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Jack Grealish learns of burglars raiding his mansion with family inside watching him play on TV

Jack Grealish learns of burglars raiding his mansion with his family inside watching him play in the game against Everton live on TV.

Police rushed to the footballer’s home on Wednesday night, with a helicopter called in to help with the search for the getaway robbers who managed to somehow escape with items including jewellery with a total worth at around £1million.

Grealish played the whole 90 minutes as Man City came from behind to win 3-1 at Everton, and was reportedly told of what had happened at his home shortly after the final whistle blew, subsequently rushing back to his home.

According to a source, no one was injured in the incident. Police officers searched the area around the property throughout Wednesday night and Thursday.

Forensics were also called with it also confirmed that an investigation was launched with Cheshire Police appealing for information.

“At around 9.50pm on Wednesday December 27 police were called to reports of a burglary. The caller reported that a number of items had been stolen,” the force said in a statement.

“Officers supported by police dogs and National Police Air Service were deployed and searches were conducted in the local area but there was no trace of the suspects.

“No arrests have been made at this time and enquiries are ongoing. Anyone with any information in relation to the incident is asked to contact Cheshire Police.”

A source told the Sun: ‘The family are really shaken. The gang took a lot of watches and jewellery.

‘They executed their raid when Manchester City were playing live on TV and all his family had gathered downstairs to cheer him on.

‘No one was injured but there was a lot of panic. Everyone was terrified as they were all so vulnerable.

‘It’s an enormous property, so it is understandable why no one heard anything at first. It was also the first time the family had visited so they were unfamiliar with the property.

‘When the dogs went mad, and they could hear people creeping about, they pressed the security panic alarm.

‘An emergency unit responded immediately, with multiple police cars and a chopper deployed. ­Initially, they feared they could be facing a hostage situation or worse.’

One resident said: “The police arrived at my property and asked if they could enter the land to carry out searches.

“They went towards Grealish’s land and were shining lights up and down a bridleway.

“They said there was a man on the loose and that we should lock our doors then they drove off.

“A police helicopter was circling for about 20-30 minutes and shining a red light down but then it flew off.”

On Thursday morning, Grealish returned home and was seen looking around the property which already had new security fences installed soon after he moved in earlier this year..

A private security firm van was spotted outside his house with police officers later leaving the property and asked neighbours if they saw or heard anything.

The seven-bedroom home of his sits on 24 acres of land, and includes a helipad, tennis court, full-sized football and cricket pitches, and even a lake.

A week ago, it was reported that Premier League players have reportedly installed wide-ranging security measures to stop being targeted by gangs who are eyeing up their homes.

The likes of Kevin de Bruyne, Victor Lindelof, Reece James, Raheem Sterling, Paul Pogba, Joao Cancelo and Jesse Lingard have suffered the same fate.

Concerns of potentially more burglaries have increased with top flight footballer put on high alert.

The Daily Mail state that organised groups – who tend to originate from Albania – are plotting to raid expensive individuals in the UK, including those who play in the Premier League.

Security forces are looking into potential danger and put in place extra measures to try and stop it from happening.

Twitter users gave their reaction after Jack Grealish learns of burglars raiding his mansion with family inside watching him play on TV…

@Dare0105: I’m glad no person was injured but for the life of me I don’t understand that with all their wealth they don’t have Security at their premises. Now people will say why should they! Well I think it’s pretty obvious in today’s society!

@bogie_karl: Helicopter??? Police dogs??? Wait a minute…. If my house is being burgled I would have to dial 999 and wait approximately 13.67877899 hours before they arrive 😂

@xGeorgeTHFC: Hope him and his family are okay 🫶

@omsy8: Don’t these players have high security safes etc who leaves millions of pounds of stuff lying around the house

@kelwell16: Not nice having your house burgled i know only too well , but i can’t understand why he wouldn’t have things in a safe .

@Ricky9Forbes: Why is this still happening. Get a big dog and some proper security.

@joshmoore_14: This explains his quick dart of the pitch last night…

@K_33BRO: Terrible news! Some absolute scum bags out there. Hope @JackGrealish & his family are okay

@Sarina4177: This is crazy how easily it can happen. Hopefully his family will be okay and police can track them soon enough with his belongings. We are always with you @JackGrealish 🙏🏻

@JessCashman10: Just so glad him and his family are okay 🙏 @JackGrealish

@seitler94: The PL needs to invest further in protecting players, whether that’s mandating clubs to pay for security for players and their homes directly, or to ensure clubs arrange protection and make it compulsory for squad members – this problem is getting worse and worse

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