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Jack Grealish hilariously trolled after giving baffled response to question in viral video

Jack Grealish has been hilariously trolled by social media users after giving a baffled response to question he was asked in a viral video.

The 25-year-old had a standout 2020/21 campaign with Aston Villa, helping them secure an 11th place finish in the Premier League table.

Grealish played in 27 games for his club last season, scoring seven times and recording 12 assists, and despite being out injured for a considerable amount of time, he still finished high when it came to looking at the stats, earning him an England call-up.

He missed out on getting picked by Gareth Southgate for the first Euro 2020 game, which saw England win against Croatia at Wembley on Sunday.

He now hopes to get picked for the next game against Scotland on Friday, and he has been speaking with the media, including talkSPORT, expressing hope that he’s named in the starting lineup.

The Villa star has revealed that neither he nor the rest of the England team know whether they will be involved against Scotland on Friday.

“Even in training we don’t do anything where we’d have any clues. We’ve just got to take it as it comes,” he said.

“Everyone is out there training their hardest, because everyone wants to play, but obviously the manager can only pick 11 players, so we’re all trying to impress him.”

Grealish was also asked what he would do if England won the tournament.

“Go to Vegas for ten days,” he replied. “I’d be straight on a plane to Vegas and I wouldn’t be coming back! Completed it!”

Grealish was then questioned: “Dean Smith said you are an encyclopedia of football. Where does that come from?

He quickly replied: “A what?!”

The question was then repeated, to which Grealish replied: “I have no idea what that means.”

Grealish then sits there confused as he has the question explained to him. It made for an amusing 30 minutes… now the video is doing the rounds on social media!

Speaking on the BBC Radio Five Live Football Daily Podcast, Grealish delivered an update about whether or not he’s fit amid injury worries.

“No, I’m fine. I’m all good, I was actually thinking about just coming out for the warm-up just to stop some of the headlines, but I’m fine you know. I’ll train today and I’ll train tomorrow,” Grealish said.

Whilst Jack Grealish gets hilariously trolled after giving a baffled response to a question in the viral video, he features in another clip which is getting plenty of talk.

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson laughed as the Aston Villa star appeared to gently make a dig at Manchester City starlet Phil Foden for his Champions League final defeat with Manchester City last month.

The two Premier League skippers joked about ‘changing up’ the attire – typically from tracksuits to suits – for a final as the England players met ahead of the squad picture at St George’s Park.

Foden was on the wrong end of a 1-0 scoreline in the Champions League showpiece last month with Kai Havertz scoring the winner for Chelsea to deny City a maiden tournament title.

Grealish said to the 30-year-old: “You know when you won the Champions League, did you wear a suit for the final? Or just the same (tracksuit)?”

“Same, trackie (tracksuit),” Henderson replied.

The 25-year-old added: “It’s annoying that when they try and change it up for a final and you get beat, people trying to blame what you wore,” to which Henderson burst out laughing.

Foden can be seen awkwardly listening to the duo as he sits waiting for the England squad photograph to be taken.

Jack Grealish recently enjoyed being compared to Luis Figo by Jose Mourinho, and now the Premier League player has revealed he wants to play with the Roma manager.

“I don’t like making comparisons, especially with a Golden Ball winner, but Grealish reminds me of my Figo,” Jose said.

“Figo, I had him in different periods in my career but I had him in his last season as a player at Inter Milan and even in his last season he was like, ‘give me the ball and I will resolve the problems for you’.

“The way Grealish gets the ball and attacks people, gets fouls, gets penalties, he’s very powerful, I like him very much.”

Responding to Mourinho’s praise, Grealish told talkSPORT: “I heard what Mourinho said, a lot of people sent me that.

“You try not to listen to too much, whether it’s good or bad. It’s always nice when people are speaking about you, especially someone like Jose Mourinho.

“He’s done so much in the game, he’s such a popular man in football and he’s not short of football knowledge.

“Luis Figo is someone who I looked up to when I was a kid. He was an unbelievable player, but the the main thing was it came from Mourinho, who is an unbelievable manager.

“He’s done unbelievable things in the game. Hopefully one day I could play under him.”

As mentioned, Jack Grealish was hilariously trolled after giving a baffled response to the encyclopedia question in that viral video…

@rcatanese: Protect Jack Grealish at all costs

@ATablespoonofme: Crying at this hahaha

@splutcho: Fucking hell 🤣

@EbeSZN: His face is KILLING ME.

@Evil_Malteser: Maaan…..she could have stopped at you know everything about football rather than explain like he’s in YR4

@JoshGoodwin90: He’s class 😂

@_ge0rget: This guy is our best chance of lifting an international trophy, I fucking love him, lives and breathes football

@JimiVillan: I love how she confidently suggests he knows what an encyclopedia is…and then gradually realises…he doesn’t… 🤣 My captain!

@Wesbwfcagain1: Hahahahahaha hasn’t got a fucking clue has he. God I love this guy, hated him a few years ago. Some player

@alexLFC1993: That’s actually embarrassing

@sidoisme: Look at his face as shes tryna explain it to him 😭

@Cr1sM87: “An encyclopaedia’s a book” Dead!

@JayVtid: People like Scholes and Rooney weren’t the brightest sparks, but they had insanely good football minds.

@DELM3ST: “Encyclo-wha? Is it cos I’m banned from droiving after me crash”

@CaptainScott87: Fucking hell Jack 😂

@woodgeorgia__: ‘A wot?!’ 😂😂😂

@gumsdarlo: Someone needs to get the kid an Encarta CD ROM. Perhaps she should have said Wikipedia

Interviewer: Dean Smith says you’re an encyclopedia of football knowledge…
Jack Grealish: A what?
Interviewer: An encyclopedia. Look it up in a dictionary.
JG: In a what?
Int: In a dictionary. It’s a book…
JG: It’s a what?

@tylerbrxwn: Thick cunt, love him

@scarson_: Too many headers

@JayVtid: Thick as shit but I love him unconditionally 😂

@TheloniousFilth: This is great, haha. He put his mind to one thing in life and he’s better at that than most of us are at anything.

@eurostepperr: 😂😂😂 British education system man

@Mayhew10Stephen: He really doesn’t help the stereotype 😫😂

@spud693: Hell of a player, but ouch 🤣

@BennyBlanco22: Just goes to show ya most players are absolutely thick cunts hahaha

@IMRMEZZI: Is it any wonder footballers often make fucking brainless decisions?

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