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‘Jealous’ Lincoln boss labels upcoming opponents ‘the Newcastle of League One’

‘Jealous’ Lincoln boss Michael Appleton labels upcoming opponents ‘the Newcastle of League One‘ ahead of the third tier meeting in midweek.

He has aimed that comment at Wigan Athletic ahead of Tuesday night’s visit to the DW Stadium, admitting to being ‘jealous of the spending power’ Leam Richardson has under new owners Phoenix 2021 Limited.

The Imps took advantage of Latics’ well-documented troubles last season by enjoying 2-1 wins in both league fixtures.

But now the tables have turned at Wigan, the club have been moved immeasurably in the last few months, and now Appleton has become the latest League One figure to point to Wigan’s healthy financial state ahead of a fixture.

“It’s ridiculously tough, isn’t it,” he said. “The money they’ve spent over the summer, the squad size they’ve got now…”

When asked if he was pleased for Wigan having come through their off-field problems – which almost saw the club go under – Appleton told Lincolnshire Live: “Yes and no. A lot of struggles last year.

“I like Leam as a guy, but I’m a bit jealous, if I’m being honest, of the spending power they’ve got, compared to what we’re capable of.

“We know how difficult it’s going to be, they’ve almost become the Newcastle of League One overnight and can spend what they want.

“Fair play to them, they’re backing it up with performances and points, and that’s all you can ask for.”

This isn’t the first time Appleton has expressed this view, as earlier in the season, he reckoned half of the clubs in League One have ‘massively overspent’ in the pursuit of promotion.

Wigan Athletic were the focus of angst from Accrington, Bolton, Portsmouth and Rotherham – despite making an overall profit on the transfer front.

And while not specifically mentioning Latics directly, Appleton joined in the condemnation from the ‘have nots’ to the ‘haves’.

Wigan Athletic have been the focus of angst from Accrington, Bolton, Portsmouth and Rotherham so far – despite making an overall profit on the transfer front.

And while not specifically mentioning Latics directly, Appleton has joined in the condemnation from the ‘have nots’ to the ‘haves’.

“Some of the players we’ve lost out on, in terms of the financials behind it, are just shocking if I’m being honest.

“There are a lot of clubs putting themselves under ridiculous pressure.

“There’s only three sides who can go up. There’s about 12 sides who have massively overspent.

“We’re not going to be one of those sides but at the same time try to be as competitive as we can.”

Wigan Athletic currently sit 3rd in the League One table, earning 28 points from 13 games played in what is turning out to be an exciting battle to be in those automatic promotion places.

Lincoln City have rather flopped for 2021/22, positioning 15th, and getting 16 points from 14 games played.

Twitter users have since reacted as the ‘jealous’ Lincoln boss labels their upcoming opponents ‘the Newcastle of League One’…

@DannyBoyMiller: Wigan are proper tinpot, another small club bankrolled by wealth.

@darrentat: You support Peterborough and you are a bellend. They go hand in hand really.

@mattburnett23: To be fair if the rumours about paying Whatmough the same as what he was on at Pompey are true that’s a at this level and I doubt Naylor and Power are on more than there previous contracts Whyke is just making up for no transfer fee.

@ElliotLittler: This is what a lot of people don’t seem to grasp, and all these managers didn’t bother to mention finances when we didn’t have a pot to piss in last season

@slater253: got 6 free points of us last year because of our state but that was alright then wasn’t it 🥲

@Bluecat74Davies: Not a single player in our starting lineup on Saturday cost a penny in transfer fees. All either free, on loan or from the academy. He should at least check his facts before coming up with his pre-match excuses.

@DannyClarke91: Funny how he didn’t mention anything last year when they had bigger budget than us as we struggled to put a squad together in admin and had to play our youth players just sounds like sour grapes to me

@Islandhopper74: Another week, another uninformed whopper.

@GMac_Coach: What a complete dick. Concentrate on your own team compared to the team of freebies, loans and academy players that Leam has moulded into a winning team.

@joewilkinson_: Getting the excuses in already😂 weren’t saying that last season when he beat us twice when we had a team full of kids in administration

@Leeavvy: Soft bald cunt. 5 past these men tonight wigan.

@beckkhewitt: Boringggg 😴🥱 #wafc

@LiamKni00: I’m going to be completely honest here, we’ve been up in arms when managers have said this about us in the past, let them do their own thing imo

@basher5000: No idea what you are talking about.

@Essex_Wiganer: I’d have loved to still have Gelhardt at the club, still be in the championship and have all other players. We survived using youth players last year, we tried to do things the right way but soon as the time came the teams above bought our youth..even took the training ground!

@dawsonste: Get rid of all your team for a quid, hopefully some future England stars in there for good measure. Offload all their wages. Sack all of your staff, including the tea lady. That will free up some funds for you to buy who you want.

@RJBlakeley: Did he mention how Lincoln’s budget last year was bigger than ours last year

@CarlPrescott6: Ere we go again!

@RussTyrer: “The Newcastle of league One” ??? No mate we win trophies, no comparison whatsoever!

@wigangee: Cry more, You didn’t seam to mind last season when we where going through the shit.

@Essex_Wiganer: We don’t have a team of mercenaries we bought with top money, we have a ‘team’ of players that have been carefully selected because of not only their ability but attitude to the game.

@lancstic: Leam Richardson must have the easiest job in football management because week after week opposition managers do his team talk for him. #wafc

@SwearyRemoaner: He doesn’t seem to mention the financial advantage he had last season? I think he did the double over our heroic group of youths, loans and free transfers. Presumably, that was purely because he had more cash than us. Doesn’t say a lot for his management talents.

@AbramLatic: Was he complaining last year, when his team beat a team of half-fit pro’s, loanees and kids? Football family at it’s finest, we loved beating you when you didn’t have a pot to piss in, but now you have a team of freebies who you’re paying a proper wage it’s not fair

@AlanFarrimond: Can someone ask the thick t-+t what we’ve spent and on whom because we, the @LaticsOfficial fans know exactly the answer to that question. Anyway tell thicko I’ll be sat right behind him on Tuesday if he wants to have a chat

@DonnellyWAFC: He on the gear? #wafc

@JonnyKitwe: What an absolute crock of shit! Our starting lineup cost zero in transfer fees, and the wage bill isn’t even the highest in the league!

@GMac_Coach: What an absolute gimp of a manager. A lot of respect lost for him and other managers over these type of comments. #wafc had only 7 first team players so needed to spend money (we actually made a profit in the transfer market) not enough respect shown to Leams team.

@mattlatics: I like how Michael Appleton conveniently forgets to mention that Wigan’s starting 11 on Saturday didn’t cost a penny (the team consisted of either free transfers or loan players). #wafc

@EdBazeley: Most of our signings were free, all of them were totally necessary and I didn’t see you lot bothered by our finances when we were in tatters. #wafc #imps

@PhilBowds: Loans, frees and a youth player made up the starting 11 Saturday. Crazy how they don’t do their homework before coming out spouting shite #wafc

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