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Ilias Chair denies assault charge with prosecutor wanting QPR player to be jailed for two years

Ilias Chair denies an assault charge with call made by a prosecutor wanting the 26 year old QPR player to be jailed for two years.

An allegation was made against Chair, claiming that he smashed a lorry driver’s skull with a rock with court being told that a trucker suffered life-threatening injuries in the fight.

The alleged incident is said to have taken place in Bazeilles, northern France, with the lorry driver Niels T said to have waited with his family to get a coach back to Belgium having been on a kayak trip back in summer 2020.

“While waiting to board the bus, the victims were suddenly passed by a lady in a green bikini and her family. They passed the group and, as it were, demanded to be the first to get on the bus because they had just missed another bus,” the prosecutor said.

“This led to a discussion with other people who were waiting, including the later victims, Niels T., his sister Eline T. and Dries D. The woman in the green bikini behaved very aggressively and things quickly escalated. the hand. The woman lashed out at the victims and their children. There was hitting, scratching and biting.”

The kayak trips organisers reportedly failed to calm the situation down, with a massive brawl breaking out, and then a man grabbed a large stone. That man is identified by the French police as Ilias Chair.

“According to several people involved, Ilias Chair lashed out with the stone at Niels T., who immediately lost consciousness,” said the public prosecutor.

“The consequences for Niels T. were dramatic. He suffered a serious skull fracture of two centimeters. He was admitted to Reims hospital in critical condition. He would then have to recover in a Belgian hospital for a long time. He was unable to work as a truck driver for a long time and to this day he still experiences the consequences of that blow, which almost killed him.”

An investigation was carried out by the public prosecutor’s office in Oudenaarde, after French police had done no more than note the identities of those involved in the fight.

After that, Ilias Chair, Nora H. and Jaber C. were identified as the main perpetrators of the facts.

“Ilias Chair has been invited for questioning several times, but his lawyers have always stated that he was not able to come to Belgium. His activities as a professional footballer would make it impossible to be interrogated. A year after the facts, he sent a written statement. This shows a total lack of insight into guilt,” the prosecutor said.

Master Alen Cilic, from the Souidi & Souidi office, disputed that Ilias Chair was the man who attacked with a large rock, and asked if his client could be acquitted because of insufficient proof.

He said Niels T and his family started the fight and tried to make money from the footballer.

“Nonsense,” responded victim’s lawyer Niels T. “We are asking for compensation of 16,000 euros. That’s about Mr. Chair’s weekly salary. My client almost lost his life. His life was saved by the surgeons. He has not been able to work for a long time and he often suffers adverse consequences from that blow with that stone.”

The prosecutor deems Chair to be the man who hit out with the rock and demanded two years in prison and a fine of 1,600 euros.

Against Nora H., said to be the main instigator of the facts, the prosecutor wanted 15 months in prison and a fine of 800 euros.

The prosecutor demanded a total of 8 months in prison and an 800 euro fine against Jaber C., who played a minor role.

Twitter users gave their reaction as Ilias Chair denies the assault charge with a prosecutor wanting the QPR player to be jailed for two years…

@Ramsgatehoop: In his defence, I’ve seen him on free kicks so there’s a good chance he was aiming the rock at something else and just drove it straight into the first man.

@evans9_finley: Ilias chair showing he causes pure attacking threats on and off the pitch. Free him up.

@ifleming66: Brilliant 😳.

@GeorginioMethod: what the fuck?

@Welsh_Ranger: If true he needs to be punished. Why would a man with his family start an argument with three men, who then cowardly throw a rock and run off. As I say IF TRUE.

@archie_manning8: My No.10 😮‍💨

@GeoffS2011: Surely not our Illy??

@Georgeqpr: Never a dull day at QPR is there

@sam7751: 😭😭 this is not a real club

@CLC__x: Never a quiet day at QPR

@arjan1882: The most QPR thing to ever happen

@RossLee_: One normal day for this football club.. is it too much to ask ?

@QpRambles: In fairness he was just trying to see how far he could kick it but unfortunately it hit the first man #QPR

@cole_qpr: If things couldn’t get any worse 😭😭😭

@smichail89: At this point we are beyond parody… #QPR 😬

@dangerrice: Did he go to throw the stone and then check, go to throw it again, check, then, check, then throw the stone?

@spenno1990: Just one day can we have a quiet day, just one?

@zackgif: Love this club.

@TerryADXB: First shot on target he’s had in months. If a club was a tourist attraction, we’d be the circus. Christ. #QPR

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