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Ipswich boss vents anger at referee after controversial red card leaves fans reeling

Ipswich boss Kieran McKenna vents anger at referee Thomas Parsons after a controversial red card in defeat at Cambridge leaves fans reeling.

His side are through to the knockout rounds of the Papa John’s Trophy as group winners, but a 1-0 loss at Cambridge on Tuesday night saw Kyle Edwards sent off in the early stages.

Ten-man Ipswich were beaten after Lewis Simper’s drive from outside the box with around 10 minutes or normal time left on the clock, but it was Edwards’ dismissal on the 17th minute that got everyone talking.

The Tractorboys winger was shown a second yellow card for diving, having been handed a first for a high foot, leaving manager Kieran McKenna and his coaching staff fuming, having more work to do in the remaining 75 minutes.

Ipswich Town assistant manager Martyn Pert insisted Kyle Edwards did ‘nothing wrong’.

“The first one he’s knocked it over the boy’s head with a lovely bit of skill, then it’s a bit of a high foot so, yeah, I’ll take that yellow card,” said Pert as per East Anglian Daily Times.

“The second one… It’s a nice little overlap, he’s got the one-v-one, he’s gone past him and, I’ve seen it on the video, he has clipped him. I don’t know whether it was inside or outside the box, but he’s fouled him. He’s not dived.

“It destroyed the way the game was going for us because we had complete domination of the game. It was looking a good game for our young players because they could have got a lot from it. But then they had to react and deal with us having 10 men for 70 minutes.

“Overall it’s positives. We’re still top of the group and it was good minutes for the lads.

“I haven’t spoke to the referee about it and it’s probably best not to really.,” said Pert.

“I just couldn’t believe it. It is what it is, I suppose. He just didn’t need to make the decision. You can always go by players’ reactions and no-one was going ‘he’s dived!’ Fine, don’t give the penalty, don’t give a foul, just let it go out of play and keep the game going.

“It’s a big shame for Kyle because he’s had spells in games where he’s done really well. He was hoping to get some more good minutes today and have some positive contributions going forwards. He’ll be disappointed, but he hasn’t done anything wrong.”

McKenna was clearly reeling with the officiating in the game, having regular dialogue with the fourth official on the touchline and then could be seen making his way onto the pitch at half time, heading towards the referee and made his views on Edwards’ early dismissal clear before walking away to avoid any kind of booking. Coach Charlie Turnball had his say too.

Ipswich’s good effort was undone when the hosts turned things up a notch with an hour gone, with Simper eventually breaking the deadlock.

Earlier wins over Northampton and Arsenal’s Under 21s saw McKenna’s side progress, with Town finishing top of Group H and earning a home tie in the next round despite defeat. Arsenal’s win at Northampton meant they join the Blues in the knockout stages.

CAMBRIDGE UNITED (3-4-3): Mannion; Williams (Knibbs 65), Taylor (cpt), Rossi; Okedina, O’Neil, Worman, Brophy; Janneh (Smith 75), Okenabirhie, Lankester.

Subs: Holden, Simper, Cowling, Jobe, McConnell.

Booked: Taylor (29), Brophy (83).

IPSWICH TOWN (4-2-3-1): Hladky; Agbaje (Armin 87), Keogh, Woolfenden (Edmundson 46), Vincent-Young; Humphreys, Evans (cpt) (Camara 46); Jackson (Burns 46), Chirewa, Edwards; John-Jules (Ladapo 46).

Subs: Hayes, Chaplin.

Booked: Edwards (7, 17), Woolfenden (45+), Chirewa (72).

Red card: Edwards (17).

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This is what fans said as the Ipswich boss vents anger at the referee after a controversial red card leaves fans reeling…

@garymhawes: When will referees understand this is not a stage for them! We don’t watch the game to see them. This isn’t the way they climb the refereeing pyramid. It ruins the game. It’s boring.

@Rob76540279: How on earth can you stay on your feet after that tackle 😂

@leeando70: At worse Edwards has rode the tackle

@LOVELLGARY: Words fail me, got to be the worst ref we’ve had yet close to Clarke. The referee’s in the EFL need a total revisit – shocking!

@mpearson_18: What on earth 😂

@swadlad: Refs need to be punished for bad performances like this, he should be reffing pub football pathetic really in this day and age

@GeographyJones9: How is that a dive?

@dale_63: Not fit to do a under 9s game hope he never comes near us again 🤬

@will_i_am67: Contact hows he staying on his feet #simulation #yourhavingalaugh

@Ian_bounce_out: Oh christ, he will be reffing at Analfield next week!

@Ionikosaxe: Absolutely ridiculous referee!!!

@JF_____________: The way officiating is going they’ll just have VAR running the whole show. Embarrassing. #itfc

@TomTweetsEcom: Is this what he got a second booking for? What a JOKE

@MattWHF: No referee deserves to be abused, but there comes a time when we should expect these officials to actually do their job. Scandalous decision that – once again – will go without punishment for the man in the middle.

@Ionikosaxe: Absolutely ridiculous referee!!!

@tractor_girl99: HOW THE FUCK WAS THAT A DIVE

@PaulRobertsFoto: @efl @PapaJohnsTrophy Can someone tell me how it can be right that this cannot be rescinded and @therealedwardo ends up with a match ban, as the was a yellow given for ‘simulation’. There is clearly heavy contact, how is the player supposed to stay on his feet?

@ITFC_bible: It’s a penalty – simple. #ITFC

@Vicky4244: What (and I can’t stress this enough) the fuck…… 🤦‍♀️ #efl referees are absolutely shambolic 😡

@masonnitfc: what in the fuck is that

@Rob76540279: How the fuck can you stay on your feet after that tackle 😂😂

@AwayDaysBeer: Another maverick ref ruining the beautiful game 🤌

@Sam_Park63: How the fuck is that a booking? 🤣 Let alone being his second 🤣

@clarky_7for19: I’m usually one to cut refs a bit of slack as they have a hard job, but that decision is just utter nonsense isn’t it #itfc

@masked_firefly5: Honestly a baffling decision here, someone please explain any sort of reasoning that agrees with the ref on this one! #itfc #ITFC

@Ginnylong88: Shocking decision. If we going to have such awful refs at least give us VAR to help

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