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Inbetweeners star goes viral after mugging off Cardiff captain

One particular Inbetweeners star goes viral on social media this week after hilariously mugging off the captain of Cardiff City.

It is understood that James Buckley, who plays ‘Jay’ in the hit show, had received some cash so that he could make the special post online.

A birthday message was posted and it let’s just say it was everything you would have expected it to be with all the funny much loved quotes and phrases used in the comedy sitcom which aired between 2008 and 2010.

The programme has since gone on to have two films, whilst there were also books and even a version out in the United States, however that flopped big time. British humour ay?

The video was posted on the @ThreeBluebirds_ Twitter account and boy did it blow up big time, getting a total of 84,7000 views and rising. It also nearly 8,000 likes – with the retweets and comments going into it’s hundreds.

James Buckley could be heard saying: “Alright Sean, how’s it going?

“Stacey’s asked me to do a little video just to wish you a very happy birthday, so I hope you have a great day!

“I hope that maybe you might get to see some friends – ooooh friends, ooooh football friends, oooh I’m captain for Cardiff City, ooooh look at me I’m a successful footballer, everything’s great in my life!”

By this point he couldn’t help but take a break from the squeaky voice he was using, before laughing then carried on with the hilarious birthday message.

“I hope you have a few drinks and a few laughs, but most importantly, as it is your birthday mate, I hope you get knee deep in Stacey’s clunge of course.

“Do me a favour though, make sure you do the one pump orgasm, because that’s sure to get her frothing at the gash and whatever you do, don’t be a bus wanker.

“Oooh friend, football friend!”

Morrison hasn’t be able to play for the Bluebirds since the 29th of December 2020, where he picked up an injury in the 2-1 defeat to Wycombe Wanderers.

The Bluebirds currently sit 15th in the Championship table, taking a total of 29 points from 22 games played.

Sean Morrison hurt his ankle and it means that he is unavailable for the upcoming league fixture against Norwich City on the 16th of January, though there is hope that he get play against QPR later this month with the game set to play on the 20th of January.

The centre-back had a photo of himself posted by his partner Stacey, looking rather disappointed with his leg in a protective boot with crutches laid next to him.

The caption for it read: ‘His little face.’

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Manager Neil Harris said on the player being ruled out: “Massive, massive loss. He’s the captain and we lack a bit of leadership in the group,”

“Mozza gives us that and his presence on the pitch, in both penalty areas, is massive for us. He is just another one to add to the injury list of key players. Mozza, Jordi, Tomlin, Kieffer Moore, you’re talking about big players for us and players have to step up and do better in their absence.

“He’s got a protective boot on at the moment. My experience of these is that you can’t tell until you settle it down and have a look at it, so we’ll see it tomorrow. A scan after that, if needs be.

“But my knowledge, if a player leaves in a boot, you don’t normally see them on a Saturday.”

Sean Morrison joined the club in 2014 and was runner up in the Championship for the 2017/18 season.

He’s also played for the likes of Plymouth Arygle (youth), Swindon Town, Southend United (loan), Reading and two loan spells with Huddersfield Town.

The 30 year old was named Swindon’s young player of the year for 2008/09, whilst also was named Cardiff player of the year for 2017/18. To date, he has scored a total of 41 goals in 395 matches.

Let’s hope he’ll return to action sooner rather than later, But for the time being, his partner is seemingly doing all she can to lift his spirits.

She did just that as the Inbetweeners star Jay goes viral after mugging off the Cardiff captain, check out what fans had to say in the reaction below…

@ThreeBluebirds_: The gift that keeps on giving @james_buckley

@KyleTay31237933: That’s class

@JustMeeAaron: Fucking brilliant

@Lwki_: Holy fuck 😂 😂 😂

@LeeMacdonald10: Love it, ooooooh football friend!

@_cameronsamuel: He’s unreal

@chugg_jack: This gold rated gift giving

@BobBankGaming: Haha. Amazing. Nice one @James_Buckley

@AdamWilliams12_: Hahahahahahahahaha quality

@yamtaff: This is fucking hilarious

@keironjpugsley: The best video.. ever

@FreddieWoolf: Ahahaha this is incredible

@luke_d_1987: class banter

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