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Jack Grealish breaks silence on Miguel Almiron after apologising for making jibe

Jack Grealish breaks his silence on Miguel Almiron after apologising for making that much talked bout drunken jibe last season.

Grealish has revealed he has sent an apology to the Newcastle star – and insisted he has loved his upturn in form for the 2022/23 season.

The Manchester City star was filmed during the club’s title-winning celebrations, aiming a cheeky dig at teammate Riyad Mahrez after the final game of the season, saying he needed to be subbed as he “played like Almiron.”

Grealish said: “I haven’t actually been asked about that and let me just address it. It was the day after the season finished and obviously I’d had a few drinks and stuff.

“Straight after that…because I didn’t realise, we were out celebrating and I wasn’t on my phone on social media. And then I remember I was in Ibiza and it had obviously come out.

“That was one thing I regret. When I said earlier that sometimes I do stupid stuff, that was one. I regret that. I swear, I’m actually buzzing the way he’s reacted.

“He said something about me in the interview the other day, he wished me the best. I thought ‘what a guy man’ because if that was me and somebody had said that about me, I’d have probably been the other way.

“I’m actually buzzing for him, I’ve had a lot of stick off the Newcastle fans and rightly so. At the end of the day, they are backing their player which I fully understand. He seems like the most harmless, nice guy, so fair play, I’m buzzing for him.”


In November, Miguel Almiron spoke on Jack Grealish and reveals his real motivation with Newcastle United after winning the POTM award.

Reflecting on the Grealish incident for the first and what will be the only time, Almiron told Chronicle Live: “All that incident did really was highlight that when that type of thing happens here it shows the greatness of the Newcastle supporters.

“I actually did not pay too much attention to the comments at first I will be honest because I prefer to just get on with my job and do my work in silence. I just get on with my work and the only thing that matters to me is to improve myself.

“When you achieve things in life it only comes through hard work and sacrifice anyway, especially in football, it’s never through words. At the time when the (Grealish) stuff all came up, I was then filled with happiness and pride with the way the Newcastle supporters rallied around me.

“They showed their support at that point and it was really important.”

Almiron also wants to make it clear he has no grudge with Grealish, he said: “Would I shake his hand the next time we line up to play Man City. Yes. “Yes, I would.

“Of course, I’d shake hands with him, whenever we play against Man City without a shadow of a doubt.

“Like I have said and as I keep on insisting to people Jack Grealish is a great player and I just wish him all the best

“Throughout my career and for as long as I have played football, as long as I remember I have never really paid attention to what people say to me off the field. You just get on with your own job and that’s it.”

Grealish often came under fire for his comments about the Paraguayan, but he reckons his goal celebration for a super fan proves he has a “good heart.”

We saw Grealish promise 11-year-old Finlay that he would do a special celebration for him the next time he scored, this happened to be at the World Cup and obliged after netting against the United States. His sister Hollie has cerebral palsy like Finlay.

Grealish said: “That’s natural, I don’t do that for any clout or whatever. I do that because that’s what I feel I’m good at sometimes. Because I can relate to it. With my little sister, it was a nice thing for him as well.

“Sometimes, because it was so popular it’s nice for him because he’ll go back to school and he’ll probably be quite popular. That was just something that came naturally. I think it ended up being so nice and quite emotional.

“That’s just the way I’ve been brought up. I know I’ve been brought up well. I’ve got a good heart, I think I have. Obviously I’ve done stupid stuff in my life but I think everything that I do good is from my heart.”

While Grealish has a goal to his name for his country, the £100million midfielder has only provided one Premier League assist in the whole calendar year, finding it “mad”, but also thinks stats are overrated and do not take into account all elements of the game.

Grealish said: “It’s mad innit really? One thing that I did find difficult when I went to City was I remember thinking I would get so many goals and assists because I didn’t think about the other side of it when you do get there it is so much more difficult.

“I do think nowadays – goals and assists – it’s all that people go on about now. Look, I want to get goals and assists.

“I was winding Bernardo [Silva] up not too long ago because he got two assists in a row by passing the ball to Joao Cancelo on the edge of the box, Joao cut in and put it top bin. Im not saying it shouldn’t be an assist, it should be an assist but people just go on so much.”

This is how Twitter users reacted as Jack Grealish breaks his silence on Miguel Almiron after apologising for making that jibe…

@Mikeale89924753: Fair play Jacky Grealish. I actually wish other people in the media spotlight were as human as you are. All is forgiven. Now go win us the World Cup son #nufc @JackGrealish #mcfc

@davez2010: Grealish seems like a really nice guy with a heart of gold, what he did for that little lad was special. Takes a bigger man to admit he was wrong and apologise, fair play. It’s over and done with for me 🤝 #NUFC ⚫️⚪️

@gerobasi21: What a lad

@ksbharaj: Let’s be honest, wouldn’t have ever apologised if Almiron wasn’t putting in worldies every week and making Grealish’s comments look like a joke

@blink707: Nothing to apologise for then – he would have been right.. can’t be expected to apologies for telling the truth

@DanielNUFC85: Fair play. Jack seems a spot on lad tbf.

@TheDiasDynasty: Jacks such a good guy man

@TheThomasCowin: I appreciate this. The comment was infuriating at the time but Miggy scoring against City and going on to play his best football this season has been amazing. I’m glad Grealish regrets it and reached out even if via a mutual friend, I think it can be put in the past now.

@mygirlsmyworldx: Everyone makes mistakes… fair play to him for recognising it and apologising

@LynMctaff: Good lad @JackGrealish that’s all that’s needed.

@gordonbennett12: Fair play to the lad. Yes he does stupid stuff and who hasn’t. Hopefully that’s put to bed #NUFC

@eire_gooner: Jack Grealish is one of the most likeable footballers around. Genuinely don’t care about the Irish stuff one bit

@LiteMCFC: Idk how people hate Grealish… For me he is just so likeable, even if you hate him on the pitch or whatever

@GAndrews18: Would love to be able to dislike him but Grealish seems like a great bloke.

@JoeWritesftbl: As much as it has all been funny how it unfolded, the way the media jumped onto a drunk video of him is a bit odd, people made it a huge deal for no reason when neither player put much thought into the comment / reaction respectively.

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