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Jack Grealish defends Oli McBurnie with SECOND viral video leaked and police update

Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish defends Oli McBurnie with a SECOND viral video leaked and a police update emerging following an arrest.

The 24 year old Scot was arrested after ‘punching a fan’ who has since revealed what happened in the street bust-up.

McBurnie appeared to angrily march up to an alleged Leeds United fan as he video records him on his phone. You can see that by clicking HERE.

The footballer was being mocked in the street before allegedly punching the man and stamping on the android device.

He has since been released pending further investigation, and cops are now appealing for witnesses, though now more video evidence has been uploaded online.

Aston Villa captain and England international Grealish, 25, came to McBurnie’s defence on social media on Tuesday afternoon, saying it’s not okay for members of the public to ‘shout abuse at footballers’.

He tweeted: “I just don’t get why some people do this nowadays and why they think it’s okay to just shout abuse at footballers whilst they’re out with family and friends.

“Footballers are human as well.”

In the new clip, McBurnie is seen walking on the street while a man yells out to him and records the footballer on his phone.

“See you later Oli McBurnie you s*** c***,” the man holding the phone can be heard saying. See it for yourself below…

The man then taunts McBurnie about Sheffield United’s relegation from the Premier League.

“See you later, Championship will do you nice mate,” he says.

“You’re not even worth it mate, you’re s***. You’re s*** as f*** mate.”

McBurnie then can be heard saying that the man should put his phone away, and the male filming replies: “Why, what are you going to do?”

“Na f*** off. Are you a big man? Oli McBurnie… see you in a bit pal,” the man says as McBurnie swipes at his phone.

It is unclear if the man recording is the same one who filmed the other video of McBurnie that emerged earlier, it is the assumption of many however.

Meanwhile, Ravel Morrison has also taken to Twitter to defend Oli McBurnie after the video emerged of the United striker involved in a street altercation.

Ravel wrote: “@oli_mcburnie is alone.. & there’s a group of lads abusing him.. he sticks up for himself, why’s he in the wrong !! If you ain’t ready for a reaction keep it moving and keep your mouth closed!!”

Fans reacted as Jack Grealish defends Oli McBurnie with a SECOND viral video leaked and a police update coming to light…

@James_Baker98: Once shouted ‘keep right on’ to @OfficialTM_3 and he went out his way to ring the number on the van to snitch on me to my gaffa saying I was hurling abuse at him the absolute sausage 🤣

@SirBobLichfield: Deserved a smack and got one to be fair.

@MozzasMoshPit: I’m a Cardiff fan so we have “history” with oli but the guy in this who is slagging him off and baiting for a reaction he can film is scum and deserves a pasting. I know oli should have “risen above it” but I’d be absolutely champing if someone followed me round doing this

@CCFC0K: Agreed, don’t agree with footballers putting innocent people at risk while drink driving mind

@ZSJaved123: I don’t get how some people get behind a car wheel all pissed up 🤷🏽‍♂️

@bagguley_reece: I just get why some footballers nowadays think there above the law and drink drive like there any different when there are family’s walking the streets and driving on the roads ….. take a minute and let that sink in before you pipe up what’s right and wrong

@cbricknall1: People think just because footballer earn loads of money it makes them immune to emotions and that they should accept abuse.

@DanP5010: Don’t get why some people drink drive nowadays and why they think it’s okay to just drive careless or pissed up whilst people are out with family and friends, Everyone’s Human

@dannymerch: Well said Jack! Ollie getting loads of grief for the way he reacted, when most people would have done the same!

@cookiethecoin: Absolutely spot on mate. Just 1 problem. Oli mcburnie is not a footballer.

@discodaveforest: Is that a morality lessons from gentleman Jack who drove home from a party during lockdown whilst pissed and crashed his car before doing a runner? Agree with you by the way, no one deserves abusing in the street at any time for no reason.

@DeclanDhanoya: Says the man who thought it was ok to drink and drive.

@RedAndWhiteCity: Even though the guy taunting Ollie could barely string a sentence together, Ollie didn’t need to lower himself to even acknowledging this plonker. “Championship awaits?”, yes and so does the £20k a week wages you moron!

@mancityneil: Quite frankly the police and the CPA should say well done for giving him the slap he 100% deserved.

@MCFC_Oilers: What happened to kindness and common respect? We’ve got to be better than this. #SpreadKindness

@MinasNathan99: Also not right to get caught drink driving during a global pandemic the same day you told the whole world to keep safe and stay at home 👍

@Craig_Honeyman: It’s #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek and a great point is made here. Football Players are NOT robots, they have families and friends and feelings just like the rest of us and should not be subject to this kind of abuse either online or even worse in the streets.

@Jakgreen5: Absolute bellend anyone doing this deserves to get a slap whether there a footballer or your average bloke

@___Kraig___: What pisses me off about these sort of events, is that if the bell end with the camera got tuned in like he deserves, then the footballer would be considered a “thug” or “out of control” If you’re caught gobbing off like that and then take a showing then that’s on you.

@kierangallop00: Am I the only one who thinks all of this support for McBurnie is a bit strange? Sure, I agree with the fact that footballers are human, but since when did a fan shouting abuse at you condone a literal assault? #McBurnie #SUFC

@bigfellabeaty: I don’t get why footballers think they can break lockdown and traffic rules whenever they want.

@TommyDeevo10: So true – Abit of banter with a player of a club you don’t support is fine, pure abuse is just ridiculous. This notion that you have a right to do it, as you pay money to go through the turnstiles is so backwards.

@OllieB_LFC: Spot on. I hope the idiots behind the camera get punished and NOT #McBurnie There should be repercussions for their moronic behaviour! Thankfully, most decent folk wouldn’t dream of doing this…

@MattyRobbo24: Finally some sense! The kid deserved a good fucking slap

@Marleysfan: Calling someone shit when he speaks like that! Sounds as though he has a massive swollen tongue or something.

@brad_hass4: Started walking backwards shitting himself as soon as Oli turned round 🤣

@CJ_9_3: I rated @oli_mcburnie before these videos come out. Being in the crowd watching his team etc whilst playing in the prem is class. I now rate him even more for sticking it on this bloke 😂 Get around him! What a lad

@FabledSage: It’s all a product of social media Jack, they make these video’s because they believe it somehow gives them notoriety in their failed lives. Much the same with many crimes that are videoed and shared amongst their friends, I’m honestly appalled at what the world is becoming. UTV

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