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‘Incredible’ player suggests he’s open to joining Steven Gerrard’s Rangers now

A player, who has been described as ‘incredible’ suggests that he’s open to joining Steven Gerrard’s Rangers, hoping to retain the title.

Barry Douglas has suggested to The Yorkshire Evening Post that he is open to moving to Steven Gerrard’s Rangers following his departure from Leeds United.

Douglas is going to be leaving Leeds this summer after his contract comes to an end, with many fans thanking him for all that he has done.

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The 31-year-old has suggested that he is open to going back to his hometown of Glasgow and playing for Rangers, but he has also said that he is willing to go elsewhere including Blackburn Rovers.

While telling The Yorkshire Evening Post that he is unaware of any links with Rangers, Douglas said that he would consider a move to the Gers.

The left-back said: “It depends what opportunities present themselves. As a family it would be a lot more difficult [to go abroad] now, we’ve got a newborn and a toddler.

“Kayden is three next month, obviously we need to take that into consideration now. But we’d definitely be open to trying something new and getting out of the comfort zone.

“If it’s a new culture and a new language again absolutely. But if it’s domestic, great.”

Looking back on his time at Leeds brings up mixed feelings.

“Ultimately it was a really enjoyable time because we achieved promotion and Leeds is now back on the rise to being a top English club, where they belong,” he told the YEP.

“It was frustrating too, with the injuries and lack of game time. It was a time for learning a lot about myself because there were moments when it was tough and I had to really analyse things and go about things the right way.”

After a meeting with Bielsa, the decision he took was to spend the final season of his Leeds United contract out on loan, back in the Championship, with Blackburn Rovers.

“I was under no false pretences that it would maybe have been difficult to get the game time I was after,” he said.

“Ultimately that’s why I left to go on loan. I was never told it’s not for you. I had a nice honest conversation with Marcelo at the start of the season, he told me they loved having me around.

“I was professional, one of the leaders and I trained properly but game time was going to be difficult to come by, with the way the guys were performing. I had the choice to either stick around and see what happened or go and explore options that could maybe give me more opportunities to play week in and week out.

“Not everything has to be aired in public but it was a very informative and honest conversation that I benefited greatly from. I respect him and I think he respected my character and me as a footballer but ultimately my living is to play football. I didn’t just want to rest on my laurels and just go on the journey without contributing. That’s kind of how I felt towards the end of the promotion season because I wasn’t playing as much. When you lose that sense of purpose you don’t feel the best within yourself to compete when you get the chance. That’s why the decision was always in my best interest to go and get games and enjoy my football again.”

“Ultimately I played a lot of games, played a lot of football, stayed injury free and one of my main goals was just to get back playing consistently week in week out and performing and I feel like individually I did that,” he said.

“I was never in any doubt [about staying fit]. It’s one of these things in football, people, fans like to create this narrative surrounding players and it sometimes sticks unfortunately. I knew physically I was fine. At Leeds it’s a different regime so your body is constantly working at its highest capacity, so there’s no room for any leeway when it comes to breaking down. That was just because of the demands put on you from the training to the games. Taking a little step back, although still needing to perform consistently and with intensity, allowed me to stay fit and look after myself, maybe a little bit more than I was allowed to at Leeds.”

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Douglas admits he would have relished the journey Leeds have taken to the top half of the Premier League: “Nothing has surprised me, I know how they go about their business,” he said.

“Obviously it was a step up in class and as much as they’ve had their good games and bad games, over the duration of the season they can be so proud of themselves. They’ve conducted themselves brilliantly. They’ve gone in with a positive belief, the style and philosophy has never changed.

“I don’t think they fear anyone and sometimes it can backfire but I think when you set your stall out like that most often you’ll get success if you stick to it. It’s been such an enjoyable season for them. It would have been lovely to be a part of it but it’s been nice to watch from afar and support the guys because they’re friends at the end of the day.”

As the ‘incredible’ player suggests he’s open to joining Steven Gerrard’s Rangers now, can you or would you like to see it happen? Let us know via our socials!

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