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“It feels like a bereavement” – Bradford City fan gets emotional on call about club’s decline

“It feels like a bereavement” – Brad the Bradford City fan gets emotional on a phone call when talking about the club’s decline.

Fans called in to BBC radio, giving their reaction as the Bantams suffer a third successive home loss, the latest being a 3-0 defeat at home to Notts County in midweek.

And unless a stunning turnaround in form happens between now and the 27th of April, Bradford’s stay in the fourth-tier looks set to extend into an sixth successive campaign come 2024-25.

Bradford fan Brad called in to say: “To be honest with you, I don’t reckon I will have to buy a season ticket next year because people will give me the tickets because that’s what happens.

“There’s more tickets available now because people don’t want to go to the games.

“Before, if my little boy wanted a ticket, I’d have to buy one.

“But now people saying, do you want a ticket?

“Because they don’t want to be there. And that’s how sad it is. And it is.

“It’s so bad that it feels like a bereavement, like your club’s going to.

“We went through all the really good stuff and now it’s getting worse and worse every season.

“And I don’t know who to blame. Do you blame the players? Do you blame manager? Do you blame the board?

“I don’t know what the answer is, but this club is in a decline and it shouldn’t be like that, because we all love it. We love Bradford City. I can honestly tell you how I love that club.

“But how far does it go until you have to leave it? I don’t know.

“I never will leave it because I love it.

“But even when we don’t go to the games, if they’re away, I sit on the radio listening to you guys with my little boy inside of me, and we listen to the games.

“But how long does that go on?

“We listen to game of the week. 5-1 down.

“And my little boy is going, daddy, can we play an Xbox?

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking because we love the club.

“And football might be football to some people.

“It’s a big thing to a lot of people.

“And I think Bradford is better than this and Bradford City is better than this. So what do we do to change it?

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Bradford boss Graham Alexander had a message for his players, per Yorkshire Post: “It was the same on Saturday and before the game. I asked them to show what type of people they are.

“Nobody can look at them as quitters and say that they chucked it at this point (in Tuesday’s game).

“They have to keep doing that and we have to keep doing that as well. It’s the only way I know.

“My teams have done in the past and they will do in the future.

“That’s what they’ve got to do now. Nobody wants to finish the season and sit there, even in a darkened room on their own, and say, ‘I chucked it with eight games to go’.

“That will live with you for the rest of your life.

“I saw players who were desperately trying to win a game of football.

“Not one of them threw the towel in and that has to be the tagline for the rest of our season.

“Whatever happens results-wise, we can’t be a team that looks like we’ve quit.”

The stadium is looking more empty as the poor form continues, the atmosphere is flat, the boos ring out and anger turns towards the running of the club.

“I know how disappointed, frustrated and angry they will be about the result,” Alexander continued.

“The last three at home have been really difficult results to swallow for us and the supporters.

“But all we can do is make sure in the long term, whether it’s in a month’s time or in six months, we can look back and say that out of this hole came a good team.

“It’s not about words. I thought the players showed the actions, we just lacked the quality to win the game.

“It wasn’t through effort or commitment. I can smell the difference and it wasn’t that.”

“It feels like a bereavement” – Brad the Bradford City fan gets emotional on his call about the club’s decline, this is how Twitter users reacted to it…

@RyanHolmes83072: Totally agree with him il still go to the games regardless but I look forward more to socialising with my mates in the pub before the game

@gman19811: The blokes bang on. We couldn’t even fill our box last night on freebies.

@Andrewjj1964: Pretty much spot on. Very sad but on point.

@LeonHen19511654: Echoes how a lot of fans feel , so sad to see all the empty seats , you’ve got to think as well , what kind of decent player is gonna want to come play for us when we’re in this state 🤔

@jonnyjonny13: There are two things that haven’t changed since 2016… The only thing that will help with the U turn? New owners. New CEO. The model of manager-rebuild-sack-manager-rebuild-sack does not work. No real investment from the owner, he employs the CEO, accepts the CEO.. TIME TO GO!

@Jacob763_: It is just sad isn’t it

@SteveCoult40326: As the only person who can seemingly get an interview with Sparks, you need to ask more pressing questions of him. Get him to commit to genuine answers. Soon as he thinks the fans are turning, he sacks manager. How much has that cost us over the years, in money & progress #bcafc

@Jacobbrook9: He speaks for all #bcafc fans we’ve had enough change needed asap

@edcampbell50: We need a Director of Football in! I’ve been told iain wood lives in Bradford , he is the director of football at Barrow, look what he has done since the club decided to make a football decision and bring him in. Why not get him in if he is from the area 🤔

@_paul1978: Absolutely spot on, he nailed the feelings of everyone who supports the club. Long term fans are giving up in droves. Heartbreaking indeed. #bcafc

@leem1lls: Heartbreaking….

@pj_butcher: ‘What do we do to change it’….over to you Herr Rupp & Mr Sparks. Just what are you going to do to change things positively from where we are now. Come out & reassure us – tell us what plans you have to make sure another season like the last 6 doesn’t happen again next time out…

@jonathanbuchan: Pretty sure every football fan in the country has felt like Brad about their club at one stage or another. Have a listen no matter who you support. 👇

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