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Jack Grealish hits out at burglars who raided his mansion with his family inside

Jack Grealish hits out at burglars who raided his mansion with his family inside and had been watching the Man City play at the time.

Thieves set upon the 28-year-old footballer’s property while he was playing for Manchester City against Everton at Goodison Park on Wednesday night.

Family members and his fiancee Sasha Attwood were in the home at the time when they heard a disturbance and raised the alarm.

Nobody was hurt, but £1m worth of jewellery and watches was reportedly stolen with
officers called to reports of a burglary at the house in Cheshire at about 9:50pm on Wednesday, police said.

A search had been carried out, with police dogs and a helicopter in the area, however officers couldn’t find any suspects.

A spokeswoman for Cheshire Police added: “No arrests have been made at this time and inquiries are ongoing.”

“I can’t begin to explain how devastated I am over the burglary that took place at my home a few days ago.

“My family mean the world to me and nothing is more important than ensuring their safety.

“This has been a traumatic experience for all of us, I am just so grateful that nobody was hurt 🙏🏼

“I have had so many amazing experiences and achievements over the last 12 months, but to be honest the best year of my life in football now doesn’t feel like something I can celebrate 😢

“The people that commit these terrible crimes have no idea of the damage they cause to peoples lives. I hope they are found and brought to justice so no other family has to go through what we have.

“I appreciate the messages from everyone and the support from my friends, teammates and the club.

“On a more positive note, I’d like to thank everyone for their support throughout this past year, I wish you and your family a happy 2024 🩵🩵🩵🩵”

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The Sun meanwhile claims that police are looking at on whether thieves who broke into his home via an upstairs balcony could have been tipped off.

One of their sources said: “The crooks went straight to safes and jewellery counters.

“By the time Jack’s partner and family downstairs heard what was going on and raised the alarm, they were long gone.

“The thieves may have had specific details provided by eyewitnesses who had been in the home.”

Pep Guardiola told a pre-match press conference earlier Grealish’s family had been at home at the time.

“It was a bad moment for him and his family,” he said.

Pep Guardiola also said footballers should not post too much on social media.

“Today you have to be careful, definitely. Not much on social media – the less they know what you are doing the better. People are waiting (to see) where you are, what you are doing.

“Unfortunately it’s happened with Joao, which was so scary because the family was attacked.

“Jewellery, money, whatever – it’s tough – and the family being there is difficult to process. It’s tough for Jack, as it was with Joao before.”

Twitter users gave their reaction as Jack Grealish hits out at burglars who raided his mansion with his family inside…

@PhilNicholas20: All City are with you & your family Jack. Thanks for your brilliant contribution to our best ever year, loads more to come 👏 Happy New Year 🩵

@mikepriestley13: I understand what pep means but surely just because you post nice things on social media doesn’t mean your home should be broken into and things be stolen. Like when people post they are going abroad you might as well give robbers your house keys. It’s so wrong.

@Paul__Dawkins: Guardiola is right. It’s happening all over Europe, but it’s not just players being vigilant on social media. It’s their spouses, relatives, family friends, and anyone that might be in their orbit. If even one of them slips up, organized crime groups will exploit it. #ManCity

@BlueWave_ghbg: Pep is often great in pressers but he’s dropped a clanger here – basically inadvertently blaming Jack for his break in despite the fact he’s never posted the whereabouts of his house on social media. Or barely anything from his house. Not what a player needs from his manager

@MichaelLofthou5: He has a good point however knowing when the players are away playing is a big factor

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