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Joey Barton features in trailer as Ched Evans breaks up fight in Fleetwood dressing room

Joey Barton features in a documentary trailer as Ched Evans breaks up a fight in the Fleetwood Town dressing room a little while back.

Footage of the club’s new documentary uploaded to Twitter shows how players came to blows and it features the controversial player Ched Evans breaking up the brawl.

It came in a dramatic week for the League One club, when recently sacked manager Joey Barton emphatically denyed allegations he attacked Barnsley boss Daniel Stendel, who reportedly lost two teeth in the clash.

Trial over the alleged assault was originally scheduled for June 2020, however because of the pandemic, it has been delayed for up to a year.

Barton said on Twitter on what happened: “With regards to the alleged incident on Saturday following our game against Barnsley, I emphatically deny the allegations made.

“Given this matter has not been formally closed, it would be inappropriate for me to make any further comment.”

Just hours after the incident happened, the Cod Army posted a clip for their new TV series, named A Season On The Edge, onto social media.

The doc takes a look into and following how the ex-Man City, Newcastle and England midfielder gets on in his ever role as a manager.

He talks above his past, his stint in prison, and how he didn’t have the skills to deal with what modern football threw at him.

He adds how people told him that he ‘made it’ because he went to academies, but it weren’t like that he says, and then we hear how he was expected to fail going into coaching.

Barton is in the dressing room, saying to his team members that “we should not be playing Sunderland, but that’s not us as individuals, that’s the club.

“The fucking barbarians are at the gates, we’re coming into their stadium and we’re going to get right after them.”

A voiceover says how Barton “wanted the club to be liked a family, he didn’t want it to be a placed where you go to work, you earn your money, you go home and forget about it. You know this job in football has to mean something to you.”

The trailer includes sweary team talks from the manager, along with telling players that they have to suffer in order to show how much they want it.

One clip showed Ched Evans breaks up fight in Fleetwood dressing room, to really show how passionate and heated it got.

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At one part of the clip, he tells his players: “Days are long in football, but the years are short, and it’s fucking nights like tonight under the fucking floodlights that you’ve really missed playing a game.”

Barton said: “I might only get one shot at this because the drop-off if you get this wrong could mean death as a manager.”

Again he is heard saying: “Six promotions in 10 years, we’re well aware of that, but also we need to take the club to a new level and that’s why Andy’s brought me in.”

Reflecting on his childhood, he told the camera: “My options as a kid was play football, go in the army, or sell drugs.

“If you want something enough, you get it. And you prepare to sacrifice to get it. And I want this.”

Well since then, he has guided his club to an 11th place finish for the 2017/18 season, as well as a 6th place finish for 2018/19 (losing 4-1 to Wycombe in the playoff semi finals).

Joey Barton ended up leaving the role as manager of Fleetwood Town following the sacking of Ched Evans in December 2020, it’s confirmed.

The 38-year-old was initially appointed in April 2018 and led the club to last season’s League One playoffs.

Barton departed Fleetwood with the club in 10th position in the League One table, just three points off the play-off places.

Ched Evans’ comedy act is said to have been the final straw for unamused boss Joey Barton.

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Dressing-room sources says that the manager failed to see the funny side of a comedy routine performed by Evans, seeing him deliver part of a regular Friday routine.

Barton is said to have already called out a number of players in training for wearing tights and gloves to protect themselves from the cold.

So in turn, Evans used that in his slot on a punishment game called The Spin (Wheel of Fortune-style) for minor offences, which saw him land on a ‘magic trick’, so he produced pictures of Barton and his coaching staff mocked up as ‘muscle-bound super heroes’ – and then had photos of each of them wearing gloves in training sessions during their own careers.

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Head coach Barton cited that it was disciplinary issues and a series of “infractions” as well as his behaviour that ultimately forced his decision.

Ched Evans has since joined Preston North End on loan but Lilywhites fans were so unhappy with it that they arranged a fight with each other.

Fair to say Barton’s spell ended in a bitter one, and it’s unknown where he’ll go next.

Fans reacted after seeing the trailer for the Fleetwood documentary, see what the made of it…

@AntMack76: Wow. Has this got a new bonus chapter?

@MarkRooney24: Cmon @NetflixUK we wanna see it!

@Ashh1390: Does it have Joey Barton’s assault on it?

@Karlross11: Does it pull any punches

@TheRealMoore91: not featuring deleted content from the oakwell tunnel

@Nodge22: German Subtitles?

@leechambo11: Looks brilliant this!

@JackArmy_: Hopefully its Netflix. This is going to be good.

@graemeb81: Contains strong racism and violence

@CASEfromda904: @PSorge14 this shit sounds like it’d be real interesting to watch

@JSomers90: Sure to be an absolute knock-out

@Chrisstrainjnr: Timing could be better for the production company.

@GeGeRadwell: Does it show him assaulting a manager?

@JonnyBalshaw: Does it contain Barton smashing the Barnsley manager?

@parchpea: Potentially raise the profile of the club and the town in addition to being a profitable revenue stream. A small club that’s always had big ideas, thought outside the box #codarmy

@BISONS73: Love these non league docu-soaps. Worth a watch.

@AintNoGrave79: Were the camera crew in the tunnel at Barnsley??

@finn946: Hopefully this is a hard hitting documentary about life at the club. An insight into the player’s and manager’s head, but pulling no punches when it comes to their assault on the League 1 table

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