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Joe Cole scores outrageous goal as Premier League All Stars take on Sunday League team

Joe Cole scores an outrageous goal as a team consisting of Premier League All Stars take on a Sunday League club for a charity match.

The 42 year old demonstrated that age is just a number when he netted while playing alongside a team of Premier League All Stars in a charity match for a Sunday league.

The former Chelsea player participated in the game to raise funds for the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Fund.

Despite the charitable nature of the match against SE Dons, Cole didn’t hold back against his opponents with a video uploaded onto social media showing him expertly controlling a high ball with his chest and then elegantly chipping the goalkeeper with a volley from the top of his boot.

Wearing the No 10 jersey that he was known for throughout his career, he left everyone in the stadium stunned.

It gave fans a flashback to when in 2006 when in the FIFA World Cup, he opened the scoring for England in the 34th minute after a headed clearance from a Sweden defender bounced out to him, chested the ball and lashed it on the volley.

His shot dipped into the top right corner of the goal, and sent England fans wild.

Joe Cole’s stunner ended up being cancelled out at the start of the second half after a corner found the head of Sweden centre-back Marcus Allback.

Gerrard then got 86th-minute strike which at the time look to have won the game for England, but Sweden’s star man Henrik Larsson found a last-gasp equaliser to level the match.


The game took place at Bishop’s Stortford on Sunday the 5th of May with footage from it finally being released for all to see.

Joe Cole was joined by fellow ex-professionals including Darren Bent, David Bentley, Troy Deeney, Wayne Routledge, Tom Huddlestone, Sandro, Paul Konchesky, Jamie O’Hara and Jack Wilshere, while the likes of Rod Stewart and Ray Winstone watched on from the stands.


This is how social media users reacted as Joe Cole scores an outrageous goal when the Premier League All Stars decided to take on Sunday League team in a charity match…

@Marcel11or10: Yeah that’s ridiculous 🔥🔥🔥

@AbleTom5: That take is 🥵🥵🥵🥵

@_jordanhookway: Disgusting from Joe Cole. Class is permanent. 🥶😮‍💨

@WHUFCallum_: Unreal

@mxbdii: It’s these sort of clips that humble the average man when up against elite level professionals be it retired or otherwise

@AceAdoniss: Deffo not past on route one grass footy playing against him last season showed different levels 😂

@Arcann90: Reminds me of his euro goal

@DamoSmith85: The 7ft keeper just watches it go over his head

@AFC239: Goal was so good. Made lefty stretch his calf

@PortlandToffee: That was filthy, wow!

@DMLions: It’s funnier as the GK gives it big licks very time I see a video of him. Getting lobbed while in your 6 yard box and being 6ft+ is wild. 😂😂😂

@BasedBobTrapGod: A reminder once again the difference in levels between professional and amateurs

@dangagey9: Class goal but what is the goal keeper doing he’s about 8ft tall

@Highbury_49: Sign him up

@DreamChaserKiye: Class is permanent, just effortless what a player!

@Santi06411: Loool the levels to this game is ridiculous, look at how does that with such ease and everyone else is shocked 😂 Joe Cole real baller ✅

@1jmarney: Na this is ridiculous wtf absolute baller

@hxmza1: Once you’re a pro baller, you’ll always be better than any average ballers no matter how old you are lool

@___JG1: people forget just how good pro footballers are, they will turn up on a Sunday at 76 years old and play you off the park 🤣🤣🤣😭

@Sheldon30218: That is ridiculous

@kaistubbsy: You never actually lose it

@ReeceDSport: Oh mate my childhood 🐐

@Eyedontmind_: Every now and then you’re reminded the levels these pros play/played at. That’s outrageous.

@Little_Physio: Footballer 🔥 Loved watching him down the Boleyn when I was younger!

@harryhammerSN7: Wow…..⚒

@cfccharx: Will forever be the love of my life

@DevilzAdvoc4te: It never leaves you prop. He’s too cold with it.

@miles_qpr: That’s unreal 🤣🤣🤣

@rowlandeddie: Joke of a finish this

@Mujjy1210: Easily one of the most technically gifted players England’s ever had

@crschels: You never lose the magic.

@Hiyaw_DeGea: LOOOOL this is pure filth, men against boys

@Peachyav: Nah he took the piss 🥴🤣🧊

@chidg3yy: That is unbelievable 🤣

@SpecksRSC: Nearly a flashback to that famous goal against Sweden

@Billy_Dunstall: He’s here, he’s there, he’s every fucking where… 🎶

@_MattDunne12: So so underrated

@ebradfield95: Silenced the stadium 😂

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