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Jamie Vardy mocks Exeter City fan’s ‘worst tweet on football twitter’

Jamie Vardy mocks Exeter City fan’s ‘worst tweet on football twitter’ and it was all over something that happened nine years ago.

The 34 year old Leicester City striker jokingly decided to take the piss out of the supporter who expressed outrage at his transfer fee on Twitter.

Vardy made the stunning signing back in May 2012, leaving then-non league outfit Fleetwood Town for Leicester for around £1m, something you never see. so you knew he was special talent.

Since then, the Sheffield-born player has been a hit in helping guide the Foxes to a Premier League title, picking up the Golden Boot and earning himself 26 England caps before choosing to focus more on his club career instead of international.

Nevertheless, the size of his transfer fee – which remains to be a non league record – did have many people puzzled, and of course one of those was Grecians fan Jack Nex.

Jack took to social media to express his surprise at the amount of cash handed out to bring in Vardy.

He wrote: “Leicester have signed non-league striker Jamie Vardy for £1m. What has football come too. Jesus Christ!!” he demanded on May 18, 2012 – the day after Vardy put pen to paper for Leicester.

It is fair to say that the tweet hasn’t aged well and after all these years later, it’s gone on to get over 17,000 likes and over 28,200 retweets. Eek.

Hilariously, Vardy has somehow only just come across this old gem, and decided to have a chuckle at it.

His tweet managed to get over 140,000 likes, which then spurred more mocking on the Exeter fan.

Rather than dwell over the tweet, Jack has instead decided to have a laugh about it all and has since seen the reply from Vardy.

Writing on Twitter, Jack said: “Well, the day has come. The worst tweet on football twitter has peaked with @vardy7 going in for the TKO,” he said.

“If you can’t laugh at yourself, what can you laugh at?! Happy to be able to give everyone something to chuckle at while we’re in this sh*t storm.”

Fans reacted as Jamie Vardy mocks Exeter City fan’s ‘worst tweet on football twitter’, see what everyone had to say below…


@CFCOliver35: Everyone loves Vardy unless he scores against your club lol

@GrayPilch501: This tweet hasn’t aged well.

@Staplefordtrain: Lol and the rest as they say is History

@KylePollock2017: You have done wonders for the club truly a 🐐💙🦊

@craigiswayne: is what happens when you chat shit

@RobPooley1976: Best million we’ve parted with… and what a return

@DaveC1992: What a waste of money

@GrowthClubNW: Continuing to prove people wrong 😑 let’s get to 20 again 🥅⚽️ BOOM 💥

@JayKumarDance: It’s those sort of comments that drive individuals and winners to succeed and prove them wrong. Well done @vardy7 on all you have done for #lcfc

@800THY: 1 million absolute bargain uto

@AaronEvans91: Proved everyone wrong! One of the best strikers to have played in the prem

@dman25388318: Chat shit get banged jack

@krumpit2003: Wonder what that must feel like to be a non league player and then boom someone is signing u for a million quid!

@jojojackbhoy77: Ach bet the guy takes it back… different gravy!! great story for young guys who should never give up if they’re wanting to play. Use him/ you as an example for my own boys

@nathanthecavem1: Bang him jamie


@s_phillips8: Any chance of aiming that at Firmino for the future please pal?

@AndyVale: He was Conference Player of the Month shortly before you Tweeted that. Can’t believe you didn’t know he’d be 8th in the Ballon d’Or within about 4 years.

@JoeTyrrellRef: Fair play lad, doubt there were many at the time who would’ve predicted what Vardy was going to achieve

@UrbnSeal: amazing to see someone take in on the chin for a change… we’ve all had our fair share of terrible predictions

@KieranL_92: To be fair it was a lot at the time.. considering he nearly sacked it off to be a holiday PR in Ibiza and lived in soar point as his second home. He’s come a long way

@DavidTyke: Well done for not deleting it!

@city_bible: Top bloke for not deleting the tweet

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