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Irish pub goes viral after reacting to the missed penalty from Harry Kane

An Irish pub goes viral after reacting in a video to the missed penalty from Harry Kane at England lost to France in the World Cup.

England fans were left drowning their sorrows after the Three Lions lost their nail-biting quarter-final despite battling hard in the second half.

A heartbroken Harry Kane hit his second penalty of the night over the bar – and with it missed a golden late chance to draw his side level again.

Heartbroken fans in the ground were deflated after the defeat – but were still full with pride as Gareth Southgate’s men put in a brave second-half performance having gone 1-0 down.

Captain Kane equalised netted from the spot early in the half after Bukayo Saka was fouled to give millions of fans across the country boosted by hopes of a comeback.

Tottenham and France goalkeeper Hugo Lloris was kept busy as England created a string of chances, but France reclaimed the lead when Olivier Giroud headed home to crush English hearts.

However, just seven minutes from the end, Kane was given another opportunity from the spot after Mason Mount was bundled over.

Just like the first, we expected another equaliser from the Three Lions hero, but instead, Kane struck the spot kick high over the bar.

Southgate comforted his devastated captain after the final whistle, with France going through to face Morocco in Wednesday’s semi-final.

Fans in pubs across the country had been glued to their screens and went through quite the rollercoaster of emotions.

John Andrews, 39, who watched in Bristol, said: “We didn’t deserve to lose and should have had a penalty in the first half.

“I couldn’t believe some of the decisions the ref gave. I’m gutted.”

Gemma Wilson, 32, from Bristol, said: “I really thought Rashford’s free-kick was in.

“We deserved to get more out of the game. France were lucky. I’m so proud of the team.”

Andrew Walker, 26, who tuned into the game from Newcastle, said: “I’m proud of the team. I think the penalty that Harry Kane missed was just down to pressure.

“Losing to France is no disgrace, they are the World Champions at the end of the day.”

His friend Jae McDougall added: “I actually feel a lot less down about that defeat than when we got beat against Italy in the Euro final.

“This time we actually played well and gave a really good account of ourselves. We were the better side against France which says a lot.”

Prince William wrote: “Gareth, Harry and the whole England squad and staff, gutted for all of you. You put so much into this tournament and we are all so proud of you. Heads held high and on to the next one!

Piers Morgan tweeted: “You won’t meet a more decent honest footballer or person than Harry Kane – or a better leader of the England team. Absolutely heart-breaking for him.”

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Irishmen however, watching the game in a pub, wildly celebrated the moment Kane missed his penalty, and footage of it is quickly going viral with millions viewing it…

It was published onto Twitter by user @MrPaddyMurphy, who is a Content Creator for @HorizonUnion, a Twitch Partner and also mentioned @AnfieldAgenda in his profile bio.

Social media users reacted as the Irish pub goes viral after reacting to the missed penalty from Harry Kane…

@MattRobinson_99: Genuine question why do Irish even hate England so much. I wouldn’t care 1 bit if Ireland was to be successful

@proscot4indy: I was in a pub in Aberdeen and I can assure you it was just as lovely 😊

@mfcfrank_: genuinely feel bad for scottish people, at least ireland are decent at rugby you lot are terrible at literally every sport 😭

@Lil0besityV2: Celebrating an England penalty miss like Ireland have just won the World Cup. Embarrassing 😂

@stonyr69: You legends, we’re sorry for 2009

@RyanRreevo79: If only irsh fans went out in droves like this to support their local football teams instead of English ones then perhaps they’d have a team that could qualify for a world cup…..🤔

@AnfieldAgenda: Ultimate piss boiler

@skillwilll: They all support English teams btw

@GillesBerre: Thanks a lot to Irish people … We don’t deserve your joy but yes, it’s always a good time to defeat England !

@sausagegrant: Tell us you’re a virgin without telling us you’re a virgin

@citehxen: It’s funny you all hate England so much but all support English teams lol make it make sense Paddy

@Crouchy1882: Then you pretend to support liverpool, glory fan lol

@UziKh: Imagine the highlight of your international footballing experience being watching your neighbours lose because you’ll never qualify? All this, whilst also being an unfuckable, heart attack waiting to happen. Feel sorry for him.

@CharlieW4780: Thought this was funny til I heard that fat pig squeal. Horrible him

@ftfcknappers: Pub full to watch a country that they don’t support or want to win. Weird obsession that lad👍🏻

@ReeceDa70578549: Ireland not even in World Cup 🤣

@Joeytaylor123: Proper whoppers. Wouldn’t even turn the tele on if Ireland we’re playing 😂

@cath67x: The guy screamin 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@thenorthover: All quite happy to support English teams though. Daft pricks.

@DanMurphy97: How was your World Cup? Ya fucking little weasel

@Scoz1985: Absolutely embarrassing. Imagine your country being that shit you go out your way to watch the game and go wild when they miss a pen.

@rashfwrd_: Coming from an Irish background I know exactly why we celebrate England not doing well, but this still seems ridiculously sad 🤣 If your main source of excitement comes from other teams losing it says a lot about the dire state of your own team doesn’t it?

@jackhiltonx: My word he’d frighten a fucking police horse

@AdamSWFC__: Your country is that shit you get satisfaction when we lose, I know what I’d rather have 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

@Bluebear721: That’s so forced man 😂

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