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Jeff Stelling takes aim at Matt Le Tissier for posting yet another conspiracy

Jeff Stelling takes aim at Matt Le Tissier for posting yet another conspiracy for all the former footballer’s followers to see.

The former Soccer Saturday host criticised his ex-colleague after the latter shared a 9/11 conspiracy post on his social media on Friday.

Le Tissier re-posted a Twitter thread, which had questioned the legitimacy of the disastrous event, onto his personal account ahead of the 22 year anniversary.

The attack was found to have been carried out by 19 al-Qaeda hijackers originating largely from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates. 2,977 people died.

In a follow-up reply to one post, Le Tissier added: “I certainly think there’s some compelling evidence and questions [regarding the attacks] that deserve answers that have been ignored. We’ll probably never know the full truth.”

Stelling quickly responded, saying: ‘Yes Tiss total and absolute b*******’. The post was subsequently deleted.

Stelling then added a stand-alone post which read: ‘Sorry if there was any ambiguity. I disagree with Tiss 100 per cent’.

After Stelling’s reply, one user opted in favour of Le Tissier’s thread, to which Matt said: ‘Thanks for the sane reading of the situation. Hear both sides of the story and make your own mind up’.

The thread which was shared by Le Tissier is 25 posts long claiming that the tragic event had been a ‘lie’.

In the posts, the role of the US government, the abilities of the hijackers and the nature in which the buildings collapsed were all called into question.

As well as Stelling criticising Lee Tissier, Conservative peer Daniel Finkelstein called the thread ‘straightforwardly antisemitic’.

In August, Le Tissier said that his family and close friends thought he had ‘mental health issues’ after his controversial views throughout the Covid pandemic.

His claims include PCR tests being ‘the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on mankind’, that dying Covid patients in Italy ‘were actors’ and also thought the government’s interference in people’s lives during lockdown was an ‘injustice’.

Le Tissier also said images emerging of the war destruction in Ukraine were ‘falsified’ and reposted another tweet about it, saying the media had ‘lied’ about a number of stories.

In an interview with GB News, Less Tissier admitted that his views could have led to Sky Sport getting rid of him, and that his family and close friends thought he had ‘gone a bit mad’.

When questioned if he has paid a price for his views he replied: ‘I guess the price people will probably point to is I lost my job. Sky may tell you something different.

‘They told me they just wanted to take the show in a different direction but they didn’t deny that it had something to do with my posts on social media.

‘So, possibly my job. I guess in the early days probably my family and close friends thought I’d gone a bit mad because I was kind of going against the narrative and they thought I had mental health issues, quite frankly.

‘I knew that I didn’t and thankfully I stuck to my guns and what’s transpired over the last two or three years – a lot of them have now come to realise that I wasn’t mad and that I was actually talking a lot of sense.

‘I wasn’t right about everything but I was right about a lot of things.’

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Twitter users reacted as Jeff Stelling takes aim at Matt Le Tissier for posting yet another conspiracy…

@oafcwould: I didn’t realise you’d headed the ball that much in your career. Bless you and you’re family.

@ViewFromBlock93: Wait until you find out about the Earth being flat 😱

@duaneomac87: Jesus, what has he said now? He’s blocked me ages ago when I called him out on his bull 😂

@herbie1972: What’s Tiss driveling on about now?

@skells07: Le Tiss Jeez what a plank he is

@nickprice153: Oh my Matt. These governments can’t even deal with heavy snow let alone the biggest cover up in the history of man kind. It’s been over 20 years. ACTUAL evidence of an inside job has been provided. Alot of “this and that” but nothing to prove anything otherwise

@RScowler: He was a great player. Shame he’s lost his marbles at such a young age.

@patches_89: Is he waffling his usual nonsense, he’s blocked me cos I had an opposing argument 😂

@nesta_m4: He’s not the sharpest

@Darth_Vivid: He’s Unbelievable Jeff!

@GanRadge: Matt, what do you think about the fact you never actually scored a single goal for Southampton? We know Match of the Day co-conspired with the government and FA to doctor footage and ensure you won England caps.

@glewis92: @adamdnathan I’m almost certain we joked about this being the next step from him a couple of months ago

@AFrazzledScot: Matt have you heard that the wokerati metric system-lovers want to rename Southampton to Southamp907.185kg 😡

@tsmith_1892: Sky Sports binning you has really taken its toll, hasn’t it?

@mischawatson: There really is no conspiracy theory you won’t lap up is there.

@stella_bulldog: Must be that time of the year.. 🙈😂

@CllrKeithHouse: Great footballer, in his time. Sad to have gotten sucked into bizarre conspiracy theories.

@rpmcdermott94: Absolute nutter

@KenWelsh57: Come on Matt. You are better than that. The thread is one long, outrageous, cruel insult to the memory of the dead. Such a plot as described would have required hundreds of people to work together and trust one another not to blow their part or reveal the conspiracy.

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