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Jeff Stelling forced to delete X-rated tweet after sons hack his Twitter account in amusing prank

Jeff Stelling as been forced to delete an X-rated Christmas tweet after his sons decided to hack his Twitter account in an amusing prank.

The much loved Soccer Saturday legend issued a warning to Chris Kamara after falling victim to the naughty online mischief by his sons.

Stelling’s account uploaded a photo that showed a penis wrapped in bacon – just like a pig in blanket – alongside a joke type caption.

The picture showed a host of tasty looking sausages which had been wrapped in bacon on a baking tray, with the last one being a penis.

The tweet was captioned: “Love cooking Xmas dinner, I always do it in the buff!”

Replying to the now-deleted post, Stelling blamed his sons. He said: “My bloody sons. All their presents going back ! All Robbie will get is a Darlo shirt and Matt a ticket to a Palace game. FFS!!”

Majority of Jeff Stelling’s 226,000 followers on Twitter found the tweet funny, but now the Sky Sports legend has made a further clarification,.

Tweeting his former colleague Chris Kamara, who left Soccer Saturday earlier this year, Stelling warned: “Merry Christmas and a Happy Birthday to my brilliant mate @chris_kammy. Take my advice, inspect the pigs in blankets carefully before eating!”

Jeff Stelling recently expressed how ‘relieved’ he was to find out Kammy didn’t have dementia when his apraxia diagnosis came to light.

‘Your friends, me included, were fearing the worst in a way, because dementia in football is a big hot topic,’ Jeff said.

‘It was almost a relief to find out – well it was a relief – it was a relief to find out that it wasn’t that.’

He went on, saying how ‘cruel’ it was that Chris Kamara suffered from apraxia of speech due to how recognisable his voice had become over the years.

‘People didn’t need to see you. Just as soon as you spoke, they knew exactly, “It’s Kammy!”’

The Alzheimer’s Society explains the supposed link on footballers who greater risk of developing dementia, due to the head impacts they regularly experience when playing the game.

‘A small study in early 2017 was among the first to show a greater risk of dementia in professional footballers,’ the charity outlined.

‘Researchers studied the brains of former footballers with memory problems. They found that most had signs of a form of dementia called chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), and all had signs of Alzheimer’s disease. However, it is important to note that footballers without memory problems were not studied.’

The organisation continued: ‘Since then, a longer and larger study has provided further evidence for a link between professional football and a greater risk of dementia. This has led to responses from the Football Association, and the announcement of two new research studies.’

This is what social media users said as with Jeff Stelling forced to delete an X-rated tweet after sons hack his Twitter account in an amusing prank…

@Higgo07: Saw you on an advert for Sky Bet the other day, Jeff. Have you started tweeting tips now

@PerrySpurs: Just relax and eat your dicks in blankets

@jonnyvfest01: Sons are ace then! Definitely not the time to be taking life too seriously! Even if there’s a pic of a bigger pig in a oversized blanket! Have a proper Crimbo #AbsolutelyJeff 🎄👌🏻👍🏻

@alty_t: These days if you pretend to get your nob out on the timeline you’ll be arrested and thrown in jail

@Tomisatwitt: Life is short Jeff, don’t worry about offending anyone, live life and have a laugh!

@Leonard15Shaun: Brilliant 😂😂 unbelievable Jeff! Merry Christmas

@the_real_ivo: Unbelievable Jeff! Can’t torture him with a Darlo shirt surely 😂

@G_M_Houston: How much you paying your sons to go with your bullshit story? 🤣🤣

@jonhopswan: Jeff, when I said if you were struggling with your pigs in blankets to give me a bell, I didn’t mean literally.

@minorbird1969: Merry Christmas you filthy Animals 😂😂

@JJames_2020: Top bombing Jeff’s sons! 🍆


@greedychops88: If people weren’t wet wipes these day🤷‍♂️

@GolazoDan: can’t even wrap your knob in bacon and present it as a tasty treat anymore, it’s political correctness gone mad Stew.

@Lenten82White: Very funny, been sent to family and friends who also found it funny 😂. In future, keep things like this up, if people don’t like it/are offended they can always move on to something else. Merry Xmas Geoff…there will be giggles when the pigs in blankets are dishes out today!!!!

@Ddwalker64David: It was funny Jeff, however in today’s world where the woke decide what type of humour is acceptable you have overstepped the mark. You punishment should therefore be devised by Jeremy Clarkson 😉

@ftnut_app: What about the people who weren’t offended? They not count? You can please some of the people some of the time Jeff … get it back up & let the perpetually offended know about the unfollow button

@Alan03063086: Aww Jeff that was too funny should have kept it 😂 who did it offend seriously some folk need to have a night off

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