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Ipswich players make surprise revelation on manager Paul Cook getting sacked

Ipswich Town players make a surprise revelation via Twitter on their manager Paul Cook getting sacked by the board at the weekend.

Cook was appointed as the Tractor Boys’ manager last March, however after a disappointing start to the campaign, his last game in charge, a 0-0 draw with Barrow in the FA Cup on Saturday, was the final straw for the hierarchy.

There have been 19 new signings in at Portman Road this summer,some of which tempted from the league above, and this squad initially left many in envy, however Ipswich have struggled to really get going in the third tier and currently sit seven points outside the playoffs in 11th.

In his final post-match press conference, Cook said: “The stadium in the first half wasn’t a very nice environment, with supporters basically wanting to turn, which I get. The first-half performance was very indicative of that.

“The pitch is very dry and very bobbly all of a sudden and is not conducive for passing football, certainly passing sideways and backwards where our supporters are quite right to have a go.

“We’re in a little period of time now where it’s tough, and for our players we must show our character. For me as a manager, I’ve been in these situations. At all the clubs I’ve been at, Chesterfield, Portsmouth, Wigan, I’ve felt pain.

“I feel a little bit of pain now because the brutal truth is we’re probably not as good as we might want to hope and think we are. The reality is we are a team that is genuinely trying to work hard to get better. We have deficiencies, they’re there for all to see.

“Our fans are desperate to get behind us, they’re desperate to support us. We’ve got to turn that little bit of trepidation into positivity.”

The Guardian has reported that Cook’s sacking has surprised many of Ipswich’s players and it would seem that Chaplin, who signed on loan from Barnsley in the summer, wanted to see him stay in charge.

He took to his Twitter account on Saturday evening to reveal his stance on the manager’s departure and to issue a call to arms to his fellow teammates.


Gutted for the manager and staff. Great people and extremely hard working. We all need to look at ourselves and be better than we have been. No excuses at all. Starting with Tuesday’s game.

Gutted to see the gaffer go. We have a great relationship on and off the field. He was up against it for a multitude of reasons this season and I genuinely wish him the best in the future. For anyone thinking this isn’t genuine, you’re wrong. Me and the gaffer spoke every day and we had no issues whatsoever and never had a fallout. Hes a top man and we got on very well and had a laugh. Like I said, his hands were tied.

Gutted for the manager, great manager and great man, brought us all to the club and we haven’t been good enough for him. We must take responsibility now and move forward.

Never nice to see a manager go, I wish nothing but the best for the gaffer and his staff, genuinely great people. And to give me the opportunity to work with them I can’t thank them enough. We must look at ourself now and put it right. 


Shortly after it was announced that Paul Cook had been sacked as Ipswich manager, former club player Luke Chambers took to Instagram seemingly comment on Cook’s sacking.

Meanwhile another former Ipswich player Darren Ambrose has said: “In my opinion Neil Warnock would get Ipswich promoted THIS season so he would be my first choice, but whoever comes into that club has a massive opportunity to turn things around and bring some positivity back 🔵⚪️ #itfc”


Ipswich Town Football Club can confirm that manager Paul Cook has been relieved of his duties.

Town CEO, Mark Ashton, said: “Firstly, we would like to thank Paul and his team for their efforts in what has been a difficult transition period for everyone.

“I know how much Paul wanted to succeed at this club. However, following discussions with the board, we have decided a change is needed for our long-term interests.

“At this moment, there is no one lined up to replace Paul. There will be an extensive search to find the best replacement for the Club.

“I will communicate more to the media and our supporters on Monday.”


Marc Bircham – 2/1
Neil Harris – 3/1
Frank Yallop – 4/1
Liam Manning – 5/1
John McGreal – 6/1
Michael Appleton – 8/1

Twitter users reacted as Ipswich players make a surprise revelation on manager Paul Cook getting sacked…


@JoeCool73: Predict a player exodus now as a result of this decision – going backwards but the impatient & “boo-boy fans” don’t recognise this. Upheaval & mid-table mediocrity will be result at end of season. Disappointed in the leadership & their fabled assurance to support PC this season

@DanWAFC03: throw the game next saturday and then start improving skipper

@LeeBayliss2: unfortunately Sam the players need to be held accountable… he needed to change his formation in games and its cost him his job… i liked him i wanted him to see it out i feel so sad for him.

@MikeSparkes2: Wear that shirt with pride Cap. You are a great leader and will take this club forward. Keep going skipper

@DavidHa99965109: Still welcome back at Wigan Sammy.

@AndyGosling16: Sorry Sam but there have been too many occasions this season where the players have admitted its not good enough and stated we are close to turning things around! Saw no sign of that today. It seems the lesser the opposition the worse we perform. Unacceptable in my view.


@guesty68: Why was he up against it? It was his team, his players

@paulcecil: Correct David! No manager in the division has been better supported. Not really sure anyone who gets convicted of drink driving TWICE is entitled to an opinion.

@ReactionTown: So a pisshead was told he couldn’t play a pisshead for being an irresponsible pisshead that could clearly afford a taxi? Hands well and truly tied there.

@Martyn1988: So whoever comes in will be in the same situation and won’t be allowed to pick you?

@Brandon_Pooley: I’ve been told it’s all Ashton. Seeing these comments from Bristol city fans 😭😭 surely this era can’t be any worse than Evans!? #itfc

@GWHITBYLFC: I dont get all this sacking of managers… players should be on performance rated wages – if they play crap then they get minimal wages…….. you’d be skint norwood 😉

@iplumb1983: Cmon Nors shit or bust now, bullet points as to why PC was up against it with fans support and a well backed summer…. I want the list 😱👀

@SSmudge79: Oh my – cheap and sad!!!!!!

@1TGbingo: How is he up against it? PC brought in all his own players and staff and still couldn’t make it work. His budget was huge compared to any other league 1 club! #itfc

@spally76: Mark Ashton 😬

@CallMeStat: Maybe Ashton is going to take the job on full-time now

@fromered: Ashtons at the wheel 🙋

@robpooley1: Thats very big of you nors would love to see you back out on Portman Road pitch again

@Dannywatts6: Up against it by having free reign to alienate most of last seasons squad and bring in 20 odd of his own signings pre season?


@Benno1uk: Not good when all players gutted about the manager leaving. It shows he had their respect. Seems an odd decision to me.

@LeeBayliss2: I liked Cooky and still think he was right man to lead us up albeit next season .Players have to take some responsibility too… you all signed for him so why not play for him and his 4-2-3-1… something for me went wrong from Wycombe away… but only you players know that.

@Andrew23041962: I feel you should of played more often than you did, so i would understand your position if you weren’t happy. But others really let Cook down. I heard him shouting instructions to players and they totally ignored him. Will be very interesting to see how the team plays on Tuesday

@OtherBrother74: Shouldn’t have taken this to make you realise you need to be better..players have let down the manager.

@Alexosb80120300: You’ve done your best Chappers performed well whenever you’ve played head up lad 💙

@JasonPaulSmith1: Actions speak louder than words….see you Tuesday

@AdrianH77207824: Complete shock to me Conor! I will be at Charlton on Tuesday, still need to be positive and attacking as you always are, unfortunately not for Paul!

@MikeDavey: We’ve had properly mediocre players for years. Either these boys prove they’re good players – which I hope they do, or they can get lost. I love Chaplin, but he needs to realise at the moment he’s a dud.

As the Ipswich players make surprise a revelation on manager Paul Cook getting sacked, do you agree with what they had to say? Was the sacking harsh? Let us know via our socials!

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