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Jermaine Beckford apologises after his commentary for FA Cup match is slammed by viewers

Jermaine Beckford apologises after his commentary for the FA Cup match between Gateshead and Charlton is slammed by viewers.

A League One Addicks side saw off a spirited performance from National League North side Gateshead to reach the FA Cup third round.

Jayden Stockley opened the scoring for the travelling side, heading home Conor Washington’s cross in the 30th minute.

Charlton went on to double their advantage after the break when Ben Purrington’s volley deflected in off Stockley.

Gateshead created numerous chances, and gave it as good as they got, with forward Macauley Langstaff blazing wildly over the bar when one-on-one with goalkeeper Stephen Henderson in the second half.

He said in a video published to social media: “Morning everybody, just a quick message, during the commentary last night, I do feel there was a slight element of me being a little bit biased to the underdogs which were Gateshead at the time.

“I just wanted to put my apologies out there to everybody and let you know I’m not biased, I’m not anything like that, I just wanted to, erm, I like an underdogs story having been an underdogs for the majority of my life and seen the guys that aren’t expected to do well, go toe to toe with some of the big boys and put in the good performance, I think there was an element of that.

“I should have tried a little bit harder and I will do from here on in to take a little bit more thought and focus into what I say when I’m commentating, obvious it’s still something I’m pretty new at and learning and still growing, learning new lessons every single day, I’m proud to say, I will make mistakes, but fortunately those mistakes have been few and far between and that’s exactly how I want to keep them.

“I wanna keep growing, I wanna keep learning, so you know watching the game back, listening to it, I understand certain fans’ frustrations, and I get it.

“But I also know that whilst scrolling through my comments section which is something I usually do because it’s something I like to think I have good relationship with my followers, people that follow me and follow my journey etc that I can have open and honest conversations with people and it’s difficult, it is difficult to put your judgement out there without absolutely laying into somebody and hammering them, criticism is something we all get and it’s something I appreciate and respect because without criticism, you’re not going to get better.”

As mentioned, Jermaine Beckford apologises after his commentary for the FA Cup match is slammed by viewers, see what Twitter made of it below…

@davocafc: Respect that. Didn’t really bother me . I know people like underdogs to win as that’s what the cup is all about.

@natediazisking: Now i feel bad. In fairness the reason why it was grating me is because it looked like we could actually lose at times 😂 so it was life or death for us #cafc

@cafc_baker: Wouldn’t hurt to do some research about the teams you’re commentating about as well

@cafc_daniel: It’s nice that he made an apology

@WRENSHIP: Fair enough. 👏👏 @jermainebecks83 owning it and learning from it. Talking about learning, I now know to say Leeko when I read Leko #cafc

@platty82639487: Interesting. Fair play to apologise. 👊But unfortunately his comments towards the end really show he’s not up to it as a pro pundit of value. Clearly trying to keep his job but suspect last night underlined his lack of capability as a live commentator #cafc @CAFCofficial

@HungryTed: Fair play to Beckford here. Perhaps he did throw himself a little too enthusiastically into the underdog narrative, but the guy has earned my respect for sheer reflective honesty. 👏 👏 👏

@Grummy1976: Respect for this post 👏🏻👏🏻 Admire you coming on here and posting this. Hopefully it’s all part of the learning process. I’m all for banter and criticism but I sincerely hope it didn’t go further than that in your comments (I admit I did a few gifs but no malicious intent)

@HunterPrague: I didn’t enjoy your commentary last night, either, @jermainebecks83 but this is a top class response. Many other more experienced media people – not just in footie – could learn from you here. 👏👏👏 #CAFC

@matt_noutch: This is so strange, nice but not necessary at all. Otherwise, Jenas and Mcmanaman would be doing one every week.

@TelMc1: Fair play @jermainebecks83 as a #cafc fan it definitely grated, but it’s understandable a neutral wants the underdog to do well. We usually all do. Kudos for this and best of luck with future commentaries…perhaps we’ll be the underdog in the next round 😉👍🏻

@mdavisontafc: Fair play Jermaine! Normally I want the underdogs to do well and cause an upset but last night it was very irritating the comments you made last night. Good luck next time!

@cafc_h: Fair play Jermaine. You don’t see many commentators coming out and apologising for being shit, so props have to be given here.

@ValleyFloydFred: Classy. I wasn’t expecting him to release this and own it. Fair play. You can root for Charlton in the next round @jermainebecks83 as it’s likely we might be the underdog…

@KING_GELHARDT: Jermaine, be yourself fella. That’s what people want to see, the best pundits just say what they think. Most people respect those who don’t care what others think. Sod muppets on twitter who think they know everything… errr… except me, you should listen to me. #lufc

@CHowells11: Willing to fight any Charlton fan giving Beckford stick you are a nothing club Jermaine Beckford has accomplished more than you’re entire club

@JonnersJ: Jermaine Beckford – You can see how brilliantly Gateshead are set up at the back, they’ve been working on that really well. This whilst Gateshead have just lost the ball and nearly conceded by trying to play out from the back! #cafc #FACup

@FlaggysCorner: Jermaine Beckford is ITV’s Danny Murphy

@int_addicks: Jermaine Beckford, Sam Matterface, your boys took one hell of a beating #cafc

@Matt_CAFC: Fair play to Jermaine Beckford for talking absolute rubbish for the full 90 minutes. He also clearly did no research at all before commentating on tonight’s game 🤯 #cafc

@Ph1Pd: #jermainebeckford is full of shit.
“Gateshead have been great in front of goal tonight “
Bang on pal, that’s why they’ve not scored lol

@AlexMorley1: Jermaine Beckford has just said Gateshead have been really good infront of goal. Losing 2-0 and have had atleast 5 clear cut chances they’ve blazed over or missed. But yeah mate, lethal. #FACup

@dickon71: Jermaine Beckford…oh dear, and Sam Matterface… what a Wally. Saying Elliott Lee loved watching his Dad at Charlton… before he was born! @CAFCofficial

@Ph1Pd: #itv4 #cafc Jermaine Beckford is the worst commentator. Absolutely full of shit and maybe a tad thick. How the duck he has a job I don’t know. Must have a great agent

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