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Jamie O’Hara gets emotional in huge rant on Tottenham’s ‘disaster of a season’

Jamie O’Hara gets emotional in his huge rant on Tottenham’s ‘disaster of a season’ with the club bottling any hopes of a top four finish.

The ex-Spurs midfielder labelled his former side’s current squad as a ‘bunch of losers’ following their latest defeat to Bournemouth.

The North London outfit had a fine opportunity to take a top four advantage against the relegation-threatened Cherries, but blew it in embarrassing circumstances.

Heung-min Son’s goal for Spurs looked to punish Newcastle, who had earlier lost 3-0 to Aston Villa.

However, Bournemouth took a 2-1 lead through Matias Vina and Dominic Solanke, before Dango Ouattara won it for the travelling side after an Arnaut Danjuma equaliser.

“It’s a shambles,” O’Hara said on talkSPORT after Bournemouth’s 3-2 win. “I’m watching this game today and there’s no fight, there’s no hunger, there’s no real determination to win it.

“Newcastle got pumped today, Manchester United have lost Lisandro Martinez, Raphael Varane and Marcus Rashford, Bruno Fernandes gets sent off, all of a sudden it looks like it’s going wrong for them – I thought today, ‘Spurs could nick this, we can get in there!’

“But did I see anything from Spurs today that warranted being in the top-four? Absolutely no chance!

“Get rid of them! Get rid of the lot of them! I’ve said it for ages and I keep getting stick from people at Spurs when I say it – get rid of the lot of them. The staff, the players, the dead wood. Start again, rebuild, change the mentality.

“And if Daniel Levy isn’t prepared to change his mentality, he needs to do one as well!”

O’Hara took aim at the players’ mentality, comparing it to his time at the club between 2005 and 2011.

“I am sick to death of watching Spurs every single week and watching the same old rubbish,” he went on. “I come on air every week and say the same thing, nothing changes.

“It’s a weak, soft mentality – they’re a bunch of losers!

“The team I played in when I was at Tottenham, we weren’t Man United and we weren’t competing with them, but we were a good team!

“We had winners, people who wanted to win. Alright, we won one trophy, the League Cup, but we were getting there. We had Gareth Bale, Luka Modric, Ledley King, Michael Dawson, Jermain Defoe, Robbie Keane – people who wanted to win every game.

“They were all at it. Robbie Keane didn’t let you have one second off, not even in training, but I look at this team now and I don’t see it.

“We’ve got Harry Kane and he’s world class, but I look at the rest of them and think, ‘Do you really want to win?’ They look like they don’t even care!”

Speaking after the game, interim boss Stellini said: “It is a really tough day today because we didn’t achieve what we want.

“We gave everything on the pitch and I think everyone understands this.

“But we allowed them to score the first two goals too easily. Too easy, too easy.

“It is difficult then when you are one goal down. You have to be strong in this moment to create a unit and have our fans with us.

“In the second half we tried to push and we were so close to scoring. After the second goal, Richarlison heads the ball to win the game.

“If Richarlison scores that opportunity we are probably here to enjoy a moment. But now we do not enjoy because we allowed them to score three goals.

“I think we play very good in the first half, the first 20 minutes. We scored but then from scoring to conceding their second goal I am not happy with the performance.

“When you score one, the mindset has to be to score again. We didn’t do this. It is important for me that they understand why you try to score one more rather than conceded chances.”

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This is what fans said as Jamie O’Hara gets emotional in a huge rant on Tottenham’s ‘disaster of a season’…

@cyanlight_: “This is Tottenham Hotspur football club” doesn’t have the weight behind it you think it does Jamie. On paper, 5th is right for Spurs. Disappointing season I get that- but hardly a disaster

@Loulou00007: I totally agree with Jamie. This crisis is huge and we are completely fed up. We have the most boring style of play in this league.

@BylickiMichal: Conte hasn’t got a clue, Mourinho hasn’t got a clue, Nuno hasn’t got a clue. Stellini hasn’t got a clue. Let’s give O’hara last few games and see what he can do. It’s easy to criticise

@StuartHarbutt1: The player’s are to blame like Conte said though! 8/9 of those player’s shouldn’t be wearing the shirt, lacklustre performances, no passion, just there to pick up a wage.

@richard_offiong: Do Spurs not have someone else to represent them on Sky than this fella? Hardly played for them and gives it the biggin as if he had a Tottenham career as good as Berbatov.

@xDaveAFC: Jamie said Tottenham were back. He wasn’t wrong, they are. Back to being a mid-table side who don’t win anything.

@DJ_Matt_Black: I don’t remember him doing much as a Spurs player either!

@Marckearney: One of the worst “pundits” around. Himself and agbonlahor are absolutely terrible..

@Craftbeerguy85: You can’t keep sacking managers there simply isn’t enough top managers around. Conte top manager isn’t his fault levy doesn’t want to back him or can’t because they built huge stadium instead of investing in the squad

@thfcsimonm: Why are our fans slagging off Jamie Ohara ? He’s a Tottenham fan and at least says it the way it is

@d1sco_d4z: 100% spot on, appalling decision. Look at Villa with Emery. Another approach could have breathed life into this team despite the injuries. There is enough quality to usurp Newcastle but the tactics do not suit our squad.

@Lewismccullagh: Tottenham are a joke! He’s correct

@ddogbraham: But you told us you won the transfer window, had a world class manager and we’re back! 😂😂😂😂😂

@mufc12315: What was the mentality at spurs when you were playing for them? He’s talking like he won multiple big trophies at spurs.

@inb63: Conte was right all along, but left for telling the truth

@RB_London_RB: “We’ve got Conte, Arsenal are worried, Man UTD are worried, Liverpool are worried, Chelsea are worried – watch out, Spurs are coming for you” – This you mate?

@John_THFC1993: Didn’t Jamie criticise Conte for calling the whole club out though, must be his fault again though

@TotalSpursUK: He ain’t wrong and those who disagree are the problem with this club THE MENTALITY

@RosstheRed1989: Same conversation every week from Jamie, spurs glory era well and truly over. Won a massive 0 trophies, well done lads 👏

@leedownes1979: I’m more interested in Man City’s results now than I am Spurs – the only joy I can get now is seeing them nick the title from Arsenal! Spurs have ground me down and I just don’t care any more. The change that’s required will take years and I can’t wait that long any more!

@davidal123: Haaaaaaas anyone seen Spurs? Has anyone seen Jamie O’Hara? Has anyone seen White Hart Lane? Has anyone seen The Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium? Has anyone seen Lord Sugar? Has anyone seen Spurs win a trophy?

@TheRealKevinMac: Seems like Levy is the common denominator with these managers etc. expects spurs to be a contender on budget prices and scoutings, cuts a lot of corners

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