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Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards respond to Roy Keane’s shock move

Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards respond to Roy Keane’s shock move after he appeared to open his own Instagram account.

Keane has often portrayed himself as somebody who is not keen on social media and has hit out at players for using it in the past.

But now in a surprising turn of events, the former Premier League footballer turned controversial pundit has finally got back on his word.

His first post from the account, which comes with the username @officialKeane16, was a picture of himself looking like he was about to head but his dog with the caption ‘A man’s best friend’.

But that was immediately jumped on by Carragher and Richards who both used the same response by simply posting a pair of eyes emoji. Get ready for regularly mickey takes from the duo.

It comes in the same week that a hilarious viral TikTok video was shown to the midfielder which which shows the Manchester United legend dancing after scoring a goal in FIFA’s Ultimate Team player mode.

The video was uploaded to social media before Richards was told to show it to him in the Sky Sports studio and that’s exactly what he did, however the Irishman was quick to make out that he was not impressed.

Roy Keane loves a sweaty rant, and his response to the video was no different with Richards telling his Twitter followers that he couldn’t play the audio of the reaction.

He wrote: “A lot of fans asked me to show Roy a funny video from TikTok and I wasn’t going to let you all down… I just can’t play you the real audio.”

Keane was caught looking rather gloomy whilst watching the computer generated version of himself doing some modern day dance celebrations which had Richards and ex-Liverpool boss Graeme Souness chuckling away in the background.

If you want to follow Roy Keane on Instagram, his handle is @officialKeane16 and he has already got more than 80,000 followers.

Fair to say he has missed out on so much hilarious footage on social media, now he’s going to know how much everyone reacts to content of him whether that’s rants or the utterly bizarre such as that TikTok video.

Fans reacted as Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards respond to Roy Keane’s shock move by joining Instagram…

@magawk: This is the expression you’ll see on the face of Roy Keane seconds before he buries you alive in remote woodland.

@kushm94: @MicahRichards has been one of the most positive influences on Keano ever. The most unlikely but perfect duo!

@jackallisonnn: Roy Keane is on Instagram. I’ve officially seen it all

@dazza1562: The thing nobody asked for but never knew we needed

@Furious_Fergie: Game’s gone.

@UnitxdSheStands: Roy Keane joining instagram is a full on mood let me tell ya x

@Vintage_Utd: My dream has just come true. Roy Keane is now on Instagram.

@AlexanderToon94: Thank god he’s finally done it! Ive been beside myself with worry about when he was gonna get on!

@FootyHimmatt7: Never in my wildest dreams did I ever see this coming.

@mo_askari85: Wrong platform! Should join Twitter instead

@RyanStorey_9: Keano, he shags his dog keano

@shauny_b1: This is going to be good

@niceunitedfan: Wonder what amazing stuff will see on Roy Keane’s instagram

@_rayBliss_: The work of Micah Richards.

@KezaShea: This is undoubtedly the wildest thing to have happened in 2020/21 I mean just when you think it could get any more bonkers Keanes on Instagram.

@Leibratt: That dog is very Keane-esque. Would be hard to see him go for a walk with a cocker spaniel.

@jamesy0891: What has micah Richards done to this man. Never seen him smile and laugh so much…. Big softy.

@Its_kene: Micah Richards finally broke him

@LedwidgeThomas: The world has officially gone mad. Welcome to the internet Keano

@isaac_fanin: Definitely a product of his relationship with Micah Richards! It has to be

@Stephen_LFC__: Don’t even care about lockdown anymore to honest. Life has peaked.

@UnitedHeaven_: Roy Keane must have heard about all the abuse going round on social media lately so decided to create an Instagram account to combat them. I can’t be the only one getting vibes of him coming to stick up for Neville in the Highbury tunnel? He knows no trolls would mess with him..

@conorcahalane15: Roy Keane joining Instagram is definitely the content that 2021 needed

@rich_hilly: Roy Keane on Instagram….the gift that will keep on giving!

@ManUtd_HQ: I never ever thought i’d be tweeting this but Roy Keane has joined Instagram.

@CraigCharles23: I may just create an Instagram account just so I can follow Roy Keane.

@jamesfahey15: Roy Keane joins Instagram today and immediately gets half a million followers with just one photo of him and his dog

@Sam_Greenwood_: Roy Keane creating an Instagram account is probably the highlight of the last 12 months.

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