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Joe Rothwell scores with volley of the season in Southampton’s 5-3 win over Huddersfield

Joe Rothwell scores with what is being dubbed the best ‘volley of the season in Southampton’s 5-3 win over Huddersfield Town.

The Saints came back to win having gone behind twice, with Russell Martin’s side scoring five second-half goals to overturn a 2-0 deficit and secure quite the result in what played out to be an eight goal thriller.

Southampton midfielder Joe Rothwell had a game to remember especially as he struck an outrageous volley to help his side win. He scored twice in two minutes to get the comeback rolling.

36′ Southampton 0-1 Huddersfield – Thomas
45′ Southampton 0-2 Huddersfield – Kasumu
49′ Southampton 1-2 Huddersfield – Rothwell
50′ Southampton 2-2 Huddersfield – Rothwell
65′ Southampton 2-3 Huddersfield – Matos
80′ Southampton 3-3 Huddersfield – Lees (OG)
84′ Southampton 4-3 Huddersfield – Mara
90+1′ Southampton 5-3 Huddersfield – Edozie

Joe Rothwell said it was the best goal he has ever scored: “It was the best I’ve ever scored. As soon as I’ve hit it I knew it had a real chance of going in. I’ve not watched it back yet, but I’m sure I’ll have it on replay a little bit tonight.”

Speaking about the performance as a whole, Rothwell, who came on as a first-half substitute for the injured Flynn Downes, said: “It was a real contrast of halves. We were nowhere near where we should’ve been in the first half, and rightly behind in the game. We had to make a few adjustments at half time, and thankfully managed to come out and get a couple of early goals. Then had another setback, but managed to overcome it and managed to get all three points.

“We were just half a yard short of where we should’ve been, gave them too much time, weren’t moving for each other. There were just a few small adjustments we had to make, and thankfully we did that and managed to get out of it with three points.

“I think it just shows the character that’s in this group. We knew even at 2-0 we always had a chance as long as we got the next goal. We managed to get two quick ones. They managed to get themselves in front again, another setback, but the character in the changing room and the pros we’ve got in there showed massive belief. We knew as long as we kept doing what we were doing, we could get a positive result.

“I think the gaffer said this is probably the first time in the run of games where they’ve not lost that they’ve probably had a bit of adversity, and these are the type of games where if you do go up at the end of the season you could go up by three points and you could say this is the game that did it for us.

“You’ve got to win all types of games and today we showed another side of what we can do, we’re not just about nice football and so on, we managed to dig in and fully deserved three points by the end of the game.”

Russell Martin said: “I’m exhausted. I feel immense pride and gratitude with the players, and their spirit, togetherness, character and resilience they showed – and the supporters. I loved the atmosphere and the feeling at the end.

“I think it was the first time we’ve had to really deal with some disappointment. We had to suffer a lot of tough moments in that first half in particular, and a big question for the players and a big test for the players to really show the spirit that’s got us this far and this many games unbeaten.

“In the first half we were forcing it so much, and Huddersfield were really good. They came with an absolutely fearless approach, nothing to lose, caretaker manager, brilliant result last week, so for the players to show that togetherness and spirit in such a difficult moment – and the supporters as well – was really brilliant. I think it will be huge for us moving forward.

“There will be so much for us to take and learn from the first half, and I was immensely frustrated at half time, but tried to stay calm for the players – a little bit angry, but trying to stay calm, because it was about trying to help them.

“I said, ‘if we’re going to get beat and suffer that together, let’s please at least do it being the team we want to be’ because in the first half we weren’t, which is testament to Huddersfield, they were good, but also down to our lack of energy and lack of aggression with the ball, and then, for the first time in a long time, a lack of courage to really play in the last 15 minutes of the first half.

“The second half was the complete opposite, they were amazing. The subs that came on had a huge impact – the guys at the back, the four and Will, who ended up playing as the No 6, and Gavin, incredible. Intensity, courage to take the ball.

“There were some tough moments, but they’ve come through it. The biggest thing about this team, the biggest pleasure and privilege to watch them grow and come together as a team has been that – their spirit and their fight for each other, and in the second half we had to show all of that, and I enjoyed that side of it. We’ll take loads from it.

“At 2-2, the ground’s rocking, the atmosphere’s incredible, and I’m sure everyone is expecting us at that point to go on and score again, and then to come back from another bit of disappointment takes a lot, so I’m proud of them.”

The result means that Southampton are 2nd in the Championship with 64 points from 30 games played, one point ahead of third place Leeds and four ahead of 4th place Ipswich. Huddersfield are 21st with 31 points, two clear of 22nd place QPR.

This is how fans reacted as Joe Rothwell scores with volley of the season in Southampton’s 5-3 win over Huddersfield…


@callum3081: Just gets better every time I watch it 😍 Superb performance from Joe today.. absolutely outstanding 👏

@Jonweeks5: Happened in slo-motion in the stadium, incredible 🤯

@OwenElsom: Our new signing scoring goal of the season 😍

@stevenwyeth: Only in my wildest dreams could I strike a football this sweetly. Sensational

@slinger_87: Bring him home

@joemaston_: I’m sorry this a championship hall of fame goal. I remember Mcginn vs Sheffield Wednesday a couple of years ago scored a similar one. Just absolute filth. #SaintsFC

@JJL296: Perhaps the best goal I’ve ever seen live- perfect volley

@CJEccott: Holy shit what a goal 😂😂

@LiamHiscock__: Oh myyyyyy that is fucking outstanding

@LiammNashh: Sorry Joe, I wasn’t familiar with your game 😰

@charliehawk93: Ridiculous goal 🔥

@Matty_SFC: Btw Joe Rothwell is the best player in the world after that performance

@CarlSteadman: Is it just me or is anyone else still watching Joe Rothwell’s first goal on repeat? My word. #SaintsFC

@NeilDuggan80: Just stop it Joe Rothwell…. what a game

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