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Hull City player has his say after receiving boos and homophobic abuse from own fans

Hull City player Ryan Longman has his say after receiving boos and homophobic abuse from own fans at the midweek game in Blackpool.

The 21 year old said jeers from some supporters don’;t stop him giving his all for the cause as he looks to build-on his first Tigers goal which he scored at Bloomfield Road, soon shutting up the abusers.

Longman passed up a chance to get an equaliser for Hull at Huddersfield a few weeks ago having made a clever run to beat the offside trap before running onto Lewie Coyle’s pass and slotting his effort wide of the post.

He got have had his side level going into the break at the John Smith’s Stadium, but Hull went on to lose 2-0 with chants aimed at Longman including ‘you’re not fit to wear the shirt’ from those in the away end.

This had caretaker boss Andy Dawson furious following the defeat especially considering a number of Longman’s family were in the the travelling support to hear it for themselves.

Longman got his first goal since March in a 3-1 Championship win at Blackpool on Wednesday night, before Dawson took him off in the second half to a standing ovation from the travelling Tigers. Funny how quick fans change their tune ay?


Hull City will not tolerate abuse of any kind targeted at players, staff or supporters.

We have been made aware of incidents which took place at the Blackpool match on Wednesday evening and are investigating accordingly.

If you have any information relating to this matter, or similar incidents in the future, please report it by emailing info@wearehullcity.co.uk.

Supporters can report incidents of discriminatory and anti-social behaviour on home matchdays by using our free text messaging service. Please text the word HULL followed by details of the issue and where it occurred to 60066. All texts will be treated in the strictest confidence.


Speaking for the first time about being booed and the unhelpful, undeserving chants, Longman said to Hull Live: “It’s a tough one to answer. I know how frustrating it is as a player and as supporters, they come and watch us against Huddersfield and want to see us win, it’s not like we go out there (to lose). All I can say to them is that when I’m out there and watch me play is that they see me putting the maximum effort in.

“If I’m not putting maximum effort in then I have to look at myself. I should score, one hundred percent I should get it on target if not scoring but I’m going to keep doing it and if I miss another 10 of them then I miss another 10 of them, I’m still going to keep making those runs and making those chances.

“That’s all Daws and the backroom staff will want from me, they’ll want me to keep doing that (getting in those positions) and eventually something will happen.

“It’s a funny game, football. Everyone’s got an opinion, everyone has an opinion and that’s just life. As a player, you’re not going to make everyone happy. You’ve got to take the positives from the game. I was upset I missed that chance but it was positive I got into that position, and I need to keep getting into those positions.

“Hopefully the next one I’m going to score and if I miss the next one I’m still going to go and do it again.”

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Dawson wasn’t happy having heard the chants at Huddersfield and spoke again on Wednesday night of his support for Longman, who says that support has been crucial as he continues to navigate the early stages of his fledgling career.

“We’ve spoken over the past 10 to 15 days about it,” he explained. “After Huddersfield, he’s been looking after me. Everyone in the whole family has been looking after me, the backroom staff, everyone making sure that I’m doing everything right and that helps, having that support of them and my family.

“There are loads of highs but there are loads of downs. You’ve got to ride the wave and see where it takes you.”



A great win for the Tigers on the road at Blackpool, hopefully the start of things to come.

Sadly, this impressive victory has been overshadowed by confirmed reports we are receiving of homophobic abuse aimed at Ryan Longman by our own fans!!

The Trust finds this kind of abuse, along with online abuse, totally unacceptable and would urge all true fans to stand up against it. There were 364 of us there and someone must know who the abuser was. If you do know them, please make it clear to them that it is not acceptable.

The incident has been reported to Blackpool FC so we will see what action is taken.

Although not so prevalent with Hull City, player abuse in sport continues to increase, and has become such an issue that UEFA has launched a campaign #realscars to highlight the effect that abuse has on players (see link below) who, after all, are just people trying to do their job to the best of their ability.

If we want our team to improve then we need to stand behind them, encourage them and support them, even when the players, the staff or the team are going through a tough period.

Thank you.

This is how Twitter users reacted after the Hull City player has his say having been on the receiving end of boos and homophobic abuse from his own fans…

@BigMick69775943: He’s a kid making his way and has had a tough time. Why can’t people who call themselves supporters support. I hope the goal against Blackpool has given him confidence to have a good crack in the next game and hopefully score another couple. #UTT #hcafc

@AdamPet61592826: I was at that game. And was appalled by the jeers of our fans when he was substituted. He scored some great goals last season. And has struggled a bit, as the whole team has. But,bas he says, has given 100% every game.

@harrisonpaul66: Young football fans seem to be recreating the bad old days. Feels like a societal regression. UTT

@1280sue: The club support him, the club believe in him. Critisism is one thing, personal abuse is another. Leave the lad alone. End of.

@HullCity1975: Don’t condone any abuse, Some weeks you give him at 5 if he’s not had the best game.Then the next week you may give him a 8. So the media are doing the same as the fans in some ways. The chants are shocking though the Huddersfield game was embarrassing but the song to Ry was worse

@RoweKatrinerowe: This is an absolute disgrace and the simple truth is that anyone who knows who this was and doesn’t report them is condoning and colluding with this abuse. They are as responsible as the cowards who think they can hide behind a crowd to spout their hate.

@cr_977: scum. find them and have them banned ASAP

@LewisOsborne01: What the fuck is wrong with people? Get out of my club and never come back. #hcafc

@Victorlaurence: I had no idea this was happening then lucky for me being deaf I was not able to hear them. They should be banned. I would think they have some mental issues

@HullCity1972: Whoever reported this must have seen who said it, I’ve noticed we have some right chavvy trouble causing twats following City this season.

@1280sue: Time for fans to stand up and be counted and name and shame these sad individuals. We are starting to get an element of idiots that spoil it for everyone else. Cant hold their beer half of em. need to be identified and banned

@alanacct: Sad to hear this, on the TV the support came out loud and clear for him. This individual needs banning from the club, we don’t need fans with this attitude

@liamwoody16: He had a great game aswell

@Dansmith_HCAFC: Some of our own fans are wrong uns, they really are. Doesn’t put our fan base in a good light #hcafc

@richuttley: Another reason why I do not particularly miss going to watch City and enjoy helping out at North Ferriby and watching local non league footy. Absolute wronguns with sad lives.

@Matt86Holmes: Would have hoped that someone would have called this out at the time. This is the sort of stuff that can be policed and stamped out in the stands! Not let a sad minority drag our fan base down! #hcafc

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