’t get paid to play unlike some men who make the same mistake week after week for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

“She has moved up from youth level straight into SWPL1, just starting out on her journey.

“She’s made a mistake in her positioning 13 minutes into a CUP FINAL.

“@Joey7Barton my daughter is young enough to be your daughter and you playing up to all your fan boys I’m sure won’t go down well with your daughters when they’re old enough to see all the shite you spout on social media, top class role model there mate.”

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Twitter users gave their reaction with Joey Barton slammed by world kickboxing champ for ‘bullying’ his 17 year old goalkeeper daughter…

@DizzeeRaskin: Does embarrassing 17 year old school girls make you feel like a big man? She’s made a blunder, big deal. No need to highlight it like this. I remember plenty of times you made blunders on and off the pitch.

@DHeath82712: She is a young 17 year old kid. Still lots to learn. First choice keeper couldn’t play as she is on loan from Rangers.

@ScottishRidire: To be fair it’s a 16 year old school girl

@OMITCHELL3: The goalie panicked, like you did against Scott Brown. She’s excused, somewhat, on the basis of her being a teenager. You were a fully grown man who couldn’t look your rival in the eye before being dominated. That was on the box, too. 😮‍💨

@Norgethistle: From a guy who spent more minutes in prison than on a football field lecturing about football. A bully your whole wasted career and one now your washed up

@BhoyinRed: Reckon you still wouldn’t make the bench for either side

@moosecatear: You bullying a 17 year old girl on the Internet Joeseph? Does it make you feel like more of a man if you put women and girls down? Do you enjoy causing pile ons? I feel really sorry for you.

@HerrGalloway: I see Joey is going after 16 year old schoolkids now. Just about sums him up.

@ArturoBinewskii: Wow having a go at a 17 year old school girl – shame on you

@CRJM07: That’s a 17 year old girl you are making fun of. A school girl who has progressed brilliantly in a few years. Big hard man Joey the keyboard warrior. I watched her dad win World titles when I was her age. What was it that he won world titles in? Kick boxing. Good luck

@gareth1874: To be fair, it’s still a better performance than you ever put in north of the boarder. Championship player of the year to be humbled and sent back down the road before Spring came back around.

@Celticrobo: Barton famously said that woman can’t comment on the mens game because they never played the mens game…. whys he commenting on senior Cup finals? The youngster can hold her head high after today (and the season so far)

@JackGillies6: At 17 I had left school and had little to no direction in life. Playing in a major cup final at such a young age against one of the biggest and best teams in the country is a phenomenal achievement…. You should be very proud of her she will serve as an inspiration to many

@StrachanAbigail: Seen a couple of tweets tell Ava to keep head up no one deserves this hate. She’s played phenomenal this season and has bright future ahead

@robertson1973: Ava should be really proud of her achievements, not many people her age are playing at the level she is . People like Barton are only trying to seek a name for themselves at the expense of others . Tell Ava to keep her head held high and I wish her every success .

@wsavage_dcfc: at the end of the day, the young girl has made a mistake in a high pressure game – how many times do we see the men do that? answer: almost every week!

@Gersfan1983uk: Constantly targeting women is bad enough but now moving on to target KIDS is just scumbaggery of the highest order

@_kayleydavies: makes me ill this prick has a daughter. coming at and bringing abuse to a 17 year old school girl, who’s playing in a national cup final. she’s already done more in scottish football than you did.

@ellaamillerr_: Ava easdon is 17 years old. Young enough to be your daughter. She’s an absolute asset to partick thistle. She’s achieved more than you ever have and will. She has such a bright future – unlike you. Get a real hobby instead of bullying 17 year olds on twitter.

@kexa1711: Sums you up @Joey7Barton ya bell end. 17 year old girl you’re belittling. She’s still done more in Scottish football than you achieved helmet!!

@Nomadicscotsman: Why have a pop at a 17yr old kid on social media? Most likely because she’s making much more of a positive contribution on the pitch than this cretin ever did during his time in Scottish football. #hergametoo #equalgame

@_VitaminT__: Bloke came up here for 5 games couldn’t handle it and got sent packing. Getting off on bullying a 17 year old girl, wrong un. Joey Barton is a grade A prick.

@charlieb1875: Joey slagging a 17 year old school kid, which coincidentally is the same age his brother murdered someone, makes you think eh

@Footballtilley: Sorry Joey you’re wrong about this one mate. Young player stepping up.. a mistake yes but only 16 /17 so fair play to her

@JackGillies6: Taking a pop shot at a 16 year old girl is new low even by your standards. Playing in a major cup final at the age against one of the best teams in the country is a huge achievement regardless of gender. If you don’t like women’s football don’t watch it simple. Pathetic man

@NeilPrescott2: Joey, it’s called choice. If you don’t want to watch it, turn over or turn it off. Nobody is forcing you to watch it. I didn’t.

@MartinUrquhart: Ava made enough good saves in the game to show she has plenty more big games infront of her. It’s not as though he’s never made a mistake. Tell her to keep her head up

@alexmelrose02: Feel so sorry for your daughter that her dad feels the need to hide behind social media to laugh at a 17 year old. No doubt when she’s older, she realise what her dad really is, a misogynist.

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