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James McClean issues statement accusing FA of ignoring abuse and slams Sunderland

James McClean issues a lengthy statement accusing the FA of ignoring sectarian abuse and slams Sunderland fans after what he heard.

The Wigan player has accused English football authorities of turning a blind eye to what he says is “eight years of sickening abuse” over his nationality.

The Republic of Ireland international was a target of sectarian abuse during the Latics’ 2-1 defeat away to Sunderland and he called on the English Football Association to take action.

Footage shared on social media appears to show the Black Cats supporters targeting McClean with sectarian chants, but the player isn’t hopeful that either the FA or Sunderland will address the issues.

Writing on Instagram, he shared some footage of the Sunderland chants which were filmed by a local journalist and said that he received anti-Irish abuse throughout the game.

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A post shared by James McClean (@macajw)

James McClean wrote in his post: “Where to start really, for my son who is 7 years old and watches every Wigan game either being at stadium or on Latics tv, to be asking his mother “ why are they booing and singing that song at Daddy “ and to have to tip toe around answering him is something which should not be happening. This post is not one of sympathy ( trust me its not wanted ) but one of anger.

“Considering every single year we have an FA representative come into each club to discuss the same old crap they spew to us about discrimination , every single year i challenge them on the abuse, every single year they do nothing.

“This clip is one of yesterday, which can be heard clearly of one particular chant, as well as other chants of “ fuck the pope and IRA, being sung by the majority of the 30k crowd, as well as numerous individual chants of “ fenian bastard, fenian cunt, “ you dirty Irish cunt” ( while displaying a tribute before game honouring Niall Quinn who is also the same nationality as myself 🤦🏼‍♂️ couldn’t make the stupidity up ) now every one who attended the game would have heard this loud and clear including the referee, match officials and other officials!

“I should not have to report every single incident when clearly they can all hear what i hear and they should be doing their job by taking action!

“I would be lying if a was to say i expect anything to done about this by the FA, @efl ( history shows this ) but here is ANOTHER CHANCE sure and i certainly don’t expect any action to be taken by @sunderlandafcofficial themselves giving they did nothing when i was their player.

“For the uneducated which will always cling on to a certain picture to justify their argument to say “ he’s brings it on himself “ 🙄 this picture which turned out to be not my best joke occurred in 2020, myself as well as my family have been on the end of sickening abuse since Nov 2012, for those you can’t grasp that, that is 8 years of sickening abuse prior 👍🏻

“On we go 🇮🇪☘️”

This is how Twitter users reacted as James McClean issues a statement accusing the FA of ignoring abuse and slams Sunderland…

@WVintageColours: Its got nothing to do with him being Irish given that, and as he says himself, Niall Quinn is worshipped at Sunderland. He needs to figure out why he gets the abuse and do something about it. Imagine bigging up the IRA and then taking the King’s shilling in England, hypocrite.

@garydon19: Quite happy to take the cash, but protested against Remembrance Day when playing for us. Thousands of Irish fought for Britain in WWII.

@Walshyyup: This comment section is exactly what he’s talking about…

@iosua44: He brings a lot of heat onto himself tbh – but he does have a point. You can’t pick and choose what racism to punish. The FA loves to pretend it’s the most anti-racist organisation on earth, yet as stated about, fans can still chant racial slurs at players and it goes unpunished

@evann_lloyddd: Hes gutted Paddy Roberts had him on toast.

@C1oudzyy_: Fair play chants like this should never be said and for his son who has to hear and know why they said that I feel bad for fa need to do something about chants like this tbf

@swainyFTM: Yet he doesn’t mention he started the Sunderland hate after he left sunderland to post photos on insta slagging fans off who backed him full time he was at the club?l. Vs West Brom he ran towards Sunderland fans and ever since had talked shit about the club, now he crying 🤣🤣

@DanWAFC03: There’s a huge difference between giving someone abuse as a former player and giving someone abuse because of their nationality mate…

@ian_safc_1974: Got zero problem with James McLean the player. Like the lad. Worked his arse off. Gave 100% But he openly supports a terrorist group. earns a very good living from the country that was targeted by same group of terrorists. Any player doing that would be given stick

@Leah_K1: So many thick little englanders on this thread. They think they can do or say what they want but as soon as someone challenges their opinion or stands up for their beliefs they get abused. God Bless James McClean 🍀👏

@rokerite97: This the lad who backed pro IRA songs just a few days ago? Abuse is nothing to do with not wearing a poppy (Sunderland fans supported his choice), or being Irish etc. It’s because when he left the club, he was a complete bellend to the fans on more than one occasion. Simple.

@ThomasGilroy19: It’s rank what happens to James McClean and spare me all the point scoring crack, I said it when he was an #safc player. It’s rank

@ThomasM04935548: Wonder if @skysports will demand an apology from the @efl for this this they did from the Irish football association last week. Mostly likely not as it’s not glorifying the ira. Put any other name instead of Irish and it becomes racist!!

@loi_scout: You’d wonder why James McClean doesn’t get asked about education and history. You don’t have @SkySportsNews interviewing him, I wonder why that is! #COYBIG #COYGIG

@ChrissieBhoy: it is absurd that this sort of abuse towards a black man would be headline news and would provoke a torrent of anger and sympathy for the victim; whereas when it is about irish people, nobody cares. there is no excuse.

@JoeGBwfc03: Big character. Big shithouse. Has boiled my piss so much. Plays for a club I cannot stand but none of that means abuse is justified. Let’s put ourselves in his position. I’d absolutely hate it and would crumble with ease. Don’t understand going to football to abuse or be violent

@JoeByronbrfc: McClean absolutely spot on. Some of the xenophobia i heard at Wigan away was a disgrace

@JackJolley432: Sad things won’t get acted upon despite occurring for countless years. Really tough for him and his family to put up with. Always respect the fact he’ll always back himself and stand up for his beliefs.

@MickeyGallMO: They take the knee. They pontificate about discrimination, sectarianism, racism etc – but it’s all for show. James McClean has been abused for years and the @FootballAssoc @EFL @EFL_Comms do absolutely nothing about it. #Shameful

@callumrjb: He’s not wrong. Being a shithouse footballer doesn’t warrant the type of abuse he gets.

@Lukedarbyshire7: @EFL seriously need to sort this out always talking about racial abuse and how it needs to end but turn a blind eye to mccleans secriturian abuse #wafc

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