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Joey Barton accused of kicking his wife in head after argument as fresh details emerge

Joey Barton has been accused of kicking his wife in the head after having an argument as fresh details emerge in court this week.

The Bristol Rovers manager is claimed to attacked his wife and left a lump “the size of a golf ball” after drinking “four to five bottles of wine”, a court heard on Friday.

Barton, 39, allegedly grabbed his wife Georgia by the throat and kicked her in the head at their house in Kew, south west London on the 2nd of June of 2021, but Barton denies assault.

Barton’s trial for allegedly assaulting his wife during a drunken row has been delayed after she wrote a letter to prosecutors on the 17th of February in a bid to “exculpate” her husband, the court heard.

Prosecutor Helena Duong said the former footballer turned manager and his wife were said to have gotten into a drunken argument over “families”.

She said that police officers turned up at the location and found Georgia Barton with a bleeding nose. “She had blood on her hands and she told the police her husband had grabbed her by the head and pushed her down before kicking out,” Duong said.

“She showed an injury to her head and one of the police officers who attended the scene described it as a ‘lump the size of a golf ball’.”

Duong added that a letter written by Barton’s wife to prosecutors was a bid to “exculpate” her husband.

Barton’s barrister, Simon Csoka QC, said she claims she was injured accidentally when friends intervened in the argument with barton being defended.

Barton was due to stand trial at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court, in south-west London, on Friday for a single count of assault by beating.

District Judge Andrew Sweet delayed the case to the 23rd of June, over a year since the alleged incident. Barton will remain on unconditional bail until then.

It comes months after ex-Fleetwood boss Joey Barton was cleared of assaulting Daniel Stendel in an incident within the stadium’s tunnel.

Mr Barton, 39, had denied pushing over the then Barnsley manager Daniel Stendel in the tunnel at the Oakwell stadium after a match in April 2019.

Mr Stendel suffered facial injuries, damage to a tooth and bruising.

Barton boss was cleared of one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm following a trial at Sheffield Crown Court.

As he left court, Barton said: “I think the verdict speaks for itself.”

Questioned how he felt, he replied: “Better than I did before.”

During the trial, Stendel said he was walking down the tunnel in the corner of Barnsley’s Oakwell Stadium after his side’s 4-2 League One victory against Fleetwood.

He said he had been knocked over by a push from behind, causing him to hit his face on the metal structure, with video evidence shown during the trial of Mr Stendel entering the tunnel followed by Mr Barton shortly afterwards.

In his evidence, Mr Barton denied being hostile or aggressive towards his opposite number and stated he didn’t recall coming into contact with anyone in the tunnel.

Daniel Stendel

He admitted using “industrial language” during a post-match handshake with Mr Stendel, but denied there were tensions between them during the game.

Nathan Kirby, Barnsley performance analyst intern, had given evidence that he saw Mr Barton run past him and “shoulder-barge” Mr Stendel.

However, Mr Barton’s barrister Simon Csoka QC said in his closing speech that even if it had been an accident it was quite possible for Mr Barton to have been unaware of what happened.

Twitter users reacted as Joey Barton gets accused of kicking his wife in head after an argument as fresh details emerge…

@JoshBell_: How is he still in the game?

@fishplums: get this guy out the door ffs

@djcpmcds: Absolute scumbag.

@beachpikey: Hate to go drinking with him wouldn’t you. Not for the danger of getting chinned but 4 or 5 bottles of wine?? Never financially recover.

@mooresj92: And he will still get away with it like he always does. Disgusting prick

@FitzpatrickKev: What a coward for doing that to your wife. He should get sent down for that and his wife deserves better than that 😡

@JackJacksharpe5: Shocking that Joey Barton acts like a scumbag never would’ve expected that /s

@W12Rory: Scumbag. Forever a dark spot on our history that he was ever made club captain

@SouthendSanti: I’ve seen a lot people try to justify Joey Barton (call him a complex character, let him be a bit of a meme etc) over the years. He has always been, and remains, an awful, violent person who has been enabled for far too long.

@jimhampshire: Incredible that this cunt is still employed by anyone in the game.

@miller_element: Ironic that HerGameToo was formed by Bristol Rovers fans who back him …

I assume Bristol Rovers are linked with Her Game Too
Both clubs in the city really showing their support for it with this & Danny Simpson

@Wooster_Bert_: Regardless of the truths in this case, the fact that this shithouse is given so many opportunities in football is a disgrace.

@tomvinall00: so weird that so many of our fans have treated this guy like the second coming knowing there was every chance this was possible, vile bastard

@K_Motson: It’s always the ones you least expect

@TheBluestStar: Horrible fucking bastard

@lauren_sadler1: That’s not very ‘her game too’ is it

@Rob_Eagleton: How’s this man not locked up? Let alone a manager of a footy team. In court for assault every 6 months.

@c_d_hewson: If only we’d had some sort of sign that he was capable of such a thing

@a_thomas1958: wondering if this will affect @Official_BRFC tomorrow as it clearly did at the start of the season as some really worrying allegations!!

@scousepie: How is this man still being employed

@IsMiseShane: Always the ones you least suspect isn’t it

@17Dan17: Football just needs to get rid of this scumbag. He’s a violent coward and always will be.

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