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Ipswich forced to suspend training after fans set fire to club’s training ground

Ipswich Town have been forced to suspend training after fans set fire to the club’s training ground, according to reports.

Paul Lambert cut short the interrupted session in dramatic circumstances due to a fire caused by the club’s own supporters.

Sources claim a group protested over the direction of the club with Marcus Evans and Paul Lambert at the helm.

The fans threw flares into the club’s training headquarters which caught on mesh netting causing the fire to spread.

Sources have stated that Ipswich players were in the middle of an inter squad training match as the smoke began to blow across the training pitch with staff seen in the video going towards the flares that had been set off.

Play was immediately brought to a halt for the safety of all the Ipswich players and staff involved in the session.

Local police were  alerted and Ipswich had been co-operating fully with their enquiries.

The we’ve seen for a good while now, supporters have been making their feelings clear towards Lambert as they set about causing disruption to the final training session before Tuesday’s match against Northampton.

Ipswich are 12th in the League One table, with fans losing patience and looking no where near promotion contenders.

In a statement released to Sportsmail, a club spokesman said: ‘There was an incident at the training ground this morning where flares were thrown over a perimeter fence adjacent to the players.

The flares caused signage on the fence to catch fire and in doing so put our staff at risk. The police were called and will be dealing with it via an investigation. The supporters’ group concerned have also apologised for their actions. ‘

There was reaction as Ipswich were forced to suspend training after fans set fire to the club’s training ground…

@CharlieCoe12: Breaking news – Paul lambert sacked after 4 people with flares turn up to training

@jamieitfc_: My fucking club

@MattyBrucey: I though @BlueAction1878 was supposed to be a force for positivity? Not hiding in the bushes, disrupting training ??? #itfc

@leenichols129: This happens on the first day of half term

@kieran_g2: Brilliant, but don’t forget that the biggest villain is Marcus Evans!

@Boycie02: Well done @BlueAction1878. This is exactly what we need and has got some good media attention which is also what is needed. Excellent stuff. #LambertOut

@LazyTreeRecords: As a norwich fan we sent him to you to destroy your club years ago, how he’s still there destroying your club is beyond us now.

@vinnyelec: Glad some care enough to make a stance , was losing faith in the new generation , anyone crying there pants over this can carry on quietly as normal

@SebHichens1: love this guys, keep up the good work. Your efforts are massively appreciated but Ipswich fans who want to win and be successful!

@BradderzEllis: The club that just keep on giving 😂 I’m sure evans will listen to a couple of 12 year old kids with some flares 😂 laughing stock of east anglia

@beneyriey: I’ll more or less paraphrase what Darren Bent had written on Twitter. We have some of the most loyal supporters. You know something’s not right when they’re protesting. Keep up the good work, Blue Action. Hopefully ME takes notice.

@Dan271281: Fair play in my opinion. We cannot keep moaning and waiting for something to be done whilst Evans, Lambert and Taylor destroy our Club. The fans deserve better, so much better. #itfc

@BenNCFC_: You know what, I think this might top the Galatasary atmosphere. Colossal bunch of freaks

@TylerEvansNCFC: Nice to see it’s a collective opinion from all of the Ipswich fans

@CastCanary: Looks like the whole of the Ipswich fan base have gone to the training ground to demand Paul Lambert gets sacked

@JaseBFC1887: Bloodyhell, bet Lambert is shitting himself after this

@Jamie_Tearle1: Update: lambert is now fearing for his life after the absolute hooligans want him out

@DannySaunders77: As entertaining as this is, fair play to the kids that have done this. It’s picking up coverage and rattled a few feathers! Ex Ipswich players getting involved too.. Lambert has ruined them.

@lukesquire91: Remember however bad lockdown may feel. You’re still not an Ipswich supporter

@NCFCAWAYDAYS: Send these 5 ipswich ultras to Lazio and get them bodybagged. Fucking hell hahaha, enough Twitter for today.

@ham_ezz: Fucking hell thought that was red star belgrade for a second what a bunch of absolute #madlads

@JPrentice8: Not exactly Marseille but it is lockdown I guess

@Justin__Herbert: This club doesn’t deserve any of the support it gets at the moment #itfc #lambertout

@Klobo15: The only way you could describe this to someone who hadn’t seen the footage is to say “you know what happened in Marseille? Yes… Well it’s like that, but amateurish…”

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