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Ipswich’s Luke Woolfenden takes aim at Wrexham player over bizarre Ed Sheeran dig

Ipswich’s Luke Woolfenden takes aim at Wrexham player Ollie Palmer over his bizarre dig about Ed Sheeran and his involvement with the Tractorboys.

Wrexham’s Ollie Palmer was criticised for making a joke about Ed Sheeran and his involvement with Ipswich Town, who have just won promotion from League One.

Palmer was interviewed on the podcast of teammate Ben Foster, in which they discussed the impact Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney had as co-owners of this Welsh outfit. 

The two have been hailed in North Wales as heroes for ending Wrexham’s 15-year wait to be promoted to the EFL.

Palmer was looking for comparisons in order to make his point. The Wrexham duo were eager to pay homage to Reynolds and McElhenney, with the striker using Ed Sheeran as a comparison, since the singer has been Ipswich’s shirt sponsor from the start of the 2021/22 season.

“There’s names as big as them that own football clubs, lower league” Palmer said. “Ed Sheeran, Ipswich. I don’t know what his share of it is, [he’s] part-owner. Has he done what these two guys have done?”

Foster replied: “Nowhere near it. They have just been promoted, in fairness to them, but still.”

Palmer went on: “How long has Ed Sheeran been there? Six years? Seven years? And he’s as big as Ryan and Rob, right? Ed Sheeran is huge.”

Foster: “I’m still not putting him in their bracket, though.”

Palmer: “I’m putting Ed Sheeran up there. I’ll ask you: has Ed Sheeran done as much for Ipswich as Rob and Ryan have done? It’s not easy what they’re doing. They make it look easy. And I’m sure Ed Sheeran’s a great guy, I’m just trying to leverage what Rob and Ryan have done – it’s not just the status, [it’s] the hard work they’ve put in.”

Foster and his co-host just went alone with Palmer’s false claims. Ipswich supporters were especially confused with this suggestion because Sheeran’s Ipswich involvement is not comparable with Reynolds and McElhenney who took over Wrexham for £2million in February 2021.

Sheeran is a Suffolk native and a long-time fan of Ipswich. He has sponsored the men’s side and the women’s side for the last few seasons.

“Ed is a passionate fan of the club and the community of Suffolk,” chief executive Mark Ashton said when his renewal was confirmed. “We will continue to work with him and his team to build what is already a strong and exciting relationship.”

Woolfenden took to Twitter to have his say, simply saying that Ollie Palmer’s claims were “a weird thing to make up”.

This is what fans had to say as Ipswich’s Luke Woolfenden takes aim at the Wrexham player over his bizarre Ed Sheeran dig…

@FrayBarnard: Would tag Oli Palmer but I don’t have a clue who he is…@BenFoster that’s embarrassing, try and do a little research next time.

@cd_27_: Been a shirt sponsor for 2 years and now he’s apparently been one of the owners for 6 years? Christ, thought they’d research that sort of stuff before passing comment on a largely popular pod

@AlexHarePhoto: It seems disingenuous to compare owners to sponsors anyway. What’s his point? He seems to be conflating issues and making little sense.

@jack_messenger4: Funny thing is he says it with so much confidence and in a way where he’s trying to be edgy , basically trying to play the my dads tougher than your dad act but he couldn’t be more wrong

@daisyreh18: If you going to talk about a club at least get your facts right. He is a sponsor and an Ipswich fan, our actual owners have done incredible things for this club and town and getting us all together again

@MChambers93: “Shall we do an Instagram comparison between them?” Embarrassing!

@Nmw12323; The players personalities are “I play for Wrexham”

@albertmayfield: Am I the only one sick to the back teeth of hearing about these 2 actors and people putting them on a pedestal it will end in tears

What has Ed Sheeran ever done for ITFC?
Stellar shirt sales due to his sponsorship
A credit for the 3rd shirt
Regularly seen wearing a town shirt
Don’t think he’s built any aquaducts though.

@NicRamsell: I was a huge fan of what they’d done but now to start slating our sponsor, not owner, really starts to annoy. And yes our owners have invested a lot into our club and community. Get facts right before starting to alienate yourselves.

@glennparfitt: there is loads of love for Ed Sheeran across Suffolk and that’s not just because he is a global superstar – it’s more about what he consistently gives back to the whole community -they’d be well advised to reflect on that before making unsubstantiated statements in the future

@ShakeyStephens: They’ll never correct it

@clomas88: Hahahhahahahahahaha absolute classic this. Sheeran has sponsored Ipswich since the 2021-22 season. How many years is that?

@Martyn1988: Someone needs to do their research a little better 🤣🤣🤣 This is so far off the mark it’s incredible.

@MarkBJohnson33: There were 50,000 Ipswich shirts sold all around the globe with Ed Sheerans SPONSERSHIP on them this season. He isn’t nor ever been an owner. If those 2 Hollywood stars want to chuck their money around thats up to them but don’t compare yourselves to other clubs without research

@IpswichCulture: The fact he keeps repeating it like it’s some sort of competition. Those players are so far up them 2’s aresholes it’s cringy

@PeppiattColin: He’s a supporter who chose to sponsor the club. Supporter trumps owner in my book. As great as Rob and Ryan are, they are owners, not lifelong supporters like Ed.

@ITFCphonein: Wow this is embarrassing to watch, it’s ironic that Ed has probably been a far bigger influence than their shirt sponsor if they both think he’s been an owner for the past 6 or 7 years. That’s taking nothing away from the Wrexham ownership I think they’re doing a great job.

@BigEdBanthorp: @BenFoster surely you’ll have to issue a public apology and clarification about this? Not only is Ed Sheeran so very obviously not our owner, the owners/club do amazing, award winning things in the local community. You’ll lose a lot of respect if your pod parrots such rubbish

@Alexosb80120300: Why are they even trying to compare them in the first place, really weird behaviour

@monkouspancakes: Fosters’ podcast is regularly littered with inaccuracies

@bigbadbobby69: Get facts right first before trying compare the owners of Wrexham and the shirt sponsor of Ipswich . We are owned by American ownership gamechanger who run the pension fund and they have pit lots investment in the club players infrastructure and the community research first👍

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