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Jack Grealish still ‘on a bender’ singing in his full kit a day after Champions League win

Jack Grealish still ‘on a bender’ singing in his full kit a day after Man City’s Champions League win against Inter Milan.

Grealish’s playful antics started ever since the final whistle blew as he and other staff members brought teammate Kevin de Bruyne into their celebrations as the Belgian was in an interview with reporters in the Ataturk Stadium’s press area.

Grealish was seen with a speaker that played the Fleetwood Mac song “Everywhere” before heading to the team bus, with TNT Sports recording behind-the scenes footage of that incident and uploaded it to TikTok.

The Man City player couldn’t have had any sleep, with his socials regularly updated and was also seen partying at 5am on Sunday morning.

While many of his teammates seemed to have changed into fresh clothes, Grealish still wore his complete kit from the match.

The celebrations are likely to continue non-stop for the rest of the week, and will include a bus parade in Manchester on Monday.

“This is just what you work your whole life for,” he began. “I’m so happy, man.

“I played so dead today I was awful, I don’t care though. Honestly, to win the treble with this group of players and this staff it’s so special.

“Anyone that knows me knows how much of a family person I am and how much I love football and I don’t know, this is what I’ve worked for my whole life.

“You think back to all the people that have helped you along the way and just seeing my family in the crowd there, it just makes me emotional.

“He’s just a genius isn’t he,” he continued. “I just said to him there ‘I just want to thank you, you’ve made this happen for me, you put so much faith in me buying me for a lot of money’

“Even last year when I was playing crap he stayed there with me and spoke to me and this year he’s given me that platform so I just said ‘thank you’ to him.”

Fans reacted with Jack Grealish still ‘on a bender’ singing in his full kit a day after the Champions League win…

@ClaridgeT0by: Honestly couldn’t have happened to a better bloke grealish deserves it 🤣👏

@skybluecol: 😂😂 this lad has not even gone to bed

@tomgreen23456: Jack Grealish is honestly my favourite footballer of all time. Still in his kit, bladdered, singing. Hes one of us 💙💙💙

@Tim_Citeh: This guy is box office 😭

@DaCoochieBets: Not a single moment existed within the party to find time to change. True Legend developing here with Grealish.

@_harr: Honestly I don’t even think I could begin to imagine how mental it must feel to win the champions league as a player.

@Anthonymacson: Imagine winning the treble and having to drink Heineken.

@deanirwin81: How can you not like Jack Grealish? He’s still like a wee 10 year old kid playing football in his local park, with jumpers for goalposts. Fair play. Enjoy it Jack.

@Tonyhar81318401: Loved his interview after the game, he was so emotional, just goes to show what it means to him

@Proj_ct: Scared for him man, he was bad enough at last year’s parade 😭

@ClaireMulcahy17: Eddie and grealish would drink the entire of Manchester out of alcohol between them 🤣🤣

@SamPoole2006: He may just have hangover of the decade today

@Mattqu: Love that guy going too early on the “aah-ooh”

@renvdl78irons: Good on him living his best life, everyone wud do the same

@Weldy43: Hahahaha still in the full kit, he’s havin the time of his life. Some boy him

@BluesJack_: Jack still in his full kit 🤣🤣 he’s not washing is he

@mike_ohmara: Only going to the parade tomorrow to see what state he’s in.

@barbitwt: i wanna hang out with jack grealish even if it was just for a day

@CFC_CS: Annoyingly likeable ain’t he, Grealish?

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