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Joey Barton responds to backlash over holocaust remark about Bristol Rovers players

Joey Barton responds to backlash over his holocaust remark about Bristol Rovers players which didn’t go down well with members at the club.

Joey Barton has come in for immense criticism following his controversial post-match comments last weekend when he made an ill-judged reference to the holocaust.

It came after his side were beaten 3-1 by Newport County last Saturday, leaving the Pirates sitting 18th in the League Two table, with 15 points from 14 games played.

He said: “I said to the lads during the week, the team’s almost like musical chairs.

“Someone gets in and does well but then gets suspended or injured. Someone gets in for a game, does well but then has a holocaust, a nightmare, an absolute disaster.”

The Holocaust, carried out by the Nazis during the Second World War, claimed the lives of around six million Jews. The comments were vilified by many, including Rovers’ supporters, Jewish leaders and many commentators.

On Wednesday, Barton broke his silence – albeit in bizarre fashion.

Rather than release a carefully-worded personal statement, Barton instead took to his Twitter account to quote a passage from Persian poet Rumi. The lines are from ‘A Great Wagon’, which explores concepts of non-judgement.

Barton tweeted a picture with the lines: “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

“When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.”

Jalal ad-Din Mohammad Rumi was a 13th century poet, musician and spiritual guide, who has had a considerable cultural impact throughout the Muslim world, in particular Turkey and Iran, but is also considered the best selling poet in the United States.

As well as Barton attracting plenty of criticism for the episode, many have also brought into question Rovers’ responsibilities.

The club have not publicly acknowledged or mentioned the comments on their website or social media channels, though have since re-edited a clip to remove the remark.

Barton is expected to carry on in his role, which he has held since February. It is his second managerial role following a previous spell at Fleetwood.

The 39-year-old spent two-and-a-half years with the Lancashire outfit before leaving in January this year.

Rovers are 18th in League Two and on Saturday travel to Harrogate Town. Before then, Barton is expected to face the media for his pre-match press conference duties. That is expected to take place on Thursday lunchtime.

The former Premier League player is scheduled to appear in court in November to stand trial on a charge of assaulting ex-Barnsley boss Daniel Stendel.

The matter relates to an incident that happened in April 2019. Barton has denied the charge.

As Joey Barton responds to backlash over his holocaust remark about Bristol Rovers players, fans have since reacted to it…

@The_Rovers_Ram: You are posting this because Rumi explores the idea of non-judgement. Hot take: the whole of North Bristol is judging you right now son.

@theStuVoo: Out of ideas more like

@cw_gas76: Surely it’s beyond any ideas by now. #leaveplease

@avin_oops: Tell you what, you go over there and we’ll follow, er, later *shuts door quietly, changes locks*

@Rob_B29: Do everyone a favour and just quit….please.

@danowenss: Fuck off Joey

@minibegley: Oh you are so deep and profound Joey. Quoting intelligent folk doesn’t make you intelligent.

@BristolianDream: If you take wrong doings out of the equation then Joe is probably a nice bloke. Sadly the world judges you on your actions. Live by the sword, get called a knob by the sword.

@callow_lee: Did Wael tell you to say that….?! Do us all a favour mate and fuck off out the way…! Best Wishes

@Big_Baas_: Wrongdoing being backhanding your mrs across the chops yeah?

@TGalsworthy: Beyond ideas of wrongdoing… So this is about not judging people? For say… How they chose to manage a football team before you?

@markmcburney: Instead of pseudo-intellectual quotes could you maybe disappear to that field sooner rather than later? #BartonOUT

@ajwalters78b: Wife-beating psychopath clever enough to quote others, but clever enough neither to understand them, nor to know that he can’t, that @Joey7Barton. Get out of our football club, you absolute disgrace. You’ve made such a fool of @waelalqadi and @Official_BRFC. Please, just go.

@nittygnome: Shame you never thought before opening your mouth. Words can hurt as well as heal!!

@alanmac87: Oh Joey. Faux intellectualism will find you out every time. Your “Holocaust” comment, for example.

@mancgas: Tbh, I judge you as a man who isn’t able to say sorry for any distress or upset your words caused, even due to possibly just mis-speaking. See also use of ‘cancer’. We don’t need to go to a field…… #utg Ps 1st Mgr in 50yrs of support I’ve ever felt need to contact…

@_Barkle: Or you could just say sorry

@lynchdan555: #lovestheattention

@Titchthephot: Just ‘Out of ideas’. Please go….please!!

@RazDetain: in barton we trust UTG

@wayneleedsfan: Why does this guy constantly try and act intelligent with pretentious guff like this when everyone knows he’s as thick as two short planks 😂

@hugegills: You would be better off reading the directions to Yeovil and Halifax to prepare yourself for next season

@Nintendoubt815: Guys a nutcase

@markrbrimson: Dear oh dear! What a absolute gobshite!

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