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Jack Grealish speaks on keeping promise to young fan with goal celebration at World Cup

Jack Grealish speaks on keeping his promise to a young fan with an extra special goal celebration at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

The England international was praised on social media and by pundits for keeping to his word by doing a special celebratory dance after netting his first World Cup goal, against Iran on Monday.

Finlay, who has cerebral palsy, had written to his favourite player earlier this year and referenced Grealish’s close bond with his sister, who also has the condition.

“I wish there were more people in the world just like you who treat people with disabilities the same as anyone else,” the lad wrote.

Finlay said to Grealish it was his “dream” to meet him in real life, describing him as his “hero”.

Grealish followed up with a letter by sending his own and also made a surprise visit to meet the young lad in person at a football session run by the City In the Community programme.

He pledged to dedicate his next goal to Finlay, who initially suggested the more challenging dance move “the worm” before settling on a more simple arm gesture.

“First of all I’ve got to try and score, then I’ll do it for you, but I’ve only scored once this season,” Grealish said, in a video posted by the Premier League.

“I’ll do it for you, I promise, next time I score.”

Grealish came on as a substitute for England’s first game of the World Cup in Qatar before scoring with a close range finish to put the Three Lions 6-1 up against Iran, with the latter being awarded a penalty right on the stroke of full time at the Khalifa International Stadium to make it 6-2.

After his goal, Grealish tweeted: “For you Finlay.”

A few hours after the final whistle, Finlay responded to the wholesome gesture in a video posted on Twitter.

“Thank you Jack!” the youngster said, wearing a Man City kit, “Come on England!”

Finlay is continually supported by the club’s charity arm City in the Community who dedicate the One City Disability project to disabled children, encouraging accessibility in sports regardless of their impairment.

They provide free football and sporting provision and Through their programmes, with 20,000 people using it every season, creating healthy futures and communities.

Michael Geary from City in the Community says: “In terms of disability we’ve learnt a lot in the last few years particularly in how to adapt the game to make it accessible.

“Just because they’re in a wheelchair doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to play football.

“As far as these young people are concerned they play for Man City.”

This is what Twitter users had to say as Jack Grealish speaks on keeping his promise to a young fan with his goal celebration at the World Cup…

@wfarrell: What a gesture by @JackGrealish, remembering a promise to Finlay and delivering at the highest point of his career to date. Kudos to you! Superb!

@ebroglio8: Fair play to Jack for remembering this in the moment. Also well done Callum Wilson for not being greedy. He wont get many better chances to score a goal in a world cup before he retires due to his age and being second fiddle to Kane but he was still all about the team.

@RachelleOkin: Amazing interview with lovely Finlay & his meeting with Jack Grealish. What a fab human Finlay is. The interview actually made me cry, it was so heart felt. Big respect to Jack for keeping his word, truly fantastic!

@Fireworld080: Absolutely beautiful Jack. I bet findley was over the moon with that and so were we. Enjoy the rest of your tournament.

@HelenMackie27: What an amazing boy Finlay is, had me crying first thing on a Monday. Well done Jack Grealish, what a true star you are.

@Nickphillips23: Fantastic jack 👏. Noticed it straight away after seeing the video few weeks ago. More players should take note, doesn’t take much and made a young man’s dream

@malc6311: @JackGrealish bet Finlay thought that was awesome, what a lovely thing you did there Jack and keeping ur promise..👍❤️

@Denzilmyson: Got a lot of time for players like Grealish, doesn’t forget his roots even though he is a superstar. Finlay is a proper inspiration for anyone suffering with disabilities, a great attitude and sincerely put a massive smile on my face. I hope the young man achieves his dreams 💪👍

@bl4h_nufc: Was wondering where that celebration came from … hats off well done 👏🏼. Hats off to our champ @CallumWilson for passing when he could have just shot, proper team player 👏🏼

@EtihadProbably: You made a mediocre day a happy one Finlay. Enjoy the tournament and Jack bagging more goals for England 💙💙💙

@KrisBurnard: That’s what this game is all about ❤️

@cheekymunky69: Irrespective which club you support, this is quality from Jack, it’s what it’s all about. Sadio did something similar. It should be talked about more stuff like this cos it’s a nice touch

@laporteswand: Brilliant Finlay 👍🏼💙 your mate Jack did well 😉

@amyhealey1987: @JackGrealish got my total respect after this!!

@Luke93130915: @JackGrealish what a guy you are, promised something and delivered, top guy jack 💙

@adamswfc: God bless Him. I’m so happy Jack did it on the worlds stage for Finlay. ♥️

@mrtstephens: Lovely touch @JackGrealish 🥹

@loubyren: Finley what an amazing young man you are, loved your interview this morning on @GMB, love your confidence & determination, I’m sure you will do what ever you want to do in life 💙

@StLeggsy: Makes my heart swell. 💙💙💙

@marksamo21: Got a lot of time for this me 👌🏻

@Bozzydawg: What an inspirational little man you are. I am sure you helped Jack and England to that win.. Thank you Finley 👍🏻😁……It’s coming Home!!!!

@wil_blues: Class act

@steviebwoy: So glad the cameras caught it! Much love to Jack and Finlay! Lovely story!

@greenomarr46: Chuffed to bits for you Finley. Glad that Jack kept his promise to you and did your lovely celebration mate. Hopefully Jack and England bag loads more goals mate 👏🏽❤️ All the best Finley lad ❤️😄

@Oakes1316: I actually cried when @JackGrealish did this. My husband was like, I know you like him but why are you crying. He didnt know why. You’re a legend Finlay!!!! Jack, you’re a bit of a legend too!!

@halliday_9: Love this mind. Let’s knock the Miggy stuff on the head, he’s obviously a sound lad

@Chris_imp: Football is amazing 💙

@thepenGW: Well played Jack. Well played.

@callum_kerr: Superb stuff from Grealish

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