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Jeff Stelling reveals who he thinks are sleeping giants after Mark Goldbridge’s Tottenham claim

Jeff Stelling reveals who he thinks are the Premier League clubs best described as sleeping giants after Mark Goldbridge’s Tottenham claim.

Are Tottenham a sleeping giant? Well this was something talking about by Goldbridge as he discussed a number of topics relating to Spurs including Bayern Munich’s interest in Harry Kane.

Goldbridge said via talkSPORT over the weekend: “If you look at Spurs and you look at the stadium and you look at the they’re a London club. He’s right. They are a sleeping giant. If someone like Abu Dhabi or Elon Musk or Qatar or someone like that. But they’re the next club that if I was a multi-billionaire and I was looking what Newcastle and Man City have done, Spurs would be it.

“They’ve already got the stadium, they’ve already got the infrastructure, they’ve got the fans. They’re based in London. You buy the club and all you need to do is spend money on transfers. And actually Spurs over the last few years I’ve read this before that when it comes to financial fair play, they’re a club that can actually spend a lot because they don’t spend that much in relation to what their outgoings are, apparently. So he’s right in that sense. But whether their current owners would actually give it up or not, that’s another thing.

Jeff Stelling then replied with his views, saying: “I am 5 feet 7 – and as much of a sleeping giant. Most PL clubs could be described as sleeping giants – ie Villa, West Ham, Everton! Pure fantasy.”

Goldbridge responded to Jeff: “All of which would be up there with Newcastle and City’s wealth because of the Stadia and Support.”

This debate was also discussed on talkSPORT by Alan Brazil and Ally McCoist back in 2021…

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Here’s how social media users reacted as Jeff Stelling reveals who he thinks are sleeping giants after Mark Goldbridge’s Tottenham claim…

@addi54567247: The worst pundit makes a good point. I guess a broken clock is correct 2 times a day.

@Jimaylward1: Actually agree here, with proper committed owners spurs could be unreal. But ENIC ain’t selling anytime soon 🥺

@thefutbollover: Wouldn’t say spurs are a sleeping giant

@JaiP72: I think his point is Spurs have everything already done except the team. The others are building / have to build their stadiums & training facilities. Spurs could spend £400m and still be within FFP. The others can’t.

@Darren_attwood: Finally a sentence from him that makes sense.

@COYSJordan94: Not a giant but we are sleeping and in need of a takeover 💯 just look at Newcastle and how new ownership can inject life back into a fanbase. We are in desperate desperate need of it. No other club and fanbase would put up with ENIC for 23 fucking years.

@alijymn: Jeff surely you’re not going to give goldbridge airtime… you’re better than that and you know it

@tosman30: Everyone’s a sleeping giant till a multi billionaire buys them…..

@OJxMiller: Spurs have the infrastructure and financial leniency, if a mega rich person bought them who had a good football head then they could definitely put in a good challenge for the title in a season

@J_harrison86: Need to be giant first before calling them a sleeping giant. Same bracket as Newcastle. A sleeping giant is a club like Everton.

@MattRic62091091: We are a sleeping giant but ENIC are demanding silly amounts of money to even consider selling our club. They also have properties and other investments around the stadium which are part of Tottenham so it’s highly unlikely they will even consider selling

The reason why Spurs are a great proposition are:
1. London based
2. Great stadium
If you aren’t oil rich, you wouldn’t buy them. Financially it’s stupid.
But they have cash to burn & want to buy a status club.
On this basis, it’s United first, then likely Spurs.

@shaunle61197008: The clubs a huge money maker that’s for definite…but that’s why it’s the hardest club in the world to buy …it would be mental money

@hugoagogo_: It’s thought Levy would want at least 2.5 billion for Spurs. The Saudi’s bought Newcastle for 300 million and they’ve already overtaken Spurs. Surely there is a better value elsewhere for any potential buyer.

@BillJac89599502: I’d actually buy Liverpool. Most successful club in England one of the biggest global fan bases. Put up with lack of investment so imagine the amount of love they’d give an owner willing to invest. Infrastructure their to compete immediately.

@victorycelt78: Luton are a sleeping giant then, just like Newcastle(soon), Man City & Chelsea who were bought by billionaires trying to clean their image & turned teams with the odd cup over the past 50 years into UCL winners. Anyone wanting to sports wash only needs to look at an EPL club.

@DonJoyce12: A sleeping giant would at one time have to have been a giant, to be referred to as a sleeping giant. @SpursOfficial has never been a giant in footballing terms. Giants win titles and trophies for long periods of time. It’s that simple.

@Bottle_Job_FC: Sleeping giant with less league titles than Huddersfield, Blackburn, Wolves, Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds and the same tally of league titles as Derby, Portsmouth, Burnley and Preston 😭😭

@Raamanofficial: One other factor is that spurs are not in an affluent neighborhood. Things may change in the future but not in my lifetime, so players will still prefer Chelsea or Fulham.

@47esque: Spurs had a revenue of £444M, and an operating profit of £112M for June, 2022. Their stadium cost over £1.2bn. So how can Spurs be considered a sleeping giant? It’s a shame that someone like Goldbridge has a platform with millions of followers to talk freely about football.

@owenthfc__: I agree with him. We have all the tools to be an attractive proposal for any potential buyer. We have a beautiful stadium, we’re located in London, we have big name players that can generate shirt sales & it gives the next buyer the flex to say they changed the mentality at Spurs

@simonj911878: Why does the media keep pretending spurs are a top 6 club won two league titles in their entire history

@Jimbo1604: He’s on the money with this one. We get the right owners in we are up there with City. We are the most profitable football club in the world now,3rd most profitable sporting franchise in the world. We should and could be challenging if put the footballing side first

@JimmyBCSpurs: First sensible thing he has ever said. Spurs are hampered by their current ownership who only want to bleed the club dry. The issue is to sell they would want billions. Spurs are in purgatory until Levy and Lewis go #THFC #LevyOut

@barrington2022: Spurs are also incredibly over priced. £2bn off the back of a stadium and training group. Also Joe Lewis is worth £6bn. Why does TS give platforms to people who have no idea about what their talking about and do no research

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