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Intimate photos of Diego Costa and Gabriel Jesus with woman found in a bible handed to charity shop

Intimate photos of footballers Diego Costa and Gabriel Jesus with a woman has been found in a bible handed to a charity shop.

Both players appeared topless with the same mystery woman in snaps unearthed last week.

According to reports, the Bible was in one of two bags handed in by a woman to a charity shop in Marylebone, Central London.

An intimate photo of former Chelsea striker Diego Costa was found in a Bible handed in at a charity shop

A source said: “The pictures were instantly recognisable as Jesus and Costa – and both were with the same woman.

“They were both laughing and seemed incredibly relaxed in her company while larking around on pillows without their shirts on.

“The pictures appear to have been taken at different times.

“The charity shop normally gets jigsaws and second-hand clothes, so this was certainly a change from that.”

Two bags were given to them back in May, but the photos were not spotted until staff started going through them a week before Christmas 2020.

One snap showed a heavily tattooed Jesus pulling a face for the camera

The source said: “A woman of Spanish or Latin appearance dropped off the bags.

“She said a friend left the UK and wanted to get rid of a few bits and pieces.

“The woman who brought the bags in has never been back so no one knew what to do with the pics.”

It is not known when the photographs were taken, but it’s certainly got everyone talking.

23 year old Brazilian forward Jesus, all tattooed up, joined Man City in 2017 and split from a model Fnamed ernanda Queiroz in 2020.

The devout Christian was missing from City’s squad against Southampton yesterday.

Another snap showed Man City ace Gabriel Jesus shirtless with the same woman

A source previously said: “Jesus decided to end the relationship to focus on his career.”

32 year old Brazilian-born Costa played for Chelsea for three years from 2014 and is now playing his football at Atletico Madrid, who have had a great start to the season.

He is married with two daughters, however the photos have raised questions by users online as to if he’s cheated on his wife.

In 2014, The Sun on Sunday revealed he was dumped by Brazilian model partner Michele Zuanne after she caught him trying to get into bed with her sister.


It comes a week after fans were left amused as a viral ‘leaked’ photo of Jack Grealish with a woman did the rounds on Twitter and it left many regretting finding out.

For some unknown reason, a selfie has been uploaded onto social media, and it shows a naked female on her knees with the Aston Villa player smirking at what he’s seeing in front of him.

It caught the attention of many and now fans are wishing they hadn’t done so, with a bit too much on show, see that photo HERE.

Five months ago saw a Watford player ‘set to leave’ Vicarage Road after a sex party video was leaked onto social media.

The 27 second clip, which was uploaded by a ‘friend’ according to various articles, showing multiple women he was with along with another male.

It was revealed that one of those males in the footage is Hornets 23 year old centre-forward Adalberto Peñaranda.

The report adds that his departed from the club is expected after he recorded the ‘shock’ video engaging in the sexual party at an apartment. Women can be seen twerking on him with very little on and the other females laid out on the bed.

The video obviously went viral in home country of Venezuela, which is currently plagued by the coronavirus, and which has earned Peñaranda several criticisms on social media. See more on that HERE.

Fans reacted after seeing photos of Diego Costa and Gabriel Jesus with a woman in a bible in a charity shop…

Jason Dix: Hang on, Costa is married?! What’s here doing here?

Julian Howarth: At least Gaby was scoring then lol

Ronster007: She’s the Virgin Mary obviously !!

Mmm: Good honest trustworthy charity shop then.

Mariana Pereira: They didn’t know what to do with the pictures, really.What about sending them back, he is very well known so it couldn’t be that hard to find him.You just wanted to make easy money that’s all.

Aquarius: She worshipped the second coming of Jesus. Celebrated it drinking from Costas.

Mr B Bennett: They should all be ashamed of themselves.

Steve Carr: But which one got sloppy seconds and stirred the others porridge?

Circus Love: Dear Diego & Gabriel, any interest in a spit roast for dinner?

Welease: I bet her fella didn’t know she was out getting her trophies. Also. Hilarious she thought a Bible as safe – ie , nobody is gonna open that book lol.

Roger Memore: You’ll never be able to stop highly payed young lads being absolute numpties I’m afraid.

Bodsdad: As if 2 premiership footballers would get involved in anything sexual! You’re having a laugh. Everyone knows they are law abiding and morally astute members of the elite.

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