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Jamie Carragher hits back at Rio Ferdinand as their bitter Twitter spat continues

Jamie Carragher hits back at fellow England teammate Rio Ferdinand as their bitter Twitter spat continues surrounding Saudi Arabia.

The two are trading war of words between each other due to Saudi Arabia’s involvement in football with a huge amount of investment going into the leagues, clubs and players.

The latest additions sees Man City’s Bernardo Silva offered a huge pay offer by Al-Hilal, and while Steven Gerrard was named as the new manager of Al-Ettifaq.

Amid all of this, Ferdinand criticised Carragher – in his FIVE programming, which was uploaded onto Twitter.

Rio said: ‘Jamie. Jamie Carragher. Where are you man? I heard a lot of talk, a lot of negativity about Saudi. Oh, Bernardo Silva, I can’t believe it. It’s a disgrace, it needs investigating, this league, et cetera.

‘Steven Gerrard’s gone. You used to carry his boots and his bag at Anfield to games. Your boy’s gone over there and I’ve not heard a peep out of you. I’ve not heard how disappointed you are. I want to see him say “I can’t believe Stevie’s gone there”.

‘I’m actually buzzing for any of the guys that have gone out to Saudi. Because it’s Saudi, people are going mad, but all these other countries and leagues over the years have done exactly the same thing.’

However, Carragher reacted back to Ferdinand’s attack – and accused the former defender of hypocrisy for blanking questions over Qatar during the 2022 World Cup.

Carragher tweeted: ‘Never criticised Silva, Benzema, Neves or SG, I don’t like Saudi trying to buy football like they have Golf.

‘I knew you’d be all over it @rioferdy5 like you were in Qatar! Thats why you refused to do the opening game for @BBCMOTD didn’t want to criticise your paymaster!’

Rio replied: “Fake news @Carra23 😂😂😂😂

“I’m a man that embraces all cultures – join the club, no need to fabricate James ! I was never asked to do the opener 🤔

“I never saw uproar from you and others when the PL, serie A, PSG, Barca, RM, Russia etc we’re plucking the best talent from other leagues… keep the same energy!!”

Jamie said: “I wasn’t fabricating I was told that by a few people, probably what happened with you over the Qataris buying Man United a few weeks ago!

“If you think the Saudi league buying players is the same as the other leagues we will have to disagree!!”

Rio added: “The facts are…. You disrespected the league / country / culture but kept 🤐 when ur 2 boys Stevie / Fowler went 10 days later 🤷🏻‍♂️”

Carra said: “You’re going back to tweet one! You’re so desperate for a gig out there 😂😂😂”

This is what fans had to say as Jamie Carragher hits back at Rio Ferdinand as their bitter Twitter spat continues…

@Jonnyarsenal: Get him, Carra.

@nickski35: Jamie – if you don’t like Saudi trying to buy football, I’d say one of the most damning things you could do would be to come out and criticise your mate Stevie G for fuelling the ‘problem’…. Looking forward to it…

@Babs_SP: Silly season in full flow. Rio clearly bought and paid for by the Middle East. Carragher somewhat oblivious to the fact that this recent Saudi league splurge is the logical conclusion of about two decades of nation state involvement in European football. Horse stable door bolted

@Lauren_Sadlerx: Calling out someone’s morals after cheating on your dying wife. Some fucking cheek

@Brett_leverton: These two going back and forth on morals and beliefs is hilarious. One spits at kids. One skips drugs tests. One works for Sky. And one is now trying to be an agent so benefits for players going to Saudi. Carra should criticise Gerrard though as well if he’s going to do it to others.

@Anthonylfc1989: Gerrard is a championship manager at best so don’t blame him, Bernardo silva is at the top of is game an could of went to any team in Europe but he’s chose to drop a good few levels for the money greedy cunt, lay of the ricky Rio la

@PaulMorris1977: Have a look at Saudi Arabia. Do some research. Human rights, especially women, sexuality and race. Don’t be a twat @rioferdy5 . Read. You wouldn’t be buzzing. Ignorant knobhead

@ConnorFlynn719: Ferdinand calling out someone over poor morals is peak comedy

@BradF96: Pathetic this, carragher is right and calling out players going over there in their prime who can still play at the top level not failed managers going over there for a pay day 🔔 🔚

@ScouseCommie: You know, I’d have thought a man who cheated on his dying wife wouldn’t be trying to take the moral high ground here. How much are the Saudis paying you to do their PR, Rio?

@OT_Toller: Ah yes! Because A manager in his 50s who doesn’t earn anything close to the modern professional player going out to Saudi league is definitely the same thing!!

@Fino76: One of the most embarrassing people in football. Genuinely baffling.

@___PM1O: I couldn’t be less arsed about players going to play in Saudi Arabia, but if there’s someone who can’t give out lectures on morals, it’s Rio Ferdinand who cheated on his dying wife.

@manutdirishreds: I kinda agree with Rio as most players have a short career to make money. Personally I’d want to play in the best league but maybe not every player thinks that way. Lots of players are happy to warm a bench but for me that’s a no no as I’d want to play not watch from the bench.

@RealMattLeggett: How much money is Rio getting paid by these human-rights abusers? He was all about his principles when he was refusing to shake John Terry’s hand, but he’s the first to get on his knees for a murderous regime as long as he gets his 30 pieces of silver

@adamjharris93: Is there a bigger mong than Rio Ferdinand? No surprise a man who cheated on his dying wife has no problem with dirty oil money tbf.

@rebekkarnold: This is the definition of the phrase people who are in glass houses should not throw stones, Rio Ferdinand acting like he’s the voice for good is truly hilarious.

@satyriconAL: Rio again, proving he’s a single braincell being.

@1894am: i will never listen to rio ferdinand you horrible bastard

@Transferintel: If you tuned into the World Cup you’re just as bad which I’m sure you did, you are naive and ignorant to the fact that Qatar remains a key trading partner for the UK, and an ally on many fronts, What’s wrong with Qatar Jamie, answer and maybe I can give you some home truths.

@heyit5sam: The fuck is he chatting 🤣 yeah the prem might of poached the best players but here in the UK we don’t decapitate people for being gay. What a fucking melon you are Rio

@AH93__: this the same Rio Ferdinand who was too scared to call out Mike Ashley on national TV in case his clothing line got pulled from the shelves 🤔

@NathanShapland_: I get what he’s saying but the way he wanked over Ole I can’t take him seriously

@ChowdhuryHHK: A fine example of what a superstar of his prime can do to keep growing his bank balance even after his prime & retirement. I feel bad for Rio. He shouldn’t be ended like this.

@froz_lufc: A man who took the vow “in sickness and in health” calling someone out over a football take

@concon19988: You just know Jamie is dyinggggg to use the “cheated on your wife” card 😭

@TamjidulH24v2: Didn’t Neville say the same thing as well

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