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Jobe Bellingham becomes a ‘new meme’ as he goes viral with hilarious interview answer

Jobe Bellingham becomes a ‘new meme’ as he goes viral with a hilarious interview answer after Sunderland came away with a win at Cardiff.

The 18-year-old has become one of the EFL’s promising young talents and has so far scored seven times for the Black Cats, including Sunderland’s second goal in a 2-0 Championship victory over Cardiff on Good Friday.

But when questioned on his best position post-match – having played as defensive midfielder, a central midfielder, an attacking midfielder and a left winger – Bellingham gave a brutally honest response, saying: “At the minute I’m just learning really because I’ve got no idea what position I am.

“I suppose it’s quite exciting in a way because I’ll find out as the years go on.

“I’ll find out what I enjoy doing most but it’s up to the coaches to figure out where my attributes fit the team best.

“I’m not arsed where I play really – as long as I’m in red and white that’s fine.”

On Bellingham, interim Sunderland boss Mike Dodds said: “We should be excited about his performance, it’s something we can build on moving forward.

“He’s scored a goal and done well in the the game. He’s a coach’s dream, if I said go and play in goal he would just crack on with it.

“What he has got, which many number nines don’t have in this league, is unbelievable quality with his feet – a centre-midfielder playing up front.

“He gave us a platform to play off but you’ve got to remember he’s a second-year scholar playing in the Championship.

“He’s 18 and I know he carries the weight of his brother, which I think sometimes is unfair.

“But if you put that to one side, you’ve just seen a second-year scholar who has been exceptional and should be playing youth-team football.”

This goal tally became the highest achieved by a player aged 18 or under in a Championship season since Harvey Elliott, now at Liverpool, scored seven goals in the 2020-21 season for Blackburn.

Jobe’s brother Jude wrote after the Black Cats’ victory: “@SunderlandAFC whole team a joy to watch today!”

Jobe Bellingham becomes a ‘new meme’ as he goes viral with hilarious interview answer, this is what fans had to say…

@dunn_outdoors: That rules out playing in goal, ffs I thought he was meant to be versatile…

@emBuchanan2: Ahahah he’s mint

@ameliaSAFC: Fuck everything negative I’ve ever said about Jobe love this

@danbrown0507: In actual tears

@_Andyapple5_: I thought you made that quote up until I watched the clip 😂 Love it ❤️

@vinny_brand: i’m sorry for everything i’ve said jobe x

@Elliott_Groves: Our forward for the rest of the season. Hopefully real scouts have gone back to Spain but it’s Madrid next for him to keep Jude company I think 🤔

@camrogerz: Time for the coaches to focus on making the lad a striker. What a guy

@emilyrosesm2: This lad. Could we really ask for anything more from him? Some boy ❤️ #SAFC

@summers0411: Good lad, it’s what we want to hear 👋👋

@Tony_young78: Listen to his love for the club and fans. 18 years old 7 goals this season. Enjoy him while you can. He gets it.

@NESportsDan: Where do you and luke o’nien want your statues lads ❤️

@graham99573131: 100% keep him up front hel get goals


@NeilWakelam: Gerrin Jobe lad!! 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️

@JoeSafc23: What a fucking Boyo 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️

@cake_for: He’s just not arsed…. haway Jobe lad ❤️🤍❤️🤍

@JonesD93: Ya play as a CF you’ll be sound kid

@S4fcNi4ll: I love this guy man. He is one of a couple that I’ll always back. #SAFC

@LaurenSAFC92: He really is a special talent, yes he needed dropping before the international break, we could all see he needed a rest, he’s had one and came back with a unbelievable performance today, he just needs game/minutes managing better rather than burning him out.

@OrwiteTreacle: I’ve given the lad a lot of criticism lately, a lot of that down to how he’s been handled (played too much or not in his strongest position) But this is the attitude I love from the players. Please keep him CF for the rest of the season

@juliesund: Could you love this lad any more ❤️

@tenchylad: Perfect attitude we want. 🔴⚪️

@fiona2608: He absolutely loves it doesn’t he ❤️🤍 absolutely made up for him today, he was superb 💫

@JordanMarley22: Kids had a rough patch. Stick he’s took has been a bit heavy for my liking. Delighted for him. There’s a player in there 100%. Loves the lads anarl. Next seasons gonna be massive for the boy.

@cake_for: Haha my 18 year old came hurtling downstairs screaming JOBE SAID ARSED!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@safcdavee: Another step along the way to getting hero status 😁

@coffeegoblin: Get it written in Latin and put it on display. Haway the lads. #SAFC

@alexecarlton: What a guy!!

@paddywalsh65: he’s the boy

@JackTheJobber: What a guy man

@GIANNI2977: That’s fine by us Jobe! 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️

@drew_wallace86: Haway Jobe ❤️🤍

@_Andyapple5_: I hope no scouts were watching that game 😬

@timhardinguk: love owt like this

@Philip_RJ89: This is the kind of attitude we need in our players. Selfless, willing to adapt and play in unfamiliar positions for the good of the team. Jobe’s had a real rollercoaster of a debut season for us, but his quality isn’t in doubt. #SAFC

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