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Jamie O’Hara and Ally McCoist get into heated debate over Patrick Bamford

Jamie O’Hara and Ally McCoist get into heated debate over Patrick Bamford following his international debut against Andorra on Sunday.

A lot of people have spoke on how the 28-year-old Leeds United striker had a disappointing debut and was substituted in the second half.

England went on to win the game 4-0 at Wembley Stadium in a much better looking second half with Jesse Lingard scoring twice, Harry Kane netting from the penalty spot and Bukayo Saka getting on the scoresheet on his birthday.

Former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder O’Hara criticised Bamford on talkSPORT this morning, as you can see in the video clip below…


Laura Woods: Did he get the service that he needed?

Jamie O’Hara: Are you really talking about Bamford straight away?!

LW: Yes! Yeah that’s what I’m doing, why, why, what’s the problem? (Jamie signs)

JO: It’s just boring ain’t it

LW: Why is it boring?

JO: Because I don’t even think he should be there.

LW: Wow Jamie.

JO: Mason Greenwood should be there in my opinion, is Patrick Bamford going to play in the World Cup?

LW: You never know.

JO: He isn’t. He’s not, he’s not. I like Bamford, good player for Leeds, probably deserved a cap.

Ally McCoist: And there you go, he’s got one!

JO: And he’s got one so fair play to him, fair play to Gareth Suthgate for handing them out like confettis. (Laura gasps)

JO: At the end of the day, I just think for me there is an already made superstar in Mason Greenwood, why is he not playing for England? You’re playing against Andorra, you know these games are coming up, give that man the games he needs and get him ready for when the World Cup comes around because he is the ready made superstar in the making. We know Bamford is a good player, he’s reliable, a good Premier League striker, but for me, just why, why? Why are we doing it? You play Bellingham, you play Phil Foden, you give them opportunities, why you holding back on Greenwood, get him on the pitch.

AM: You’re not holding them back.

JO: They are!

AM: No, you got to give Patrick Bamford an opportunity because he has earned his chance. He has earned his opportunity, because if you don’t give him an opportunity, he was never going to be given a chance. He’s been playing for Leeds, he’s been scoring goals, his form has been good…

JO: Is he going to start in the World Cup?

AM: I have to say I don’t think so.

JO: Doe she get in your squad?

AM: No, well he might I don’t know.

JO: Is he better than Danny Ings? Is he better than Mason Greenwood? Is he better than Harry Kane? Is he better than Dominic Calvert-Lewin?

AM: Well he certainly deserves a mention in that company.

JO: Oh come on mate

AM: Of course he does, he deserves to be mentioned in that company because his performances and his goals, no I totally agree with you, none of them will start before Harry Kane by the way, if you want to go that way about it

JO: No, of course, but, if you’re going to look at players, that are warranting the start I look at Mason Greenwood, he is a superstar, ready to be made into one. He has played one game for England. How has he played one game for England?! Unbelievable.

Darren Bent has since defended Patrick Bamford on Twitter after the talkSPORT pundit criticised the player.

Bent said: “Ridiculous , Bamford fully deserved his call up, should of got one last year considering the only Englishman to beat him was Kane.”

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As Jamie O’Hara and Ally McCoist get into heated debate over Patrick Bamford, fans gave their reaction…

@andyhardz88: Cant agree more Jamie!

@aston_danny: Hate the bloke but spot on. Prepare for the world cup now. Get greenwood in the set up now

@JustJamieB90: How is he holding anyone back. He 1000% deserves that spot

@Nightjohnboyy: Jamie OHara, banter radio pundit

@fonosayno: BTW… Greenwood played only 1 game for England because he was playing up in Iceland with the Viking offspring.

@smith_ingham: Bamford fully deserves his chance. 2nd highest English Prem lge goalscorer last season works hard for the team creating spaces / chances for others. Yesterday too many greedy players trying to look good not playing simple balls into Bamford.

@bigtarps: 100% agree with O’Hara on this one.

@3ric_the_King: Totally agree with @Mrjamieohara1 on this. Greenwood is there waiting and twice the player.

@SamuelGaster: Bamford deserves his chance being called up, but 100% agree mason should be in that squad gaining more experience with the international team

@oleo3: They were playing Andorra for goodness sake, ideal time for debuts.

@ReesHarvey1: Bamford scored the 2nd most goals for an English player in the premier league last season but typical Jamie doesn’t know what he’s talking about

@Coady86: This is the guy who’s said west ham will fight relegation last season and this season

@nathanb46176579: Completely agree sad times bamford getting in England squads

@ben_rebs: He’s bang on tbf

@farleyninja: Oh look once again Jamie chatting about a Leeds player saying that they shouldn’t be in the England squad. Said exactly the same with Kalvin Phillips but look what happened there.

@uptheowls76: I get what he’s saying as in some of the others being a more natural talent but after last season he was always worth a punt. I’ll be amazed if he makes the WC squad tho

@Args83: Spot on

@craig101long: “Ready made star in the making” not sure that makes sense Bamford has done well recently I wouldn’t personally say he’s the future though so personally DCL is next in line a cf

@dunn_outdoors: Bamford should have been in the Euro squad ahead of DCL, he was well overdue a call up.

@Faber1982N: Bamford deserves his call up however it is strange how Greenwood is not in squad. Greenwood is a class player.

@hagi_Jim: Jamie Salty O Hara, retired at 34 without an full international cap to his name.

@jamie_ward84: Whilst I agree Bamford deserved a call up, Jamie is spot on about Greenwood. Unbelievable talent. Even at 19, should be walking into that England squad.

@LukeParsons3: I think Jamie O’Hara is holding back other presenters on Talksport. How this bloke has landed with this role is beyond me.

@carclarke84: Don’t normally agree with Jamie but he’s got a point. England have always shadowed youngsters by putting older players i as a gesture! Germany, Spain and Brazil endorse their youngsters and have been successful!

@jamsey55: Sounds a little salty as he was never good enough to play for England, he wasn’t even good enough for Wolves 😂

@Craig1pow: I think Southgate lost trust in Greenwood when he went chatting up models in the bar after his first call up. He will get his time. But if others are injured why not give Bamford a chance.

@jonathanbkr: I agree that something about that incident is playing a part, but Foden was there too and it hasn’t hindered his chances. I can’t think of any reason why Southgate doesn’t take him, unless Greenwood and United have asked for him not to be included for now, let him focus on United

@CRodri1986: Bamford ultimately deserved an England call up. His performances for Leeds warranted the call up. Granted his England debut was poor.

@Buzz510Bury: Say what you will Bamford was hung out to dry by the support act all trying to impress, look at the difference when Kane came on with his seasoned support players who didn’t need to impress, the game changed from cross field passing to pushing up,talk sense or shut up

@HazzaDan: Someone bitter they only played for England U21?

@glen1974: I felt sorry for Bamford but I’m not convinced he is international level but in his defence he was stranded against 3 or 4 defenders most of the game. If we had a more imaginative manager I’m sure we would of won euros.

@BuhOhBuh: Jamie is so anti Leeds he’s giving Agbonlahor a run for his money! Patrick was the 2nd highest English goalscorer last season. Above Greenwood and Rashford who are both regular names on the team sheet. Paddy FULLY deserved his call up.

@RH565: Jamie O’Hara knows as much about football as I do about brain surgery. If Harry Kane gets injured (and he does a lot) Bamford is the closest ready made replacement even Gareth Southgate has said that. TalkSport has gone down hill since he became a regular presenter

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