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Ivan Toney takes swipe at ‘cringey’ Gabriel after Arsenal defender repeated his tweet after win

Ivan Toney takes a swipe at ‘cringey’ Gabriel after the Arsenal defender repeated his tweet after the Gunners’ win at Brentford.

Arsenal eased to a comfortable 3-0 victory to return to the top of the Premier League as goals from William Saliba, Gabriel Jesus and Fabio Vieira wrapped up all three points for Mikel Arteta’s side.

It was a markedly different result from the corresponding fixture last season, where Brentford picked up a 2-0 win in their first-ever Premier League game.

After that win, Toney had tweeted ‘Nice kick about with the boys’, with Arteta showing the message to his players before the reverse fixture at the Emirates Stadium, as you can see further down this article.

It had the desired effect as the Gunners won 2-1, Alexandre Lacazette posting the exact same phrase to mock Toney’s earlier tweet.

Gabriel followed suit after the weekend win, again posting: ‘Nice kick about with the boys’ – but this time Toney did not see the funny side.

‘I think once was funny, second time was a bit cringey,’ Ivan Toney joked. ‘I bit my tongue, I wanted to reply and wanted to nibble.

‘But fair play to them, they are a different Arsenal side to the one we played before.’

‘So surreal,’ Toney added when asked how it felt to be in and around the England squad preparing for the games.

‘I feel like I’m sitting in here in an England top is such a privilege and is massive for me and my family and also my club.

‘It is not just me that has done this, it is everyone around me that has played a massive part.’

Arteta projected the tweet onto a whiteboard in the Arsenal dressing room ahead of the reverse fixture in February

Fans gave their reaction as Ivan Toney takes a swipe back at ‘cringey’ Gabriel after the Arsenal defender repeated his tweet after the Gunners’ win at Brentford…

@JHK10_: Wanted to nibble after an L 💀

@ElliotLane11: I get his point, but if he thought once was enough he shouldn’t have lost again on Sunday 😏

@HarshG00ner: “After Saliba was kind enough to let me out his pocket I wanted a nibble”

@pidge91: So it was cringey when arsenal players did it but fine when he did it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@TOSOTC_CFC: Bang on from Toney. Once it’s funny but the second time, it’s actually stupid. I was a bit unsure about his character but maybe there’s a bit of bite about him. @ChelseaFC time to think about this player!!

@JackBur30721567: Don’t give if you can take it

@JoshuaHirst13: It’s astonishing how much we triggered Arsenal. So scared of us they started time wasting in the 20th minute as well. You celebrate your win against the least expensive team in the league

@realrosswayman: They’re so petty when it comes to things like this and it’s not the first time 😂

@RLCFC1993: Literally had the whole club on strings for a year. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@MrPFisherman: Wasn’t cringe when he said it the first time then went on to make a podcast disrespecting the club was it ?

@Will_Jutson: I thought the exact same 🤣😬

@NafeCheIs: Spot on

@Gareth_Stringer: Fair play to him too – good answer!

@fkhanage: I want us to do it every single fucking time. I’m petty, don’t care. If you come at the kings, you best not miss.

@footalyse: Have to agree with Toney. It wasn’t even that offensive a tweet in the first place. Lacazette tweeting it last season was funny. Gabriel and fans still bringing it up is, as he says, cringe.

@SportBearz: It’s all a bit of fun. Some good old fashioned banter which is quite refreshing to see esp in this age of media trained robots footballers. Would be good to see more of it between them. Nothing sinister just taking the p out of each other b

@vanderkamp1978: Fair play to him. He gave it, and has taken it. I wasn’t offended by his tweet last year, and so shouldn’t anyone else with Arsenal’s response.

@livlan: Maybe if the commentators hadn’t reminded everyone that we lost the fixture the year before (with Covid absences and kids upfront) every five minutes during the match no one would have said a thing.

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