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Hull fans hit back at Preston’s Alan Browne following ‘bitter’ post-match dig

Hull fans have decided to hit back at Preston’s Alan Browne following a ‘bitter’ post-match dig he made on Saturday evening.

The Tigers came from behind to thrash the Lilywhites at Deepdale as they made a flying start on their return to the Championship.

Richie Smallwood, Josh Magennis and substitute Andy Cannon were on hand to produce second half goals to seal a superb victory after Keane Lewis-Potter had cancelled out Emil Riis Jakobsen’s opener.

Having been promoted at the first attempt, last season’s League One champions got their first away win at the second tier for the first time since the 1st of January, 2020, making it a miserable afternoon for Frankie McAvoy in his first game as permanent Preston head coach.

Browne felt confident going into the game but was disappointed by his team’s reaction to Hull’s emergence.

“It was a dream start, it felt like what we thought it would going into it,” he said.

“We got the early goal, took the pressure right off us and then for whatever reason, we just folded after that.

“We let them get on top. It’s not like us, to be fair, but at half-time it was still 1-1. We tried to go for it in the second half and it backfired on us.

“The goal was something we’d been working on, getting players forward, getting into the box.

“With two strikers you’ve always got a chance and you’ll always get chances but after that goal it was just, ‘Let’s sit in and let them have it now’.

“That’s not the mind-set that we need to have.

“We need to keep piling pressure on and get the second and take the game to the opponents and we didn’t do that.”

In another series of quotes, which has a lot of people talking, he said: “It’s a massive disappointment. Given how much it meant to everyone, the occasion and what it was with fans coming back for the first time, it is not what you want.

“I am sure they haven’t missed stuff like that and it’s hard to figure out what went wrong – we started lively, they then got on top, we changed it at half-time and they played us off the park.

“It wasn’t good enough, we didn’t look sharp enough, hungry enough and the result shows that.

“We gave them too much respect and not being funny, they just came up from League One and we should be getting in their faces, making them know they are back in the Championship.

“But it felt like it was the other way around and I’m gutted.

“It’s a tough one, because it’s the first game and it isn’t going to decide our season. We will come back from this but it’s obviously a real blow to us, especially to lose like that, it is embarrassing.

“It can only get better. We felt confident (coming in), we started well but we sat off, gave them too much respect, time, we weren’t in sync and they took advantage.

“You are going to get punished at this level and we just got it handed to us today. I know they have just got promoted but they have experience and they know what the league is about.”

As mentioned, Hull fans hit back at Preston’s Alan Browne following his ‘bitter’ post-match dig, others had something to say on it too…

@KingyCha: We didn’t even give them too much respect, we are just too slow / poor to get close to them. Hull were miles better than us, yet we’ll have few easier games than that this season

@RichCundill: Oh dear, how sad, never mind #hcafc

@Ambraneri: Nothing to do with respect, Alan Browne, we got the ball and you couldn’t get it off us,and paid the price. We were too good for League One, and too good for you yesterday. #hcafc

@MuckersThe: 😂😂😂😂😂

@ftbIkian: Keep forgetting Preston are such a huge club

@LTFC_Dave: Alan Browne is a massive helmet

@davidwheldrake: Awww bless….. Salty tears! 😭 😁 #hcafc

@Old_GrandpaJoe: Talking like they’re a huge club. “Oh I know, let’s admit defeat by belittling our opponents”. We beat them 4-0 last time they came to our place. Came up from L1 as champions, didn’t win a raffle to come up Alan.

@JohnAcko1985: Just came up as champions you 🤡

@Haydyn1903: For fuck sake, thought we’d left the stupid managerial comments in league one. Obviously poor officiating wasn’t the only thing we’ve brought from league one with us. Defended your manager with his tactics yesterday, looked like he’d done research on how league one teams beat us, however after this stupid comment I think it was just by chance the game plan was very much like most league one sided vs us

@HcafcT: What a wet wipe, Preston the best team in the championship apparently? Give it a rest mate, better luck next time 😂 #hcafc

@1904Irrelevants: No mate. We came up as champions. From League One. Nugget.

@JoshSenior3: Inject this 💉 enjoy your relegation battle #pnefc #hcafc

@OllieOllie87: 😂😂 fuck sake. They were lucky to score once…

@CDBR_95: Hes actually speaking as if Pne are a bigger club than Hull 😂🤐

@PneCraig: Well stop acting like a prick and pull Ur finger out your fucking arse lazy fuckers

@j0ehendler: Play like they did yesterday and he’ll be saying league one a lot more next season 🤣

@superadd13: Bad performance and even worse comment to make. Massive disrespect shown

@DaGiNGeR42: It shows their mentality before the game. They thought they would walk all over us because we’ve just come up from league one and just assumed we were an easy game.

@JedOXOCube: Well Alan Browne need to know his level because we played better teams that are mid table in league one than Preston yesterday

@ThatjamieT: Talking like they’re a massive club who havent been battered by us before.

@GerryMarriott: Mauled by the Tigers, you got mauled by the Tigers! #utt #hcafc

@AD050714: Pretty sure we smashed you in our relegation season too 🙄

@Willh1985: What a big headed comment

@TimPatriot: Teams that’s get promoted from league one have every right to be there as much as teams already in the champ why don’t people understand that 😂

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