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Jeff Hendrick criticised for tweet amid Derby relegation while Wayne Rooney slams Mel Morris

Jeff Hendrick has been criticised for a tweet he issued amid the Derby relegation confirmed while Wayne Rooney slams ex-owner Mel Morris.

The Rams’ fate was sealed following a 1-0 defeat to QPR on Monday, but as manager Wayne Rooney said, it is not a relegation that any of the players or staff should be ashamed of, as they were dealt a 21-point deduction earlier in the season.

Derby gave an impressive attempt at trying to pull off the impossible, despite the constant financial issues surrounding the club, and were just a few points off staying in the second tier.

While a large number of people involved in football commiserated Derby’s relegation, QPR chose to go a different route with their post-match post.

The club celebrated the late winner, but also referenced Bobby Zamora’s late goal that won a playoff game in the same fixture back in 2014.

Not only did many criticise the tweet, insisting it was insensitive, but former Derby midfielder Jeff Hendrick clearly had no problem with it, retweeting the post, while also adding his caption.

Hendrick’s post was met with quite a backlash, with many in the replies describing him as “classless”, and “disrespectful”.

He played almost 200 games for Derby before getting a move to Burnley, with his time in the second tier what earned him an Ireland call up.

Meanwhile, Derby boss Wayne Rooney said he hopes the club’s relegation is on the mind of former owner Mel Morris.

After the game at QPR, he stated his intention to remain at the club next term, only if the club’s new owners want to keep him.

However, he also made a dig at Mel Morris after their relegation was confirmed, saying: “We’re picking up the pieces of what was left behind.

“We’ve earned enough points to be in this division next season, we’ve played some really good stuff and developed young, local players so, in that sense, the future looks bright.

“I know Mel’s a big Derby fan so I’m sure he’s sat around watching that disappointed. We are.

“We’ve done everything we can to not let this happen and we’ve worked extremely hard.

“Hopefully he doesn’t have a good night’s sleep tonight and that plays on his mind because I think he needs to have a think about it.”

Derby have been in administration since September, the club’s administrators Quantuma, working hard to find a suitable bidder for the club.

American Chris Kirchner has been named the preferred bidder, former Newcastle owner Mike Ashley still maintains a strong interest in the club however.

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Twitter users reacted as Jeff Hendrick gets criticised for his tweet after Derby have relegation confirmed while Wayne Rooney slams ex-owner Mel Morris…

@alfie_patto: Some respect?

@rcskinner1984: Bit ill advised that one Jeff can only assume its a company running your account

@Jarvalho1: Blimey I’m a Forest fan and think that’s low. Proper lack of class there

@bickleytez: Unfollow

@DerbyshireAl: What a classless club and player

@DcfcHub: Literally made you. No wonder Newcastle fans hate you

@riddell_harvey: Tin-pot player at a tin-pot club. They deserve each other.

@Gittesimon: Wow, charming aren’t you 🤮

@Scope1000: Wow Jeff Wow 😮

@dailyasanovic: And if you pay someone to send your tweets for you. I’d be sacking them immediately.

@Mark0_dcfc: Classy Jeff!!! Thought you knew better

@LukeMartyn89: Welcome down the City Ground any time Jeff #OneOfOurOwn

@thomasyeowart: Took his passport to Cardiff away, what do we expect?

@SkyBlueRobbie: I’m not even a Derby fan and I feel this is a bit disrespectful. You’ve had a mare here son 🙈

@ElizabethSlatts: Blimey, thought you were better than that Jeff …

@jrbt86: What did Derby do for you to mug them off like that Jeff?

@WestSussexRam: Strange tweet, Jeff. Oh well, I suppose you’ll say anything to try and get a contract!

@Jamie_Probert1: Ah nice and respectful I see..

@dcfclakey: Nothing without Derby.. not that you got very far anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️

@bensmyth18: You do realise you was a part of the first one?

@dcfcstephen: bit weird Jeff but okay

@Gem_Szr: Classy.

@ross_knight98: Not that you did anything in them 3 points 👀🤦‍♂️ injured as normal obviously not a classy player like we all thought you were

@derbydoll76: really inappropriate 🤬

@DanielJWalton90: What are you doing here lad? Really!!!??

@dajstrawb: 📞“Erm, it’s Jeff. Could you take that down from my Twitter please?”

@Richierams11: Cheers Jeff. Come through the academy and was considered one of our own

@Rhino_03: Of all the tweets I’ve seen about Derby going down I really didn’t think that a former fan favourite of our club would stoop this low. This club gave you your chance in English football, show some respect Jeff.

@bengreatoo: You taking the piss or what

@bango_don: Remember where it started Jeff. Respect not there I see

@dannyt2901: Showing his class here as a top class 🔔🔚, very poor to the club who made him

@lucy188444: R u sad ur in the shadow of knight now. I guess you want the club to actually like you to give you some more minutes

@jakedcfc18: Really Jeff??? Come on show some respect especially today of all days

@peppers1404: Not very classy is it that? 🖤🤍🐏

@midlandno4: Zero respect for a club who made you! Typical footballer only concern is money

@BenBoothPhoto: Those six years mean nothing then huh

@harry_goodwin10: 6 years you played for Derby. At loan at QPR think before you tweet 🤷‍♂️

@griffiths_11: Understand you have to back the team you play for but surely a better way than this? Classy fella

@liamsav86: Nice one Jeff 🔔

@DanHeldenhammer: Wow. Thanks for that pal.

@MisterWindle: Really daft way to ruin your reputation with the only fanbase you’ve played for who actually rate you

@Mrdaymanchu: Ffs Jeff read the room!

@Scott_Mc129: Bellend. You were always carried by Hughes and Bryson.

@CheBaronay: Bit harsh Jeff

@CatherinePayn14: Disappointing that Jeff, remember Derby gave you your chance.

@thomasutr_: wash your hair mate not even qpr fans rate you

@bensmyth18: If it wasn’t for your Derby career you’d have been nothing but a championship journey man.

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