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Jamie Vardy hilariously takes aim at Tottenham in surprise appearance on stage at festival

Jamie Vardy hilariously takes aim at Tottenham in his surprise appearance on stage at the BBC Radio 2 festival over the weekend.

The Foxes player had fans amused as he cracked a joke about Spurs, with the two day event taking place in Leicester this year.

He introduced a DJ set by broadcaster Vernon Kay but couldn’t resist taking a swipe at Tottenham.

Warming up the crowd prior to Peter Kay’s set, Vardy asked: “Where are the Tottenham fans?”

After that, the question was met with some boos from those in the crowd, Vardy said: “Still got no bottle!”

Vardy was part of the Leicester squad managed by Claudio Ranieri that won the Premier League against the 5,000/1 odds in the 2015/16 season, winning the title by 10 points in the end.

And the closest title challengers to them had been Spurs, though Arsenal pipped them to second on the final day,

Lot of fans joke that Leicester only won it means Spurs ‘bottled’ their best chance to win a Premier League trophy.

These days, Leicester are hoping to win promotion back to the Premier League having been relegated from it last season. They sit 2nd in the Championship, a point behind leaders Preston.

Vardy scored after just 21 seconds when he poked the ball home inside the box after being picked out by Stephy Mavididi from the left.

Tottenham meanwhile got lucky at the weekend with a very late comeback against Brentford, with Spurs now sitting 2nd in the current standings, two points behind leaders Man City.

Twitter users reacted as Jamie Vardy hilariously takes aim at Tottenham in a surprise appearance on stage at festival…

@BeanMallard: What’s awkward for Spurs isn’t the DVDs they released about being top for 13 seconds or winning the Audi Cup, but this tin pot club who rattled them have won more major honours than them in the last 40 years. We get relegated every few years, sometimes two divisions an’all 😂😂😂

1961 FA Cup Final:
– Spurs 2-0 Leicester
1999 League Cup Final:
– 10men Spurs 1-0 Leicester
Yes still got no bottle 🤣

@SecretPrem: Are we supposed to have a rivalry with these guys? 💀😭

@OhSoSpurs: Trying to invent a rivalry because you don’t have one.

@jmca_thfc: Why are you guys so obsessed with Spurs? We literally couldn’t care less about your tiny club 🤣

@terry132875328: How’s the championship

@amy_flanagandy: AHHHHHH hahaha what an absolute legend #lcfc

@jim_thfc: We live rent free

@Dan_dan_COYS: How’s your wife the grass?

@jstevens123: Glad to see he’s got his swagger back tbh. Top of the league. Scoring goals. Just a shame for him it’s all in a second tier competition.

@markfrancis1968: Still has the spurs fans rattled

@Doki_thfc: You should pick on a team in your level like Plymouth or Rotherham 👍

@FamandFooty: Someone should ask where is Vardy. Certainly not in the premier league.

@Beachbootcamp: Why’s he talking about Premier League sides? He’ll only ever play against them in cup games from now on

@rossbridgeford: This is a bit weird.

@PaulWJsouth: I love how how massive we r 😍

@S1mge3_THFC: Obsessed. Didn’t bottle anything, maybe he got confused and meant Arsenal fans given the biggest bottle job in history they pulled off last season.

@olvrlstr: At least pick on a team in your league

@Don_Falcone2: Yet you’re in the championship now back where you belong. Oh how things change 😅😅😅

@the_jobber: May have ‘no bottle’ in your heads but have Premier League status & James Maddison. #rentfree

@NavFlyer88: Making guest appearances at parties now… gotta pay for his wife’s court fees somehow I guess.

@SandwichTHFC: Should probably stay silent in the championship. (Arsenal were top that season, never spurs) 🤷🏼

@SpurOnSpurs: We reject this forced rivalry with Leicester on the basis that we’re massive and Leicester are tinpot

@HenryWY3: Wtf why would Tottenham fans be at a Radio 2 concert? 🤣 – they have more important things like watch Tottenham play Ange ball and laugh at Leicester play in the championship after taking their BEST player!! 🤣🤣🤣

@Gards44: What on earth is this all about? This is so strange and weird. Does any spurs fan look at Leicester as a fanbase or club that we have any kind of rivalry with them? Honestly I don’t think there is another club in England or Europe with as many clubs wanting to be rivals with us 😂

@ChrisLCFC1884: You can tell Spurs fans are butthurt when they try to call Vardy weird despite the fact the entire league makes jokes about them nonestop. Touched a nerve 😭😂

@jonhotspur88: If you’re gunna try and force a rivalry, probably best you pick a team in your own division lads. 👍🏻

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