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Jamie Carragher hilariously mocks Gary Neville who is brutally blanked by Cristiano Ronaldo

Jamie Carragher hilariously mocks Gary Neville who is brutally blanked by Cristiano Ronaldo before the game against West Ham on Sunday.

Many will recall how Carra was ignored by Ronaldo in August during a pre-match interview on live TV, having been a vocal critic of the player since his return to United in 2021.

The Portugal international showed respect and greeted all the other pundits bar Carragher, however on this occasion, it was Neville’s turn to feel the CR7’s wrath.

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Nev was embroiled in a heated argument with ex-teammate Roy Keane last weekend over Ronaldo’s recent contributions. Something which you can see word for word HERE.

Neville was critical of Ronaldo throwing a strop in the previous game against Tottenham as Keane put up a fierce defence.

And on Sunday, Ronaldo treated Neville with a similar coldness as he blanked the pundit in front of the nation.

He instead warmly embraced another ex-teammate in Louis Saha with Ronaldo even giving Jamie Redknapp a handshake before totalling ignoring Neville to join United’s warm-up.

This prompted Carragher to tweet: “Welcome to the blanked by Ronaldo club @GNev2.”

Neville himself poked fun at the incident on air, saying: “We’re off the Christmas card list.”

Speaking ahead of United’s clash with Chelsea last week, Neville said: ‘It has been a big week for Erik ten Hag, all the scrutiny on him and his relationship with Ronaldo.

‘But I have to say I don’t think he was left with any other option. That’s the second time that Cristiano Ronaldo has left Old Trafford in his car before his team-mates have got into the changing room, and I have to say, that – from a point of view from a football dressing room – is something that is unacceptable.

‘When you look at whether Cristiano Ronaldo should be selected, which is obviously his main problem at this moment in time, that he’s not playing as great a player as he’s been, Man United are better without him and Erik ten Hag knows that.

‘So I think the only thing that the club and Cristiano can do is get together in this next week or so and end the relationship. I think Cristiano’s too good a player and too big a character, and the club have to move on.’

This is what social media users said as Jamie Carragher hilariously mocks Gary Neville who is brutally blanked by Cristiano Ronaldo…

@FansAgainstVAR_: Gary Neville lacks any credibility anymore.

@Hotspur44: Haha deserved

@mj_citeh_: He’s such a baby

@jg10605: gary outed him for being a crybaby and he’s proved him right there

@jasonwebb90: Pathetic really.

@luke_bwfc: He’s embarrassing

@lapulgafreak: Gary Neville is the biggest Ronaldo dickrider I’ve ever seen lmao. he says one thing against him and ronaldo ignores him. biggest crybaby ever

@sleepyjackk: Good. Neville is a disgrace of a pundit. Roy Keane is clear

@HawkwellGreenU7: He’s absolutely bricking it 😂😂😂😂

@Munday17: Bit embarrassing all of this. Neville is a pundit paid to have an opinion. It’s nothing personal

@Tturner23: This is just pathetic. Nobody is allowed to criticise him now?

@AssneeA: Guy is pushing 40 and still salty like a year 6 girl

@MikhaeIII: Respect is a two way street. You’d think a former teammate would at least be respectful when criticizing you. Neville has stopped being respectful and has just fully embraced the Carragher-like hate, don’t see why this is a big deal on Ronaldo’s end.

@TroopzAFC: G Nev does chat shit but to blank a man you won major trophies with over his opinion of you walking off and leaving your teammates is a major FUCK BOY move!!

@its_clo_xox: Hahaha what a prick… get over yourself 😂

@mufcmatts: Imagine how inflated your ego has to be to ignore anyone who criticises you, he’s clearly been surrounded by yes men his full life.

@Srijaaannn: In all seriousness this is straight weird, they were teammates for years, neville helped him out initially settle into England, what is #7 doing…

@Ryan_P_94: Imagine being 37 years of age and being this much of a petulant manchild 😂

@Danny_EFC6: Does Ronaldo think this makes him look like he’s taking some sort of stand against media critics? Behaving totally unprofessionally and not expecting the UK’s biggest pundit, whose speciality is the club he’s playing for, to call it how it is??? He just looks utterly ridiculous

@speeds_c: This is so cringe by Ronaldo, not only is he almost 38 but hes one of the greatest players of all time, he shouldn’t be acting like that towards an ex teammate just because he was criticised of something that was blatantly wrong

@joejames175: Embarrassing fella Ronaldo, imagine being that good at football yet still being so insecure that you can’t accept any criticism 😂

@Nick_CPFC: And that’s exactly why you get the likes of Rio Ferdinand and Roy Keane defending his petulant behaviour. They’re petrified of not being friends with him.

@James_Hann: Ridiculously insecure that lad 😂

@jamielawler32: 37 years of age and hes acting like a child cause someone criticized him 😂😂😂

@GeorgeButler__: The guy is 37 years old btw, absolute weirdo

@conorbyrne1997: What a child 😂😂😂😂

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