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Ipswich Town set to appoint 35 year old as new manager

Ipswich Town are set to appoint their new manager according to reports less than 24 hours after their FA Cup loss at Barrow.

Manchester United first team coach Kieran McKenna has been in advanced talks to take over as manager of the struggling League One club, sources close to the deal have told various media outlets.

Ipswich, who were one of the top teams in England in the 1980s, find themselves 12th in the third-tier of English football and recently sacked manager Paul Cook.

Kieran McKenna takes a big step up - The Busby Babe

McKenna was brought to the Red Devils by Jose Mourinho in 2016 and was part of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s coaching staff.

Solskjaer was axed as United manager last month and replaced by current interim manager Ralf Rangnick with McKenna remaining on the first team coaching staff under the German.

Should he complete the move, McKenna would be the second coach to leave the United following Rangnick’s appoint.

Michael Carrick waved goodbye to the club earlier this month following Rangnick’s appointment.

Northern Irishman, McKenna had his playing career cut short by injury and began coaching at Tottenham Hotspur’s academy and with their youth squads.

McKenna was highly rated at United for his work in developing young players out of the club’s academy into the first team set-up.

Brandon Williams revealed this week the key role Kieran McKenna played in his development.

“Kieran McKenna was the manager and I was a first-year scholar,” the Manchester-born defender reflects, in an interview with The Athletic.

“One game, we had no left-back. I’ve always been right-back, left-back, centre-back from under-14s. He put me there and from then I’ve enjoyed it.

“I can play either side, even centre-half. I always joke with the boys when I get to 33, 35, when my legs start going, I’m gonna move inside. Right now, I’m a bit young for that.”

Despite being a right-footed player, Williams prefers playing on the left to this day.

“I get asked it all the time, it’s so frustrating! Even the players here,” he says of his Canaries teammates.

“I got asked yesterday — I’ve been here for four months and you’re only just asking me! (Norwich full-back) Bali Mumba. We were doing crossing on the left. He was like, ‘Do you prefer the left?’ ‘Yes!’”

“There is a massive difference. I feel comfortable on the left. On the right, I feel I am limited in the stuff I can do.

“On the left, yeah, I might not have the top cross into the box that a left-footer has but I have stuff they can’t do. I like to use that, coming inside, playing one-twos. And my left is not bad, I can still use it.”

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Twitter users reacted with Ipswich Town set to confirm their new manager…

@notsoanonymousx: All the best if he does end up taking the job. Was touted as the next up & coming coach a few years ago and have gotten a lot of stick recently. Now has a chance to prove he’s worth his salt.

@KieranLammasPT: Never saw Kieran Mckenna coming, I like it though, a very young coach looking to get into the world of managing. At Ipswich, we have tried so many types of managers but we have never tried somebody who is new to all of this. I’m one to get behind McKenna.

@thomas_bowles: Assuming we bring in McKenna surely he’ll be working beneath an experienced DOF. Massive change & increase in responsibility from being a coach to the number 1 man. Hope we’re not setting him up to fail #itfc

@GarethWestley: Give the lad a chance, Manning doing a good job at MK

@Iamspartacus73: Who? Jeez… I hope he is great but initial thoughts are not enthusing.

@MarkBJohnson33: Interesting. I think I prefer this fresh approach rather than getting yet another who has got teams promoted in the past. Would hopefully have some decent contacts at United

@c_j_t85: This is either a stroke of genius or Hollywood Hurst mk 2

@benking13959760: Wtf I’m just gonna close my eyes

@MeetintheUK: Listen. He probably has some great connections, Tottenham an Man U on his CV and bring some experience in around him. Listen we had a tried and tested Manager in Cook, Lambert. Look where that got us… I think this is positive.

@HigginsGlenn: He’s going to need time. Something you might not get at ITFC these days.

@chrisbfriend: If the Kieran McKenna story is true then believe me I’d be happy. Look who he’s been tutored by. You can’t buy the kind of experience working with Mourinhio. I’d take him over Neil warnock any day. Give Ashton his due, this has not been done in a hurry #itfc

@IpswichCulture: We’ve tried the merry go round manager (Mick), we’ve tried the ‘one season wonder’ (Hurst), we’ve tried the big name (Keane) and we’ve tried the one with past successes (Cook). This is new and fresh. It’s a brave move, but one that could hopefully pay off. It excites me!

@Hockz1: Can’t wait to get Ronaldo in Jan on loan #itfc

@Thomas_Lane11: What matters most is the back room staff. If we have a very talented, young head coach coming in, he has to have some experience behind him in some capacity. Biggest downfall under Cook. #itfc

@craigfinbow: I read he is well respected as a coach so could be a good appointment. Will get behind him none the less and keep the fingers crossed! Can’t be any worse that the last week anyway #itfc

@George_lee99: Don’t forget McKenna worked under Mourinho. If you’re not excited about a man who has spent time learning from one of the greatest mangers of all time, you need a reality check. We are a league one club appointing a top coach. Is it a gamble? 100%! But let’s back him!

@JamiePinner: Know nothing about this bloke, but he’s someone I’m willing to get excited about rather than a very average “proven” manager who’s probably succeeded at a club or two, and failed at others. One things for sure, this guy’s going to be giving it his all! #itfc

@Peter_Mahoney_: Looks like it’s going to be Mckenna to take charge. In an appointment like this his backroom staff is so so important. Having people behind him with a good ounce of experience is key #itfc

@ScrumpyDaniel: We’ve gone down with the tried & tested route. This is something different. McKenna will get my full support. Let’s hope he can turn this shit show around! #itfc

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