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Joey Barton causes backlash for calling his brother’s racist murder of Anthony Walker ‘a scrap’

Joey Barton causes backlash for calling his brother’s racist murder of Anthony Walker ‘a scrap’ as he talks on a podcast with James English.

The ex-footballer turned manager’s half-brother Michael Barton and cousin, Paul Taylor, left 18 year old Anthony Walker for dead.

Anthony Walker was a Black British student of Jamaican descent who was killed with an ice axe by Michael Barton and Barton’s cousin Paul Taylor, in an unprovoked racist attack on the night in July 2005 in Huyton, Merseyside.

Walker, who had been in his second year of A-levels, had been walking his girlfriend his partner Louise and cousin Marcus Binns to a bus stop.

But they were set upon by the killers, who jumped out of some bushe.

While Louise and Marcus managed to get themselves away, sadly for Anthony, he couldn’t escape, having been and struck in the head with an ice axe by Taylor, who left the weapon stuck in his skull.

Nearly 18 years on from the murder, which was classed by a judge as a “poisonous racist attack” – the recently sacked Bristol Rovers manager Joey Barton has been trending on Twitter for calling it a “scrap”.

A video surfaced showing what viewers can expect to see amid Barton’s appearance on the podcast, with the first clip showing the 41-year-old talking about the murder.

He can be heard saying to the James English podcast: “My brother lost 17 years of his life from 17, because his mate, who was his cousin at the time, thought it would be a fantastic idea, when they were having a f***ing scrap, to pull an ice axe out and swing it into somebody and it stuck in his head.”

On the day of the murder, Michael Barton, wore a hooded top his face covered, then started aiming racist abuse at Anthony and Marcus, telling them “walk n***** walk”, as they went down a street in Huyton.

He and Taylor then followed the group, drove to the entrance of McGoldrick Park, kept quiet, hiding in bushes and then ambushed the three of them.

Taylor threw the ice axe 6cm into Anthony’s skull, with the victim losing his life at Walton neurological centre at 5.25am, but it’s understood he would have been effectively brain dead within seconds of the axe being struck.

When police named the two as suspects, Joey Barton appealed for his brother and cousin to return to the country and turn themselves in, which they eventually went on to do, before they were convicted of murder following a trial that year.

In September 2022, Michael Barton was set free after 17 years in prison while Taylor, who was handed a minimum sentence of 23 years and eight months, remains behind bars.

This clip below details the story of the racially motivated murder of 18 year old Anthony Walker as told by his mother, sister and using news footage.

In it, they recall their feelings of pain, loss and resentment, but they also speak of their Christian faith and beliefs on forgiveness.

They describe how forgiving the murderers is what Christ teaches them to do, but it has also helped to release their feelings of anger, bitterness and revenge.

As mentioned, Joey Barton causes backlash for calling his brother’s racist murder of Anthony Walker ‘a scrap’, this is what users said on Twitter…

@jayreid1987: A load of shit! His brother and cousin brutally killed my mate in a racial attack they deserved more then the 17 years he’s “lost”. He come from a scumbag family and playing innocent just doesn’t wash

@mh96079: “a scrap” he lay in wait and killed an innocent lad with an ice pick. Should’ve got a whole life sentence never mind 17 years. 🐀🐀🐀

@crobinson1980: Having a scrap? Just not true that is it? Why is he being allowed to portray a racially motivated murder as a scrap and his brother as borderline innocent? His mate, who was his cousin at the time 🤔

@Dewb1878: Fuck off barton you prick. It was a racially motivated assault killing a young lad and you act like he lost 17 years of his life for mistaken identity bellend.

@WadeSAFC: Barton trying to claim the racially aggravated murder, instigated by his brother, unprovoked, was a scrap. “His mate, who was his cousin at the time” sums up just how thick this cunt is.

@Christianjw92: I seriously hope no football club employs him again. What a weapon

@mickmckeown80: Am I hearing this right this tool is giving it the big I am 🤦 always knew Joey Barton was a scumbag just never realised how big of a scumbag he is 🤬

@_sll013: He’s surely gotta be one of the most disliked things (couldn’t call it a man) in football

@Biggies_MaIIs: “A scrap”?! Your brother threatened to stab two people because of the colour of their skin, followed them in a car when they tried to walk away and then, along with your cousin, ambushed them in a park. That’s not “a fucking scrap” you vile truth-twisting scumbag piece of shit.

@ReeceDSport: Calling Anthony Walkers murder a scrap is absolutely vile. Genuinely vile. What a poor human being

@BRFCSocialist: Joey Barton here trying to make out that his brother that murdered a man in an unprovoked racist attack is in fact someone who’s a victim of the criminal justice system.

@gdc1878: Trying to make out his brother was hard done by getting 17 years.. what a horrible family of rats 🐀

@TobyUTD__: Joey Barton’s brother, and cousin brutally murdered an innocent black boy in an unprovoked racist attack, and afterwards fled the country. He’s labelled it a “scrap”. What a prick.

@Alex_Shep_Urzz: Disgusting racially motivated murder of a young lad with an axe to his head, described as “a scrap”. Joey Barton everyone.

@Gallowgatetwee1: Used to have a soft spot for Joey but this is fucking grim, describing an unprovoked racially motivated murder as a ‘scrap’ utter scumbag

@hctelfih: Horrible scum family, his brother and cousin killed Anthony Walker in a racially motivated attack yet this dirtbag is trying to say it was a “scrap” and his brother “lost 17 years of his life”… Anthony lost his life, your brother & cousin should have got full life prison term

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