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Joey Barton calls out Sky Sports as viewers cancel their subscription until ‘nonsense’ stops

Joey Barton calls out Sky Sports as viewers claim they will cancel their subscription with the broadcaster until the ‘nonsense’ stops.

Once again, because of Joey Barton’s rants on social media about women’s football commentators, pundits, reporters, he has been tagged by Twitter users to get his views on a new piece of footage.

It sees the Africa Cup of Nations being talked about on Sky Sports News, with a female presenter coming under criticism.

Major Gowen wrote in a tweet:

This box ticking by Sky Sports is farcical. How can you fuck up FOUR times in 80 seconds?
Serge Ararer? ❌
Sam Chickow? ❌
“Ivory Coast haven’t won it for 40 years” ❌
“Nigeria’s Victor Osimhen will hope to score and defeat Nigeria” ❌
Enjoy @Joey7Barton

That tweet has had nearly 3 million views, along with thousands of retweets, comments and 10,000 likes at the time of writing.

Having been tagged, Joey Barton was always going to respond to it, and did so on Friday morning, to which he tweeted:

“Have they deleted this @MajorGowen_?

“I think they (sky) tried to deleted this clip. Why do they keep putting these people in these positions? Best person for the job? 🤣🤣🤣”

He shared another tweet, of the male presenter standing nearby, Joey said: “He’s thinking, ‘How has it come to this!’ Poor fella 🤣”

One user, @Heatshrink, replied: “Just cancelled my SKY sports subscription. May subscribe again in the future but only if this nonsense stops. Embarrassing from Sky”

To which Joey Barton added: “You won’t be the only one. Broadcasters standards are plummeting with the nonsense. What is wrong with the best person for the job? 🤷🏼‍♂️”

@RobbieC94 shared Joey Barton’s tweet, saying: “Not the first time this reporter has been a bit daft – barely professional to blatantly read off an iPad (badly), say the names incorrectly, and spout incorrect facts about AFCON. She needed more training after being sent to QPR to announce “Gary Ainsley” as manager.”

Joey said: “Correct Robbie. You can’t tell them they’re not up to scratch and need to improve. If you do, those cards get played. 🤔”

Joey Barton went back to tweeting on Eni Aluko, sharing an article while tweeting: “More has come to light about poor, little Eni Aluko.

“Dad was a Nigerian Senator. Dodgy money. Ran to England. Massive house in Wentworth. 3 Rolls Royce’s. St Mary’s in Ascot private education. Lawyer. Race card player.”

The day before, he uploaded two polls.

One asked the question ‘Whose punditry do you prefer to listen to during the Men’s football on TV?’, with Karen Cairney getting 13%, Eni Aluko 5%, Izzy Christensen 4% and Mute Button 78%.

The other poll asked ‘Who is the worst out of these Mens football pundits’, with Eni Aluko getting 67%, Michael Owen 22%, Garth Crooks 8% and Alan Shearer 3%

Joey tweeted: “Interesting results from the last couple of polls… People wouldn’t rather mute the TV than listen to female pundits. Thanks for voting 👍 🥷👑

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As Joey Barton calls out Sky Sports, some viewers tweeted that they would cancel their subscription until the ‘nonsense’ stops, here’s what’s being said…

@foxlual: Might cancel mine soon. Really nothing interesting now with all the box ticking.

@kmp197633: Did it back in September

@ScottishRidire: It’s laughable at this point. Deleted my sky sports subscription and BBC license and a long time ago it’s best feeling ever. These organisations are unfit for purpose! X, you tube, podcasts where you control what you watch and listen to is the future. These virtue signallers treat most of us with contempt and actively hate the bulk of its subscribers and watchers white British men 18-60. Everyone reading this should cancel asap.

@Bosrasham: Do you remember the soccer Saturday specials with le tiss Charlie Tommo etc when it was fun and they had this thing called banter and none of them got upset by words 😂😂

@FootToTheBall1: Cancelling my sky sports package end of this month. Pay well over £100.00 a month for this absolute drivel. Sick of it

@JordanUz89: I actually feel sorry for her, it’s a really tough watch. She shouldn’t be in a position like that with absolutely zero insight in to the game. Painfully evident that she’s not employed for that role because she’s a good pundit. We know it, Sky know it, and its embarrassing

@chrisprodromou: Starting to think sky are doing this deliberately just for comedy value . This is so embarrassing for the woman. No wonder they deleted it in the end

@JustinP70664433: Sky went backwards when they swapped nicholas, Thompson, le tiss, for sue smith, Clinton Morrison and Chris Boyd pathetic

@jo32192000: Bring Back Georgie Thompson & Kirsty Gallagher

@ashmartin19: And Natalie sawyer

@Barefoot_Bert: Couldn’t be bothered watching. I’ve cancelled sky sports package. Absolute rip-off and deteriorating quality of punditry and commentary. Maybe they are after a new audience

@CGanllwyd: I’ll never pay for @SkySports whilst this is the quality they feel is acceptable

@AdrianMathias75: Absolutely awful. Sky sports going down hill quick. Even transfer centre is atrocious too.

@leeheard1: SkySports is dead. Has been for years. Used to watch the news channel spin round for hours, used to be the default first thing I’d put on. Now I actively avoid it. So cringe. Keep calling it out.

@SwadRam1: @SkySports used to employ people who knew their stuff. No one should need to consult notes on an iPad live on camera. Box ticking over competency once again. Subscriptions will be cancelled if this downward spiral continues. Meritocracy rules, remember the Super League farce?

@Gijingo9: Cringeworthy to watch Joey. If that’s the best person for the Job we’ve had it..

@rayoneill1985: I’ve actually stopped watching @SkySportsNews now as it’s a joke. It’s not about who’s right for the job anymore, it’s now a tick all boxes show

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