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Hull City launch investigation and condemn fans after ‘crowd trouble’ against Bristol City

Hull City have took to launch an investigation and also condemn fans after ‘crowd trouble’ broke out against Bristol City on Saturday.

As if we haven’t about this game enough on fanbanter.co.uk, it seems according to Hull City that there was a clash between both sets of supporters, with extra police called in. Yet many fans have downplayed this.

A statement has since been issued on the matter, detailing just what went on last weekend with work behind the scenes continuing on identifying the culprits.


Following Hull City’s opening home fixture of the 2022/23 season against Bristol City, the Superstadium Management Company (SMC) would like to offer clarification of the incidents of anti-social behaviour which led to Humberside Police bringing additional officers into the stadium.

In the 32nd minute, as Bristol City scored, an away supporter was ejected by the police after setting off a smoke canister. Bristol City have since confirmed that they intend to issue the individual with a three year football ban.

Immediately after this incident, items including bottles and coins were thrown by home fans towards Bristol City supporters.

Following the awarding of a penalty to Hull City, and subsequent goal, a number of attempts were made by both sets of supporters to push through the segregation area. During this period, a number of stewards and police officers were subjected to violent incidents, leading to a decision by Humberside Police to bring in two additional teams of police officers to provide assistance.

At the end of the match, a small number of Hull City fans attempted to fight with Bristol City supporters who were retrieving flags. Stewards and police were able to de-escalate this situation quickly, and no injuries were reported.

To be very clear, we celebrate the passion of Hull City fans, and the general excitement and atmosphere last Saturday was exactly what the club wanted to create by the relocation of home fans to the North Stand. The description of anti-social behaviour relates to a small number of specific offences, with investigations and attempts to identify those responsible ongoing.

We acknowledge that the incidents described above were instigated by a very small minority of the fans in attendance at the match. Nevertheless, the level of anti-social behaviour observed by SMC and Humberside Police was significantly greater than had been anticipated for this match, and in-line with the EFL’s campaign to rid the sport of this type of behaviour, Hull City and the SMC are committed to ensure a thrilling, safe environment for our valued fans to enjoy their football.

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Fans reacted as Hull City launch an investigation and condemn fans after ‘crowd trouble’ against Bristol City…

@jack_hcafc_: Ffs here we go

@GeorgeMillward0: Bore off

@jamiehcafc_: Awful statement, nothing happened

@tylerD96_: This isn’t going go down well

@wakka80: the statement doesn’t add up it was the Bristol fans coming across to the east stand #hcafc

@williamyoung95: What a load of absolute nonsense. SMC is not fit for purpose, Acun needs to sort it out ASAP. #hcafc

@harry_hcafc: All I saw was chips n burgers thrown in the air 😂 surely it’d be easier to allow away fans in the center of the away section and let it expand towards us when they sell out the inner blocks 🤔

@Owenmarsters13: Oh bore off, maybe bring stewards in who know how to do their jobs then there wouldn’t be as much trouble and what do they expect with an injury time winner of course we’re gonna get close to the segregation

@DNH_19: Blown out of all proportions imo. Both sets of fans waving arms around and giving it the “come on then” like at 99% of games. Surely this isn’t classed as trying to fight and being anti social?! Cant say it felt dangerous at any point that game

@Matt86Holmes: Happens at pretty much every game up & down the county, every weekend! I will never understand those that spend the entire match trying to goad the opposition instead of supporting their team. Support loud and proud but don’t be a knob about it and don’t throw shit! #hcafc

@BrabinsGut: Whoever didn’t see the odd incident occurring when putting about three rows of seats between most vocal home supporters and away is a proper fucking moron #HCAFC

@rhodz2403: Swings and roundabouts init #hcafc

@cwoodytiger: Those away supporters supposedly collecting flags were racing past their flags towards the east stand in an attempt to encourage the City fans to exchange unpleasantries!!

@hbotterill19: There’s a video on YouTube off our fans celebrating the penalty, and none of them are trying to get over to each other. Just pure lies from Woodford

@ExileAryui: So you do a full statement for a few fans, eject them ban them you have enough stewards and cameras to find out who they are! Doing a statement like this makes our entire fan base, who are slowly coming back, look awful! This isn’t welcoming to those people who havent come back!

@MattyHC5: If you think this was bad wait til sunderland, sheff utd, birmingham etc turn up with 2000+. Away fans are allowed to come here and do as they please, all humberside police are arsed about is getting them in and out of the ground as fast as possible.

@Rich_93: Smc’s fault for sitting the away so close to the home fans when e1 and the corner of north east stand was empty which would have been better to put them there

@HaighGavin: I’m in N4 and I didn’t see any trouble, but if there was the blame lies with you. The away fans were far too close to us, whilst the corner of the North/East stand was empty???

@HullCity1975: This is why I wouldn’t take kids under 10 in that stand.Objects get thrown every week. The club needs to sell away tickets from the corner first but when a club sells the full allocation I fear the worse. Shame because the atmosphere is fantastic

@richuttley: Just go to football. Cheer when they score and give a little bit back to the away fans. Why is this so hard to do? Every team in the land has this element that want to ‘fight’ including City. Why, is beyond me. There shouldn’t be a need for this in 2022.

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