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Joey Barton mocks England players for ‘training in diamond earrings’ and trying to ‘look like Drake’

Joey Barton gets ridiculed by fans after he mocks England players for ‘training in diamond earrings’ and trying to ‘look like Drake’.

Currently, the team is undergoing training at St. George’s Park in preparation for upcoming friendlies against Brazil and Belgium.

As the team’s preparations continue, photos have been released, but Barton, last in charge of Bristol Rovers, expressed his dissatisfaction with what he saw.

@Joey7Barton said: “Culture is all wrong. Training in diamond earrings and leggings.

“Won’t win a sausage! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

“Too many weak, disingenuous men in positions of leadership.

“More arsed about looking like the rapper Drake than the great Bobby Moore. 👍🥷👑”

Then he sees a photo of Jude Bellingham, to which he says: “No earrings, no leggings, proper kid. I hope they all follow him. He’s the best best chance we have of winning anything.

“The rest of them, not worth a carrot. All wanting to be rappers. 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿”

It’s not the only thing he’s decided to talk about on social media within the last week, as he also was accused of going ‘too far’ with his latest attack on women in football, by taking aim at BBC journalist Emma Jones.

While he was condemned by the likes of ITV, Gary Neville and Eni Aluko.

Barton’s has now taken aim at BBC reporter Emma Jones, who in a clip is seen interviewing Burnley player Sander Berge about his favourite English foods.

Joey wrote: “A short film that encapsulates why women must not be allowed to infect our game further.”

Barton also recently threatened to cancel his Sky Sports subscription if female pundits were not removed by the broadcaster.

It came after Eni Aluko accused him of ‘deliberately’ targeting her online, leading to her ‘fleeing’ the country due to being left ‘genuinely scared’ for her safety.

Barton also compared Aluko to serial killers Fred and Rose West, leading to condemnation from ITV as they branded his comments ‘contemptible and shameful’.

He was also singled out for criticism by Gary Neville, who said: “It’s gone too far this and mentioning serial killers is quite simply incredible.”

Then last week, Jeremy Vine said he was suing Joey Barton following a series of social media posts.

Vine, who regularly posts videos of himself cycling around London, and points out cycling-related topics and debates on his Channel 5 show, is said to have filed the defamation claim, joining Aluko is taking legal action.

Barton has meanwhile set up a crowdfunder for legal fees. A claim relates to posts in which Barton used the term “bike nonce” and compared Vine to Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris.

Barton had previously told Vine to stop mentioning him during his broadcast work, tweeting back in January: “Oi, bike nonce! Stop talking about me on your s**tty show.”

In another spat, Barton claimed Vine is “one of the many Government Stooges trying to pressure people to play Russian Roulette with those Covid vaccines”.

In another cycling-related posts, Barton called cyclists “pedalphiles” and asked for “a petition to charge ‘Pedalphiles’ Road tax, need to have insurance and an MOT…..to ride in London”.

Vine spoke via social media about Barton’s criticism of female pundits such as Aluko: “Genuinely, is it possible we are dealing with a brain injury here?” Barton replied by saying, “No brain injury here pal. You just don’t like the truth”.

Back to the current story now and as mentioned, Joey Barton mocks England players for ‘training in diamond earrings’ and trying to ‘look like Drake’, this is how Twitter users reacted…

@footballconfid1: Walker has literally won everything at club level worth winning. Also, I don’t think anyone should comment on elite football and elite footballers unless they have played to that level, @Joey7Barton, so perhaps stick to relegation dogfights and the championship 👍

@Ebriony21x: Forgot about that Euro you brought home for us with your bobby moore looks

@AlfieHouseEcho: Interesting that he will win more this season than Barton did in his career, mind.

@thelefttake: You spent the prime of your career at QPR and you are on this app talking about the work ethic of Kyle Walker, a guy who has won every single trophy at club level? Is this a joke?

@thefootballpark: You were no way near the level of any of the players above. Nowhere near it. You won the championship trophy as a player. How would you know the mentality ? There’s a 4*prem winner and la liga winner to be in the photo.

@UtdEIIis: Walker has won literally every single trophy at club level whilst racking up over 80 appearances for England. Stop talking shit.

@StephenEamonn: Agree! We miss the golden age of Barton leading England to all those trophies.

@arlowhite: What would Joey Barton know about winning?

@blue6oy: Twitter is the home of atrocious takes as we all know but a player with 14 major honours to his name including last seasons treble being criticised by a man who once won the EFL Championship is up there with with the best of them. 👏🏻

@BigBearKentlaar: Kyle Walker will down on record as one the best right backs of the last 20 years based on trophies alone. Add his ability and he’s probably top 5 in Premier League history. Bloke can train how he wants, he’s had more honours than you’ve had hot dinners.

@AlanR1965: Just Joey Barton who won nothing saying that serial winner Kyle Walker won’t win anything due to attitude. Surely 12 days early with this tweet

@JimCognito2016: He literally won more last season than you did in your entire career.

@J_BELLAMY_19: The audacity of a guy who managed a single England cap, in a career where he is only remembered for poor discipline, grandstanding that arguably the best right back of his generation “won’t win a sausage” because he’s wearing leggings in training is outstanding.

@lukeaaronmoore: Every single player in that photograph is 10 times the player you were on your very best day

@LGH87: Bloke just won the treble with City, so I’m not sure your point makes any sense.

@lbenno45: Walker has just won the treble last season mind… So I’d say Southgate is the main issue rather than the actual players…

@DougDexta: How can you comment about a player like Kyle Walker who is way more talented than you ever could have dreamed. He has performed consistently well for club and country. Get back in your box

@SamMufc7: You only played one game for England and have never managed at international level, so how can you comment on this topic? That’s usually your argument in regards to women, right?

@anthonyfdshaw: yes, i bet that they aspire for the culture of those famous winning Joey Barton teams.

@VinayPUFC: Coming from a man with one cap for England, just like says women shouldn’t talk on the men’s game he shouldn’t talk on international games definitely a team this good

@JE51CON: Walker has literally won everything in football. And there’s joey Barton slating them who made a name for himself as a talentless thug on the park. Take the day off man.

@rhysmcc44: Joey Barton telling footballers who have more success in their left testicle than he has had and will ever have, absolutely brilliant

@JackNathanMoran: Thank god we have *checks notes* Joey Barton to offer incisive insight into the culture required for cultivating a winning sporting institution, a man who has won *checks notes again* – zero top-level honours in his career as either player or manager.

@qprAL27: Thanks for specifying the rapper drake, I would’ve thought you were talking about drake from drake and Josh instead 👍

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