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Impact of COVID-19 on the football business in Britain

In the English Premier League, the pause was again extended to at least April 30 due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the end date of the 2019/20 season was postponed “indefinitely.” Unprecedented times call for unprecedented solutions. But the matches will still take place, so go to https://www.financials2017.com/ and place your bet. However, after a week of crucial meetings in FIFA, UEFA, the Premier League, and the EFL, we have the brutal truth that no one, including club owners, managers, players, or fans, has any idea when the campaign will resume.

Plans are being drawn up, discussions and discussions continue, but there is no guarantee that the 2019/20 season will be finished. The fans have many questions to try to find an answer to. Now football fans have the opportunity to go to non-uk registered gambling sites and choose the best matches for money betting.

What do we know for sure?

Some significant decisions were made last week. Euro 2020 and Copa America, which were planned for the coming summer, have been postponed by one year. The new club world championship has been postponed and the European U-21 championship will be postponed to 2022.

This seems to be the case for the European Women’s Championship, which was to be held in England in 2021. In England, professional football has been suspended until April 30. Among the 20 Premier League clubs, some are in favor of the completion of the campaign due to the current situation. Despite this, the leaderships of the federations of European countries plan that the current season should ideally end on June 30th.

Why June 30?

This date is important for several reasons. First, the footballers’ contracts are calculated up to a certain date. Players can sign pre-terms agreements with other clubs from January 1st, and most of these transitions do not take place until July 1st. Any season extension beyond the end of June will require a rule change in this matter. The FIFPro Players ‘Union spoke with FIFA about introducing the adjustments, proposing a general extension of the footballers’ contracts for a couple of months. It is possible, but it would be much easier not to implement it at all. In addition to the agreements with the footballers, there are also new kits sponsor agreements that tend to take effect on July 1st.

The simple conclusion can be made that the sponsor must remain unchanged throughout the season. But what if the advertising campaign was organized around the new uniform while the club was playing in an old one, made by a different company and with a different logo? In the world of advertising, where huge amounts of money are spent on “brand awareness”, these things are key.

Another factor is that June 30 is considered the final and appropriate end date for seasons across Europe without significantly impacting the next campaign. With a short break, clubs can hold a three-week pre-season training camp and be ready for the start of a new campaign in August

Under these circumstances, it is difficult to imagine any major club organizing such extensive summer camps that have become the norm, so the teams are likely to have a couple of friendly matches before returning to the official competition. UEFA believes that if the season ends on June 30, they can play out all the qualifying rounds of their competitions before the group stages start in September.

When should the new season start if the current one ends on June 30?

There are still nine rounds of the English Premier League, in addition, two matches have been postponed due to the advancement of Manchester City and Aston Villa to the final of the English League Cup. In addition, the FA Cup is due to end, and the Champions League and Europa League are still stuck in the round of 16. Although these dates have not been confirmed, based on discussions taking place at UEFA, the Champions League final is slated for June 27 and the Europa League final is scheduled for June 24.

Among Premier League clubs, Manchester City may face the maximum number of matches, namely 19. Chelsea and Manchester United have at least 18 games left. That number could be cut in half if UEFA decides to rule out return matches in the quarterfinals and semifinals. For this reason, canceling matches before April 30th is very important. Considering that UEFA has announced its intention to postpone Euro 2020 to next year, restarting the season in early May practically allows the campaign to be completed by the end of June.

What does this mean? Clubs will play matches on every available day in the middle of the week, which will be a difficult test for teams playing in several tournaments. This is not ideal, but Liverpool has played two matches over two days this season on different continents, so having multiple matches in the shortest possible time is quite feasible.

What if the season isn’t over?

West Ham managing director Curren Brady fell victim to ridicule after announcing in her newspaper column that the season should be declared “invalid.” Most believe that this is clear opportunism on the part of the club, which is dangerously close to the relegation zone. However, if teams do not resume training by early May, it will be extremely difficult for them to complete the campaign.

With England shifting to shutting down the entire school system within a week after 3,000 Atletico fans flew to Liverpool and Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned of the possibility of “further and more meaningful precautions”, there is simply no guarantee in professional football. the issue of the renewal of the season. Without this, there remains the likelihood that the campaign will be extended until July, or even later. There is no doubt that the task is not very simple, but it requires a final solution.

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