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English Premier League

Important bonus conditions that you should be aware of before placing a bet on matches from the Premier League

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Every gambling operator has a “hidden weapon” to attract more customers to its platform. Some brands want to make it visually appealing, but most bookmakers know that their clients don’t care about how they look. That’s why they focus on providing them with loads of cool sports and promotions. 

Although most betting sites have numerous sports, most punters want to bet on football because they like the English Premier League. Consequently, some bookies create special short-term offers for EPL matches that users can avail themselves of while betting. 

Before you start using one of the available offers, you have to know that there are specific conditions you should be familiar with. Let’s check some of them and see why they are so important. 

Make sure to check how much money you have to spend to get the particular promo 

Once you realize that Sportingbet offers four different bonuses including ACCA, you will probably be eager to put them to the test. Some proposals are great and will definitely improve your overall betting experience. However, this doesn’t mean you should use them right away because there are important conditions you must read before that. 

Perhaps the most important one is related to the amount of money you need to spend to get the specific offer. Even though there are some exceptions, many online bookies will give you a bonus only if you make a substantial deposit. In some cases, you also have to place multiple bets. 

Some bonuses work only if you bet on specific teams from the English Premier League 

The EPL is one of the most popular football competitions globally, which is why it has millions of fans. Even though clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, and Chelsea usually have more fans than others, every club has its loyal supporters that will be more than happy to bet on them. 

Unfortunately, most promotions that you can use while betting on matches from the EPL work only if you wager on a specific team. If you are unsure which team you are allowed to choose from, contact the customer support department. 

There are some offers that work only if you place a bet during a specific day of the week 

Some of the leading betting sites like Sportingbet offer different kinds of offers that you can use whenever you want to. Unfortunately, some bookmakers have specific limitations that you must adhere to, such as placing a bet during a particular day of the week. 

One of the bonuses that are usually affected by this condition is called “Bets odds guaranteed”. Despite the fact that some bookies only allow their clients to use it while betting on horse races, some brands offer it for football events. 

The idea behind this proposal is to provide you with better odds even if you’ve placed a bet on lower ones. Usually, the only way to put this bonus to the test is to wager during a specific day of the week. 

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