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Ivan Toney causes a stir over another viral video ‘mocking’ Brentford

Ivan Toney causes a stir over another viral video ‘mocking’ Brentford this week, with it getting thousands of views in the matter of hours.

In the clip, which goes on for around 30 seconds, he is seen talking out of his car window and he is asked what is his favourite cryptocurrency.

He replies with “I dunno, whichever one makes the most money.” He’s asked which and he replied back with “you tell me”, and the guy recording says “Ethereum”.

Toney is questioned about what he does, he responds that he is a professional footballer and then is asked where does he play, Ivan answers with “Nowhere exciting”. Ouch.

It comes months after Ivan Toney issued a statement after being caught in social media footage which heard him say ‘Fuck Brentford’ whilst on holiday abroad.

The video, which appeared to have come from Snapchat, shows a female first who says the X-rated word.

The camera then pans over to show a topless Toney wearing sunglasses, who puts two fingers up in a ‘V shape’ before repeating the same words.

The woman in the clip then repeats ‘fuck Brentford’ one more time and laughs before the video is stopped.

The clip also contained the words: ‘Ivan Toney moving mad looool,’ with a series of laughing emoji faces.

‘I am aware of a video of me that was published on social media today, taken in Dubai where I have been on holiday during the winter break. In it, I used language that was unacceptable,’ Toney said in an Instagram story.

‘The video was cut short and edited, but I have to accept the impact this has had and I realise I should not have put myself in that position.’

‘I have explained to the gaffer what happened and apologised to him but I also want to apologise to all Brentford fans.

‘I respect the way you all support the team and I have to say how much I love playing for the club and you.

‘I’ll be back training next week, working hard to score more goals to win us more for the rest of the season.’

Twitter users reacted as Ivan Toney causes a stir over another viral video ‘mocking’ Brentford…

@Mike85Sinclair: This dude wants leave Brentford .I don’t think his attitude suit Arsenal.

@Trichh11: Why does he say this shit 😂😂😂

@afc1008: I think he knew the guy wouldn’t know who Brentford are 😂😂

@Leemarvintheman: He’s trying to be modest not put his club down, called humility

@UpperGwladysBlu: Calling the club you play for ‘nowhere exciting’ isn’t modesty, it’s total disrespect to the club you play for & who pays your wages.

@Regalbynature_1:  How can he violate his own team smh 😂

@SeanAFCGunner: I’m sure he didn’t mean it as it sounded, but came across as being very disrespectful to Brentford yet again. Honestly wouldn’t care if he scored 20 goals a season if that’s how he talks about his club.

@markjamess13: Name me a more dangerous combo then Ivan Toney and a Camera 😂😂 fucking liability 😂

@michaeladaws_x: please STOP talking to people with cameras @ivantoney24 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@alexbfc_: ivan toney try not to disrespect his own club challenge *impossible*

@josh_bfc: Ivan Toney will never play for England with this attitude. Guy needs some serious media training

@WholeLottaLyes: They gotta stop putting cameras in Ivan Toney’s face LOOOOOL

@_Luke_A_: Ivan Toney don’t say something stupid on camera challenge (impossible)

@IshmaelShelvey: This guy really doesn’t learn! @ivantoney24 fix up my brudda!

@JosephJMart: Ivan Toney clearly hates Brentford. Wonder where is the best place he could end up? Arsenal maybe?

@NUFCIrving1010: Why the hell does he have an issue with his own employer

@jodii_ox: May aswell just have said fuck Brentford again 😂😂

@JamesBeck_5: Starting to believe Ivan Toney really doesn’t like Brentford

@MikeKnowsBaII: He needs to think before talking into a camera this ain’t the first time he slipped up

@wwfc_bibb: he’s actually such a wanker hahahahahaha

@eztrzle: Ivan Toney literally said Brentford football club as nowhere exciting 🤣

@yarker99: Mate brentford fans heads must be totally burnt out by Ivan Toney

@rebeccamariaxo: Own goal after own goal with this one 😂. He ain’t lying but his fans already forgave him for his other antics now this

@sarahfarleyx: The guys getting too big for his boots

@EBL2017: This is the second time Toney has publicly discredited Brentford, and it’s not right. He’s probably sick of the minimal service he gets, but the club have done a lot for him. Actions like this don’t sit right with me. They’re red flags when doing background checks for signings.

@scfcelis: How can he continuously slander the club he plays for and get away with it?? #BrentfordFC #QPR

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